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Shaolin and Northern Shaolin Han relations ah

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those from the same one, Northern Shaolin earlier, founder of the North Shaolin South Shaolin monks southward. Southern Shaolin Temple in the Qing dynasty Qing Dynasty **** has been destroyed, no longer exists.

Legend, the early Tang dynasty ascended the throne after Li Shimin, the rebels such as Ruth gathered to coast until the evening, set out loose and become pirates, leaving the coastal area times of hardship. Taizong emperor's fate has been Chifeng for large general rate of the North Shaolin Monk Tan Zong abbot group of soldiers to the coast to deal with pirates, Tan Zong has sent the monk and the monk Tao Guang Feng, Buddhist monks at least three people with 500 soldiers to the Fujian coast, put down the pirates , while the local breadth affectionate and accept a lot of Mahayana Zen disciples, by the Emperor Taizong indulgence, it has built in Putian, Fujian Jiu Lian Shan Shaolin Temple in the South. Southern Shaolin Temple in the anti-Fuming and a half battle between Heaven and Earth will be inextricably linked to the South Shaolin Temple martial monks possess a strong Jiwuruchou, getting rid of the spirit of loyalty, had been subjected to people's esteem. In the fight against anti-Fuming, Putian Southern Shaolin Temple was burned down by the Qing; is now rebuilding a new. "Temple by Wu-hsien, Wu to temple name." Southern Shaolin Temple is the birthplace of nan quan, when practitioners of Shaolin temple Nanquan Wu Feng heyday, and widespread civil society. For thousands of years, "Rivals" in China has formed a distinct north-south school of martial arts, Shaolin martial arts have been widely known five continents, known in the world. In the fight against anti-Fuming was burned Qing tarnishes the Southern Shaolin Temple, after nearly three centuries, its central temple Linquan hospital site in the 1986-1988 national survey on cultural relics have been discovered. This site is located in Putian, North Down mountains, under the forest town of Putian County, Western Paradise Village, the south line of Putian city about 12 km. Site is located in the Jiu Lian Mountain (elevation 500 meters), east, north and east-west is surrounded by mountains, the West The Hills lying between the creek and Foshan (also known as Nei Lak Shan Xian map, elevation 570 meters) across. Site stuff about 200 meters north-south width of 150 meters, with a total area of nearly 3 million square meters of terrain resembles Songshan Shaolin Temple. This important discovery in November 1989 in Putian, Fujian Wushu Association in writing at the announcement, at home and abroad has aroused a huge response, when set up the December 3 Putian City, the Southern Shaolin Research Association, began a systematic study of organized .

In fact, the Fujian Shaolin Northern Shaolin Shaolin Temple with a par Representatives of the Southern Shaolin schools. According to a recent excavation of historical and archaeological experts, studies have identified a total of three Southern Shaolin Temple in Fujian, they are: Putian, Quanzhou, Fuqing three homes in Southern Shaolin Temple. Among them, the earliest record Putian Southern Shaolin Temple, according to "Xinghua House Chi" reads: Putian Southern Shaolin Temple was originally called "Linquan Home", was built in the first year of the Southern Dynasties Wing set (AD 557), the home than in Putian County, as early as 11 years, compared with Songshan Shaolin Temple, built 61 years later. This was followed by the Shaolin Temple in Quanzhou, according to "Jinjiang County" and "Quanzhou Prefecture in mind," reads: Quanzhou Shaolin Temple was built in the Tang Qian Fu (AD 874-879 years) middle-aged, formerly known as the "suppression of the country's east Zen Shaolin Temple", this name "East Temple . " As for the Southern Shaolin Temple in the Qing, in some history books such as "Fujian Tongzhi," "Three Mountains Chi" as well as the Qianlong Emperor Qin set of "Si Ku Quan Shu" Although there is documented "Fuqing Shaolin," the word is hardly a detailed written record of its creation time Therefore, only in accordance with the Southern Shaolin Temple in Fuqing heritage site by the excavation to assess, Fuqing Shaolin is about to create in the Song Dynasty so far at least a thousand years of history.



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