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Chen Tai Chi New Frame Sub-old frame I want to ask where the old frame is the first large aircraft,

lhlovezs0052010-03-26 12:11:14 +0000 #1
Chen Tai Chi New Frame and old sub-frame where I want to ask the old frame is the first large aircraft, some or existing small frame it? Thank you, thank you master pointing a -! ! !
Town, State military counselor2010-03-26 12:13:06 +0000 #2
the history of Chen Tai Chi Chuan is not large frame and small frame of the points, but in the different training methods for beginners, master apprentice as soon as possible in order to make entry into frame-based amplification, so that apprentices start with big ring, outer ring to start, after a period of training, the apprentice mastered the Chen Taijiquan circled round to go after the law of motion, and then gradually transition from the big ring to small ring, outer ring of the transition to the inner ring, formed by King Road and along the trunk and limbs, changes in the spiral winding wire transfer Jin, to not see circle shape on the high-level realm. With the development of Taijiquan, Chen Taijiquan descendants in order to distinguish between the different practice methods, boxing there are big frame, small frame (large circle, small circle) is called. Today's Chen Taijiquan large frame, small frame addition to different forms of movement, the theoretical basis of its technology is the same. Large frame boxer is also emphasis on the circle gradually close the small, small frame is also emphasis on the training began to enlarge the circle between the two is basically the same training process, it is the "big planes small, small frame is not small" theory.
kungfuchen2010-03-26 12:27:38 +0000 #3
is not a master 啦, enlightenment hair.

These are historical issues, divergent views and uncompromising!

Is now generally agreed that, or the personal view that generally agreed that Mr. Chen Xinlao the Quanjia is "a small frame." Is not self-Chuan Chen The public is also to be verified!

Should first be a big rack, and I even agree with, the small frame is a large frame on the basis of an increasing circle come! Small frame large frame may be a senior Lianfa, has been rumored secret is not hard to say!



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