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Boxing match between the need to go back to the corner sit down?

California gross2010-03-26 04:10:35 +0000 #1

jiancangfeng2010-03-26 04:18:28 +0000 #2
do not violate the rules by violation of team rules

we all know, boxing is a task of fighting against the project, quite a physical, and in between each round is only 1-2 minutes rest time So very precious, we should come back to the corner sit down, relax, fatigue driving, listening to coaches arranged the next round of technical and tactical arrangements, such as gong sounded again in high spirits back to the race.
xtwhhhan2010-03-26 04:22:44 +0000 #3
3 minutes may play tired, play the middle must be allowed to rest ah boxer. Coach and then nagging nagging like, mouthwash like that. Why not go back and be able to go back to rest ... ...



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