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Please Gu Iron sand palm expert come in, would like to ask a few questions

305,810,0322010-03-26 07:10:35 +0000 #1
brother has recently bought out of Taiwan's National Cheng Kung University Bookstore Longqing just learning the secret Law of Iron sand palm, but met a few of the places do not understand, please practiced Gu Iron sand palm 12 here, the first master of pointing Thank you, and only 30 give it please be sure to answer. Baidu paste from elsewhere to Wikipedia and other irrigation please This is the only 30 minutes away, I do not want to waste a thank you! !

1, when the whereabouts of the book should be written to combat fast, but the back, shoulders, arms, elbows can not be forced? There is a fingertip flexibility this sentence?

Here, can not force what it really meant? Muscle strength is also not completely relax and let the palm of your hand to hit sandbag drop by gravity? Or should I say the whereabouts of force, hitting moment to relax? Or whereabouts are not force the instant hit harder? But it does not force the speed come from? The so-called arm, upper arm or forearm is not forced? But the palm of your hand if you want to force the words of the forearm will tense ah? Fingertips, or is that a flexible back, shoulders, arms, elbows, forearms, wrists, hands, fingers Yigai do not push as hard, soft to the thrown? But not forced to shot how to speed up the speed?

2, exercise books used in iron ore, said the rock sugar and coffee granules than large?

Other places of reference says they want a big round of mung bean iron beads, but I am reading this book feeling that the picture slightly larger than the sand particles of iron sand? In the end as long as large particles than ordinary sand, or a large iron ore on the line must be as big as the iron beads mung bean do? Or as long as the large particles of iron sand on the line (diameter of 1-2 mm or more iron ore)?

3, why other countries have implemented versions of the Iron sand palm palm forward Hun Yuan Gong, but this is the book which did not, that is, there Hun Yuan Gu Iron sand palm palm power that I say that?

jiancangfeng2010-03-26 07:22:01 +0000 #2
First stated that I intended to shape the door, and the Guru s Iron sand palm do not touch, it was 10 years ago I was one of Shandong hotels, read this book, although there were so many years, but still have a certain memory. The reason is because many stay, the boss and my Department's good, I knew he was practicing this, the more open, practice time, and no carrying me, so memory is still fresh. Here my point of view to give you elaborate on that.


first question, when hitting sandbags before the show of hands, back, shoulders, arms, elbows, forearms, wrists, hands, fingers, are relaxed, the point is that loose and unremitting. The whereabouts of time, as when the whip hit the sheep, natural Under Hui, relying on gravity, playing in the sand bags on the back, shoulder, arm, elbow, can not be deliberately afterburner, basically holding the hand relaxed state, the purpose is to change your own hair force used to stimulate their own potential.

The second question to explain

Guru s Iron sand palm of sandbags, which can not be mastering common iron ore because of its irregular shape, could easily cut hands, and wear themselves out sandbags, should go to hardware store bearing the iron beads, as beads the size of the iron , preferably slightly larger than mung beans and more suitable.

Third title to explain

Long-Qing Gang is now the Japanese nationality, and his Iron sand palm】 【secret law in order to Yiqun Press for the authority, which has to replace sandbags to fight the Hun Yuan Gong palm, picture beautifully detailed, very readable, should be accepted. If you learn from Iron sand palm, within a hundred days can not be easily stopped, otherwise it is difficult to achieve the desired effect, equivalent to wasted energy and money. Your answer to the above, there are any questions, please give me a message, I'll give you a more detailed explanation.

Supplement his answer! ! !

Show of hands, as you usual, naturally, there is no link in Charge; fall, the fast is the natural fate of a flexible arm, does not participate in other parts of the afterburner, the consciousness of the concept should be ripped through sandbags, while the palm, that is with the King. Chinese martial arts is broad and profound professional knowledge must be interpreted, not according to the dictionary to pull, for example, tai chi's "skillfully deflected the question," Naishi homeopathic leveraging in order to win a small force strong meaning, if we really use the power of 42 not to mention contest, and even a rooster also mentioned that do not rise up, how the war?
Of the most gorgeous people2010-03-26 07:56:35 +0000 #3
I can't know what you say.



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