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boxing routines which
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Chinese martial arts, there is a very rich and large variety of schools. Among these are to improve the physical quality and to enhance the basic skills of a specialized skill-based method, there to kick, fight, throw, take, hit, stab, chop, bar-fighting martial art movements such as attack and defense technology group formed in all prepared kinds of unarmed martial arts routines and equipment movement, and use of Sanshou, push hands, a short military campaign as the main form of fighting. Wushu only form, the traditional boxing there are thousands of sets of routines as much as there are hundreds of sets of equipment routine. In addition, also on the basis of the traditional routines and constantly develop and create new routines. For example, Tai Chi has been popular 300 years of history, tai chi has gradually evolved into power planes large and small, high and low points of style, characterized by distinct Chen style, Yang style, Wu style, Wu style, Sun style Tai Chi, etc. Boxing genres and routines, as well as the latest edition of the 24 type and 48 type simplified Taijiquan routine. In the modern martial arts competition, martial arts coaches and athletes, according to contest rules and requirements, the use of offensive and defensive fighting techniques motion the laws and principles which compose the choice kinematics and equipment boxing routine, even more dazzling, both varied and difficult to count the number of. .

Here is the order after digging out the contents and types of martial arts routines:

① Danlian boxing routines: Changquan, check boxing, Chinese boxing, artillery boxing, Hung Gar, Shaolin boxing, boxing-pass arm, Pigua boxing, turn child Quan, Ba Ji Quan, Ba Gua Zhang, Xing Yi Quan, Xinyi, Plum Flower, Luk Hop boxing, Chen-style Tai Chi Chuan, Yang style Tai Chi, Wu style Tai Chi, Wu style Tai Chi, Sun style Tai Chi Chuan, Zhao Fort Tai Chi, Hung-style Tai Chi, Fu-style Tai Chi, and style Tai Chi, Li style Taijiquan, suddenly Lei Tai Chi, Wudang tai chi, tai chi five-star hammer, Meridian boxing, Hua Quan, red boxing, boxing string, line boxing , run boxing, male Du boxing, eagle claw boxing, routine, stamp feet, Luohan Quan, monkey boxing, Drunken Eight Immortals, ground lying boxing, Dacheng Quan, Kansai boxing, Kanto boxing, large cotton boxing, small cotton fist, relying on Body hammer, hard pounding, cotton boxing, eagles hands, stopped hand, Intercepting Fist, Blue Dragon Fist, Green tiger fist, Tiger Knuckle Fist, Clenched Fist, Black Tiger Fist, practice hand-boxing, boxing training step, Taejo boxing, Sun membrane boxing, Seven Star Boxing, tease crotch boxing, boxing Daxiong, small male boxing, boxing flying geese, cats OK boxing, tiger-shaped boxing, lion-shaped punch, duck-shaped fist, chicken-shaped boxing, snake boxing, crane-shaped fist, dragon fist, ground dog surgery, Fab Five boxing, open boxing, hanging boxing, even the legs, letter boxing, Tang hand boxing, Jiro boxing, boxing out of its hole, Tiger Boxing, Siping boxing, Wuzu boxing, word gate boxing, boxing fans disappeared, Yan Youth boxing, bow boxing, Tai Ping boxing, large open fist, slide legs, shelves, 12-step frame, Huang Ying shelves, 24-style, Prince Edward boxing, boxing ambush, Yue Shi Sanshou, days, boxing, cross hands, cross a single fist, Chiang's son, down fists, yin and yang in hand, gold-lun hand, Yang hand, hand-Fu Han, Jing-lun hand, four heavy-handed, eight letters in hand quickly, flyings chaotic days in hand, head black tiger, Ming thanks to the Big Dipper , chain hook twist, King Kong big training, 18 school Pào hammer, Wing Chun, lily boxing, Golden Rooster boxing, eight law boxing, patriarchal boxing, red male boxing, boxing Amitabha, the new training in taijiquan, his wife's family boxing, Dragon Fist, Wu-style boxing, fish fist door, four-door fist, iron fist, stone fist, tiger knee boxing, phoenix eye fist, Double Dragon Punch, Red-style boxing, boxing Liu, Tsai Chia-boxing, Li Quan, Mo boxing, wheat-style boxing, Zhao Quan, Plum single fist, short battle boxing, boxing fight off the war, boxing, boxing off handcuffed, funeral-style boxing, boxing Whitfield, five birds drama, Ba Duan Jin, Fab Five planes, lying in Long, jump to Long, 46 punches, the eight-hammer, eight-step hammer, five fireworks, killer boxing, cross-warfare, pesticides become boxing, eight-step change, Shun-step hammer, crown boxing, pass back hammer, 8 Jin Hammer, Dengzhou hammer, ring sub-pounding, tear boxing, Bagua boxing, boxing and so on a single eight tigers.

② right to practice: twisting fist row son, bunt, three steps of the frame, sub-string, plate hammer, then tan legs, blocking step right fist, four pairs of boxing, door guns, leap-step hammer, pair legs, Goro hammer, Plum Flower combatants spar on the seal arms and legs, Tao Quan discount for each purchase Chilong even boxing, boxing combatants spar picture-Lin, 108 hand to fist, shelter combatants spar guns, combatants spar five fireworks, comic combatants spar in boxing, combatants spar Ba Ji Quan, 72 combatants spar resort, cross check combatants spar boxing, Chinese combatants spar in boxing, gymnastics pairs of red hands, fireworks Misako, civil and military parade in hand, short hand, battle, combatants spar in Bagua, Xingyi combatants spar in Boxing Push hands and so on.

① Danlian apparatus routines: Sword - Bodhidharma Sword, Lemna minor Sword, Dragon Sword, 8 Legend, Kunlun swords, dragon swords, cotton robe swords, Chongyang swords, Sancai swords, Chuan Lin Jian, large chain swords, a small chain sword, E Mountain Determination swords, sword heaven and earth, silver and Wu Jian, Wu sub-sword, deaf Huang Shuangjian, gossip swords, Qinghong sword, Fei-Jian, Zi-wei swords, hit the sword Lang, Chun-yang Sword, Wudang sword, Bagua two swords, tai chi sword, Chaoyang swords, Qingfeng sword Qinggang Jian and so on.

Knife - Bagua Dao, step swords, Chaoyang knife, Jiro knife, hold on knives, Herd knife, Shaolin knife, Xie wrist knives, plum knife, Taibao knife, Luk Hop knife, Donkey Kong knife, small knife King Kong, snowflake pairs knife, Lu spent knife, level off hilltops knife, snowflakes knife, Wuhu knife, spring knife, sword raised furnace, Tai Chi sword, broadsword gossip, Pu Dao, etc..

Gun - locking gun, Ewha gun, stopped the door gun, left the door gun, Fab Five off the door gun, breaking the door gun, plum gun, Lo Chia-gun, E Mountain Determination gun, tai chi gun, Fab Five guns, night gun, 10 Road, Great gun, put furnace gun, Lu Hua Qiang, three rifles, Huaqiang, double tongue guns, big guns Luhe, small Liuhe gun, in the Liuhe gun, Lohan gun, Gao guns, sub-Long 'gun, his wife's family gun, Yang guns, 8 guns and so on.

Stick - Shaolin stick, sheep stick, Qimei Gun, Qi Men Dun stick, large twisted wire rod, small twisted wire rod, drunk clubs, four clubs, eight clubs, open stick, Pai Sub-stick, into the mountains stick, stick out of the mountains, Panlong stick, Huanglong stick, Eight-Diagram Pole, pipa stick, stick Tan Park, WEI stick, Mo clubs, Lohan stick, monkey stick, Jingu stick, stick Goro, gossip whip pole, twisted iron wire the door asked, Perak stick, stick, etc. Dragon.

Other - Fang days lose Yueya Chan, Spiked Club, flow Jin Rui, single frame, E Mountain Determination thorn, Ax, Shuangchui and tiger-head hooks, two-seat hook, Meridian mandarin duck hungry, Babao hook, sun and the moon sickle, bamboo whip, double copper, whip, meteor hammer, three-section cudgel, rope dart, Yin and Yang Rui, swallowtail wings, tigers whip, double daggers, single-pole, whip, bar of iron, Sun membrane Shui, big sweep son, pairs Shui Po, the leaves button, Pan Guanbi, benches and so on.

② right to practice: Sancai sword right training, the black dragon sword right training, and gossip sword right training, wearing sleeve sword, gold swords and guns, two knives, string gun, single-pole, into the gun, stick to the guns, Spear, war guns, magpie sub-gun, circle gun, wrapped intercept guns, knives for guns, Yueya Chan pairs of guns, knives Shui pairs of guns, gun crutches, double-sweep of the gun, double-thorn on guns, knives, signs on the three-section cudgel and tiger-head hook on the gun, three-section cudgel right gun, three-section cudgel on the stick, stick to the guns Panlong opponents Bagua Dao, breaking the door knife, rival pole, single-pole, right sword, a square containing pairs of machetes days, opponents three-section cudgel, double sweep sub-right Shui, Qi Jian opponents stick, row of sub-clubs, Perak buttons, Dragon-stick, big sweep sub-right gun, empty-handed wins knife, empty-handed wins pole, wins Spear empty-handed, empty-handed wins forks, empty-handed wins double daggers, pole pairs of sticks, benches war pole, button swords boards.

Such a rich and varied content of martial arts routines, although the names are different naming, but they are in the formation and development process, are to follow the martial art of attack and the unique characteristics and law of motion techniques to create betrayals. This is a major feature of the Chinese martial arts, but also the pride and the pride of the Chinese nation.

Tong Bei Quan, also known as pass-arm punches that emphasizes the apes to take back or Yuanbi potential, so called "pass back apes and monkeys," "white ape-pass back." Tong Bei Quan spread wider, more schools, in addition to "white ape-pass back outside," as well as "five elements pass back", "Kuni-pass back", "Pigua pass back", "wings-pass arm," "20 4-type pass-arm "and so on. Circulated earlier in the Shanxi Province, "Hongtong pass back", also belongs to pass back system in a boxing genre. With regard to pass back the origins of boxing legend mixed. Some say by the Warring States Period Sun Bin Chuan is obviously very far-fetched. Modern popular in Beijing, Tianjin and in the vicinity of Tong Bei Quan, Zhejiang late Qing Dynasty by Qi Xin Chuan, also known as "old Qi faction." Qi, his son, his son has also changed, "pass back apes" to "Kuni-pass back" for the future of this faction also known as the "small Qi faction." "24-style pass-arm" and the "wings-pass arm," circulated in the Hebei, Tianjin area. Between the two techniques, the impulsive, content was similar, the general again and fly-pass prepared Pigua boxing. Because of this Liangquan faction impulsive, shenfa heavily influenced by the Pigua boxing, so someone Pigua boxing as a pass back to one, in fact, be another one Pigua boxing boxing lines. Shaolin Tong Bei Quan by the Tong Bei Quan and Shaolin Fist of the composition, boxing has lost back-pass characteristics. The five elements boxing legend pass back from the late Qing Dynasty a Taoist priest by the name of Han Chuan, sub-Kinmen, wooden doors, water gates, fire doors, Tumen five-phase exercise, Tumen is the highest stage. Tong Bei Quan's special moves known cantilevers. Cantilevers action efforts from the back hair, through the shoulder, elbow, in order to achieve the fingertips, so they requested back, shoulder, elbow coordination, stretching force, not simply cantilevers. In fact, such a requirement in other martial arts (such as Pigua boxing, Ba Ji Quan, Xing Yi Quan, etc.) are equally stressed, but in pass back to say more prominent boxing only. Tong Bei Quan Another characteristic of the higher position of being able to quickly and skillfully to attack, in the practice before you practice a lot of anti-technology, soft power. Tong Bei Quan compared with the general boxing, boxing or the palm of the hand than the rich, Tong Bei Quan Huang Shan mainly palm, palm overcast stitch, double-covered palm, cited palms, clap his hands, riding palm, show bone fist, flat punches, Tsim Sha Tsui boxing, decapitation, etc.; Pigua pass hug prepared boxing main hook hands, threw palm, palm overcast stitch, point palm, tuck palm, the palm, jumped in boxing, Li Chong in boxing, the boxing red button, boulder boxing tactics , Monkey Fist and other tactics. Pass back the momentum built up boxing in order to "narrow the Ruanmian clever, cold-shells crisp hard" cross the main. Their routines are "small chain", the "big chain", "demolition of boxing", "5 Ma Ben-slot", "Six Road General Hand" and "12 chain punches." Practice of "throwing, shooting wear, split, drill." Step of "line of step, walk, chain-step." Legs, dark hair with France-based, heavy seven inches lower legs. Stature can ask for his head, Xiang collar, the former empty, after the real and imaginary chest, concave belly, ground shoulder, arm length, live wrist. Quan Shi requires to achieve the body may bow, hands like arrows, waist like screws, feet like drilling. Tong Bei Quan appliances that content, as well as Qi Shi Chuan, clubs, broadswords, pole, spear, sword Deng Jun dubbed "white ape." "24-style Tong Bei Quan", "wings pass-arm" depicts sub-Dragon lance and sword Lemna minor, Miao knives handed down, and the wind friction and learning stick, Pigua broadswords, Pigua pole.

Snake Kung Fu Snake Fist by imitating the movements of a snake named. Related to snake-like in martial arts, a lot of categories, such as the Xing Yi Quan has to snake-like path for the movement of the punch; Shaolin boxing has to snake-like snake-based boxing; Nanquan have to snake-like snake palm-based boxing; are also the simulated image of the snake's movements with martial art of pictographic boxing classes.

Traditional snake fist opening and closing movements properly, hardness and softness, mainly with soft, supple and there is just; upper body loose soft demand and lower limbs will have to flexible, so that the pile-step real-live. Snake Kung Fu has a high practical value, in real time requires: Body to vibrate, step to change to second-hand glitter God wanted war; circle around the step, step-kai body, with that quick grab hoses prevail; dragon playing with a pearl, palm inserted ribs, do not peck one hand not to hit the top; toes point, tigers forward, anxious to relieve soft Huan Ying Qiao. Fa Jin at the same time is also sound, in order to help potential sound.

Traditional Snake Fist of routines mainly by the snake god refining months, Jin Yi Lu, the snake coil naive, white snake's tongue, snake Raoshu the wind, the rate of Panshi snakes, poisonous snakes spray foam, Teng snakes away fog, angle snakes should be tail visualization action component. Snake palm snake with boxing as the main hand type; to wear, insert, press, chop, drill, press, swing, and choose as the main charge of law; to collapse, drilling, press, red, horizontal, split, hook the main boxing; semi-Bu, kneeling step, small steps, independent step, lunge, and Kirin-step as the main step form. Plum Plum Flower also known as piles, referred to as plum boxing is the stand of a pile on the practice martial arts, is also often used as a basis for Gong exercises. Plum pile originated in the late Ming, initially in the form of popular well-known in the community and to spread to the outside world before 清乾隆年间, modern Luan County, Hebei Han Qichang transmission more.

Plum piles used in wood piles, 3 to 5 inches in diameter, the next half of it urges buried in the ground, upper half above the ground 3 feet 3 inches, the distance between the piles and piles before and after the 3-foot, 1 foot 5 inches or so. With the effort to constantly increase, increasing the height of piles to keep, and some built up to 5 feet; some on behalf of the pile of bricks, tiles on the first level practice, and then stop horizontal brick, brick and then standing. Pile stresses should be astronomical phenomena, the next Kochi when the combined solar terms, such as "Dipper piles" (also known as Seven Star pile), "Samsung piles", "The Stars pile", "Tian-gang piles", "gossip piles", "Five Elements pile, "" Nine-palace pile "and so on. Plum piles, pile on the practice due to stand, so different from the various boxing, but also different from the Plum Nanquan pile glove, which is far more difficult than on the ground practice, practice type is potential to demand stable, we must establish a strict power stereotypes. Plum pile best suited to two or more of the collective practice, when everybody was surrounded by a plum-like, suddenly opened suddenly together, telescopic no fixed, interesting. In addition to their routine five-mounted things, with no fixed type, its potential as Xingyunliushui, changing, living and not chaos.

Plum big pile sub-frame of two small planes. Pile potential (type) of 5 type: ① Large Type (Danfengzhaoyang); ② cis-(Mirs Pre-employment Training); ③ bend type (Jiro Tam Hill); ④ small type (Macaca mulatta Pan Zhi); ⑤ defeated by type (Overlord unloading A). Exercises, a Variable-2 type, 2 Variable-3 type, 3 Variable 4 style, 4 Variable 5-style, circular no reason, fickle.

Plum pile-step with all directions of two-step and line step. ① all directions step, also known as the base step. Octagon Dazhong Xiao-step is divided into three kinds. Octagon is the foundation of small-step-step, easy to flash the movement, transfer, and await the onslaught. Step in the Octagon and the Great Octagon steps to deal with multiple opponents, fast and not chaos and control them, it is desirable the location of the initiative, representing beneficial to the topography, the advance and retreat with the situation, the ups and downs with the shape, change the law, there are dynamic and static operation. ② line 3-step method, namely, pendulum method, rolling method, withdrawal method.

Plum pile equipment exercise routines are knives, big guns and big rod bayonet fighting 12 Road law; long-handled device class has halberd, spear, stick, lance, □, rake, barbed spears, shoot sub-par and so on; swords hook thorn class there is a chain knife, sword, tiger-head hook, crescent thorns, etc.; in addition to other meteor hammer.

Training Plum piles, should focus on the five-step static-pile practice, which is conducive to practicing kung fu beat one out of Tong Shen. Soon there sack hip pile characteristics, in order to increase the rate of hip joint activities to improve flexibility. Lian plum nose, even piles required to do abdominal breathing. Plum pile frequently engage in practice, a good effect on the body can make the nervous system stability, flexibility, accuracy, improved in some muscles and muscle flexibility and strength, increased heart and respiratory functions.

Nanquan also has plum pile, but the North Plum pile, Plum Flower is different from upper limb movements not only diverse,But also more use of leg movements, it is also known as "North-South co-boxing." Its main method a bit, transfer, Shen, Norway, solutions, ups and downs, belt, into the. Bu the main step in order to drag. The step-type multi-use "the word horse," body-type-oriented sideways posture, the term referred to as "one body", is aimed at defending the exposed area is small, to maintain a line of attack, easy to get straight into the Czech Republic. Action required of its actual situation clear, fighting hand to hand pay attention to hide, flash, tape, fight, avoid the edge, focusing on weakness, into, such as hurricane, brave, agile. Chain Mian Zhang, one of China's boxing for short Mian Zhang. Approach to palm-based, operating stretch, such as cotton, action, even while constantly running into the ring charge of France. Build, within the impulsive demands bold, outside is soft and the outbreak, such as lightning. Mian Zhang points 3 Road; to the way Mianzhang based Road, three-way is the way of development and changes. Another "A Chain of boxing," 3-way; 1, Road also known as Erlang boxing, is characterized by soft inside just outside to fresh outbreaks of the main; 3 Road, also known as white ape fist, between Mianzhang Yojiro between boxing, is Rigid, skills, punched and kicked equal emphasis on boxing road. Exercise equipment have knives, guns, sticks, swords, the same style and Mian Zhang. Mian Zhang's main instrument for marksmanship and maintain a complete set of traditional exercise methods, such as "shaking big pole," "planning big pole," rolling big guns (100 single-eight guns), Versus big guns, Huaqiang, the Hua Qiang, etc. . In particular, a six-way "chain Big Gun" and "small Luhe gun", can be used as basic training Danlian, but also according to routine in the "moves" to training. "Shisantaibao Gong" is a comic Mianzhang basic skills, sub-squat-style, stand-type, horizontal 3, a total of 13 actions to require actions and appearance of unity within the body of luck, not only gluten Zhuanggu, in order to further enhance the lay the foundation, and has Qigong characteristics, chronic diseases have a good healing effect. Mian Zhang origin of a chain can be no written test, Qing Chuan-Yu County, Hebei Province, Hejian Luo clan, the city was gradually introduced. In recent years, Mian Zhang mainly spread in Hebei, Henan area after the establishment of The People's Republic of China as a national martial arts performances and events. China, one of monkey boxing boxing in order to mimic the various movements of the monkey's name. It is recorded that as early as the Western Han Dynasty, when China will have a monkey dance and monkey boxing. Han long letter Shofu Tan Changqing had a grand dinner dance performances monkeys. Mawang 3 Tomb of the Western Han dynasty unearthed in "guiding map" to have a "Mu-monkey irrigation" in names and images depicting precisely monkey action. Ming Qi Jiguang with the "discipline effect book. Fist through the Czech Republic, to" have monkey boxing records.

Monkey boxing in the development process in the formation of different genres and technical style, but the basic gist is that in common, namely, eyes, body, hands, step, etc. To achieve 22 words: gang, soft, light, spirits, cotton, Qiao, hide, flash, God, beam, grasping, Lut, mining, cutting, Diao, take, buckle, top, wrapped, frog, kick, playing. The first 10 words referring to the air of the whole movement, in the middle 8 characters refers to the upper approach, the latter word is legs, France 4.

Modern monkey boxing more than in the form of routines, which moves the contents of should not only clever imitation of a monkey, agile image, but also in line with martial arts, martial art features, such as out of its hole, Kui Wang, see Tao, climbing, picking peaches, pedal sticks Pin Qiang, Tibetan peach, squat, eating peaches, joy, surprise channeling, Hole are all with the shape of France unified monkey boxing action. Some routines also be allocated to a number of dropped, flutter, roll, turning movements. Monkey boxing can ask for the image, meaning true, the method secret, step light, the living body. Image is the appearance to monkeys, such as shrugging, necking, round back, recoil, bending elbow, vertical wrist, lower my eyes, and so on. Is intended to do is really quite similar, showing the spirit of monkeys. France is close to a coherent, consistent way, there are ups and downs, there is rhythm. Light is a lightweight quick-step pace. The living body is a flexible body. After the founding of The People's Republic of China, monkey boxing in the movement quality, routine choreography, performance effects, and other aspects to improve. Since 1953 the National Assembly contest national form for sports events since the previous national martial arts competitions have a monkey boxing project. Chinese boxing, one of China's boxing. Boxing home pay attention to "three-Hua Guan a," "Third China" refers to the fine, gas, god, hence the name Chinese boxing.

Chinese boxing the content of hand, instruments, Dan Lian, for training. 1

12 Lu Chinese boxing is one of the typical boxing routines. These routines are usually done by kicking, beating, throwing, holding and other offensive and defensive combat actions, according to offensive and defensive retreat, dynamic and static Ji Xu, hard & soft law such as the composition of actual situation. Regular practice Chinese boxing, can train the people's fighting skills, the development of the human body muscles ministries, joint flexibility, and ligaments done and strong, and balance the organs, central nervous system function of a good co-ordination role.

Chinese boxing has the following seven characteristics: ① physical neat. Potential type requests Qi positive, well-proportioned, neat formation. ② Qiu Jin powerful. Action potential-style pay attention to the use of "hold, pull, Zhang, exhibition, hooks, buckles, Alice, phase, jumping, roof collapse, close, Shen" such as "bone Act," which means "five body" (trunk, upper and lower limbs) To Bone stem strong, vigorous vigorous. ③ With Heart-shaped. Emphasized the inherent role of Xin-Zhi that the combined internal and external to the impulsive Qiu Jian, moving with intention, consequent movement always "heart is in potential before the potential intentions later." ④ distinguish between yin and yang. Stressed that the two contradictory sides to complement each other, that only makes "yin and yang, two gas" coordinate together, they could have a "god" of the function, consequent to the dynamic and static, actual situation, hard & soft, speed, flexibility, relaxation, circumflex, frustrated, and cons, ups and downs, inside and outside, from top to bottom, are biased, so and so antagonistic factors in the movement are very careful to take. ⑤ potential potential continuity. Lianfa the emphasis on "phase is stretching, Qimai continued." The so-called "even" is a trend in a move must be done between the "shape-off with Italy," "potential die with," Xin-Zhi activities and the use of inner eye movements before and after the intention to link up so that potential potential linked runs through a stretch. ⑥ dynamic Xun statically determinate. Chinese boxing had strokes and powerful, "potential for defense, is a yin, the main static; move to the offensive, is a yang, active." Boxing to "move, such as Ben Rex, static, such as potential fish", "into, such as wind and rain, if the mountain retreat," Dynamic Motion statically determinate, and with restraint order. ⑦ good tune breath. Attention to breathing regulation, the Law "to mention care, polyethylene, Shen," 4. Under normal circumstances, from low to move into the vacant high-motion or do jumps, the use of "put" method; in high-or low-style static type of action occurs, the use of "prop up" method; in just crisp, short and effective movement occurs, the use of "concentration" method; from high to low moves into action, then the use of "Shen" method. These regulate breathing method, with the use of natural changes in the action, rather than deliberately contrived.

The People's Republic of China after the establishment of Chinese boxing is listed as the national martial arts performances and competitions, projects, and has has compiled and published, "all the way Chinese boxing", "Road Chinese boxing", "three-way Chinese boxing", "four-way Chinese boxing "4 book. Hua Quan Chinese boxing is one of the Qing Dynasty Yongzheng Ganfeng Chi Legend has it that in the Jiangsu and Zhejiang area taught. Hua Quan potential in the beginning before to Zuoquan heart outward, right palm hearts paste Zuoquan back, double back into the ring at the chest from right to left draw and a half arc, entitled "Please hand." Hua Quan has Sanshou 120 words, 72 grips, 36 legs, 24 potential. Hua Quan practice of law actually playing, there 抄手, copied legs, elbow, shoulder through the stock insert and other laws, the middle and lower sub-3. Bunt down the Law of 88 potential names, are hand-foot coupled with the body or person of the law. Hua Quan essentials mainly for the following 4 points: ① "boxing emotions, imaginary potential is happiness, focus on the anger, the sorrow over potential to force the door, is happy"; ② "of gas into the pubic region", so be strengthened within the Zhuang fighting force and explosive power; ③ to the waist for a book, circled Zhuance, shaped like a tiger-phase, step move like flying, eye-hand to, step to the body to; ④ fighting hand to hand, the hands need to protect the chest and crotch, eyes squint, sidle into. Hua Quan in modern Chuanxi not broad enough, after the establishment of the PRC as the national martial arts performances and events.

Ganfeng Chi, Clear birth and death unknown, Jiangning people, martial arts, high-strength, but also good-guided surgery, famous all over, but had the case of the anti-torture without fear. The story about Ganfeng Chi, in the Jiangnan widespread. Hua Quan Gan Fengchi In addition to teaching, but also with the "Hua Quan general argument." Tongbiquan, one of China's boxing, also known as land power punches, because more than routine roll formed by the fall rush, hence the name. With regard to the origin of tongbiquan gave different versions: one that is evolved on the basis of Drunken Master, and its differences with drunken drunken conduct Shuaidie shape, but only Shuaidie tongbiquan without drunk-shaped; the other a variety of martial arts are said to be mixed with Shuaidie movements, but movements tongbiquan to Shuaidie mainly ancient times known as "rolling 18 or 9", commonly known as "rolling spot 18" and so on. Chi Chi, "Xiao Ji boxing book by McNair to" contain "Shandong Li a half-day of the legs", "1000 Zhang fell down," saying, we can see the emergence tongbiquan a long history. Tongbiquan prevalent in the beginning of Shandong, and later spread to the country.

Tongbiquan characterized mainly or flutter roll moves to lure the enemy into the Shuaidie succumbed, defeats to win. For example, Shuaidie action recovers wedge (one-handed handstand straight arm supporting the body, using the body to pound each other), carp play pretty (2 pedal to jump in the air; Yang Shen balance, his legs cross tread straight, to come forward in order to use 2 pedal down the other side or in two wrecking the other side of the thigh li), to trip twist cut (divided into three kinds, upwind legs hit each other with the head scissors, chest, stroke cut hit the trunk, waist and lower wind shear sweep play legs), grab back (upper body down Huishou cuddle each other's legs before, and then used to force through the roll with the legs hit each other), the former roll (lying on the ground stood up wedge play), backward roll (two hand on the ground with their feet tread upon the other), and so on. "Ji Xiao book" contains a "roll-lying knife", "Rolling lying pole", "Rolling Dragonlance" and so on, are used Shuaidie action to defeat the enemy. After the founding of The People's Republic of China, tongbiquan as a martial arts sport, loved by the people. Cha fist Chinese boxing is one of China's Hui people's favorite boxing, popular in Shandong, Henan and Hebei provinces.

Cha fist attention to routine, knuckle is divided into 10 road, every road there are 30 to 60 moves. The first Vice-boxing 1,2 roads are each set, and vice routine another one just a soft technical requirements. 10-way search is the name of a road boxing mother and child, 2-way line of hand, 3-way Gamba, 4-way peacefulness, 5-way Kanto, 6 road ambush, 7 Road, Plum, 8-way chain, 9 Road, Long wagging tail, 10-way string boxing. The basis of investigation boxing boxing power have guns, slip punches, Hung Ga, leg boxing. Cha Quan is also sub-length of the single (double) and training equipment as well as training (hand right training, equipment for training, fitness training and equipment right, etc.). Boxing system, forming the basic movements and the art of attack methods are step form, footwork, hand type, method, legs method, balance, jumping spin, hit, stab, hack and so on.

Check summed up the characteristics of boxing has the following 4 points:

① posture stretch, action compact. Limb and joint range of activities greater flexibility to the muscles and ligaments and joints flexibility, higher, and contribute to the development of muscles, ligaments and joints flexibility.

② Dynamic Motion statically determinate. To do boxing like meteor eyes like electricity, waist like snake foot drill competition, line wind, points such as nails, that is, in practice the process, whether big or small way have to move very fast, agile, while exceptionally fast spin , Dodge, or red, pedal, kicking and other art of attack methods, they can suddenly still and stable.

③ Fa Li Shunda, rhythm clear. Cha fist issued the order of power in the upper limbs from the waist, pass on the shoulder, elbow, up in the hands; lower extremities began on hips, pass on the knee, to reach its foot. In order to complete the hair strength, we must also be a distinct rhythm, that is, routine exercise in the whole process required hardness and softness, speed and white, all in one, natural Shunda.

④ coordination complete. Both inside and outside the human body to coordinate the full, for action in the way, shenfa, footwork that requires all the care coherent. Some of the more complex movements, such as the turn around, shoot legs, jumping, rolling, turning and other technical moves, there must be a good balance, while eyes, consciousness, respiratory movement must be close coordination, so that eye-hand that God-shaped-in-One . This internal and external matching Lianfa help to strengthen the regulatory role of the brain, so that breathing and internal organs to be tempered. After the founding of The People's Republic of China, Zha boxing is listed as the national martial arts performances and events. Stamp feet, one of China's boxing. Kung Fu with legs and feet mainly, according to legend from the Song Dynasty, Sheng Yu Ming and Qing dynasties. Chinese folk legend to play Drunken Wu Song Jiang Door God's story, saying that Wu Song uses the timestamp step foot inside Yuhuan, mandarin duck feet, so now there are people to stamp feet known as the "Water Margin door." Taiping Rebellion, the Taiping army warrior Zhaocan benefits, stamp feet and turned the child proficient in boxing. Taiping army failed to fight, Tianjin, Hebei Province, Zhao Can hermit Raoyang benefit area will stamp feet, turning the child Quan pass the local people.

Stamp feet nothing, Wu son of two kinds of trips, Wu trip my wife is poke the foot origin, culture times the child is its development and changes. Wu trip sub-features are: stretch generous, handy energetic, put a long shot long, hard & soft and incentives to just the main; it in the overall exercise hand-eye, heart, body, step into, focusing on training legs, France, feet Gong. Basic Leg Act has to choose, cut, Ding, transfer, and to greet the door plug stopped, about eight legs (referring to Ding, kick, abductions, point, stumble, wrong, frog, grinding, etc. 8 kinds of style of play). Traditional Wu trips sub-routines is also known as "9 to switch chain Yuanyang feet," abbreviated as "nine branches legs", a total of nine road, are going separate ways can be exchanged each other then practice, so called "nine-turn"; Each leg method is step one foot, repeatedly issued similar sets of rings ring, so called "chain"; his legs, feet chain attack, or so swaps, dual spouse, so called "mandarin duck feet." Wen trip Contain the child has just made fresh soft, cotton and needles hidden inside, a small frame compact, flexible and changeable, approximation by Ying, Li Dai just soft. Times sub-routines of traditional paper called the "8" (rotation feet, Yuhuan step, Lei Shi, like Archer, son of leg kick, walking outside, five fireworks, staurolite hammer, etc.). Wen trip submovement crisp, clear rhythms, its Lianfa is Centrosymmetric to God, hand to foot to; its tactics have pushed to mention, cotton, turn, paste, Sichuan, tied, exhibition; the footwork has entered, retreated, flash, swing, pumping, changing, channeling, spin; its tactics pay attention to step one foot out of people unexpectedly, to lure the enemy deep, striking back, lower extremity fat legs, half a step to win people, like kicking the non-kick to divert attention.

Poke feet to legs known for, but strong emphasis on hands and feet. Boxing adage said: "The hand is a two door, thanks to leg beating""Hand three-point play, kicking seven points"; and that "less than upper limbs, legs and feet good will," "hand to leg less than the net is Xiahu Nao." Stamp feet shenfa calling for Chiang Kai-shek, flexible, and dominate at the waist, shoulder and hips Bin Fu. Shot from the ridge of hair, a foot from the hip to lose both of shoulder to waist gap hips, the so-called "Arts prepare shenfa significant for high technology start to see the strange invisible." After the founding of The People's Republic of China, stamp feet is listed as the national martial arts performances and events.
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too much
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Wushu players are fist class, Nanquan classes, Tai Chi Class



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