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I would like to exercise freedom of Sanda, but my right hand off say in what an experienced friend

I am a King Liang2010-03-26 14:11:27 +0000 #1
I had broken his right hand when the first two days of the ulnar and radial bones, do surgery, recovered well, but I am very thin and does not belong to the kind of long - fat type, 1 meter 72 until 55 kg, experienced a similar injury or have comrades told me, I do not still practice? Elbow to be able to strengthen my Mody, I am afraid of the future fights like the bones encountered problems, do not know if I can excel at the kind of arm does not hurt, not a professional practice, that is, like his arm strength to practice the main question is dare not fight the future
Chinese Shao-yun stream2010-03-26 14:25:22 +0000 #2
ulna and radius? Full broken arm as a whole?

This is a very serious injury has not recommended for combat training!

Do not know how you like a response, but it will certainly affect the load-bearing!

If you really want to train potential pairs can be considered to study the left leg holding the arms or the like France, or the pure gym-style training can, but do not recommend going to fight!

Excel at the kind of arm does not hurt this unrealistic, even for a single fracture of the ulna or radius recovery and very good cases, is unlikely to achieve "excel at the kind of arm does not hurt" The extent of traumatic fracture of the basic Irreversible

As for the fight that lacks significance is not much use to practice in the powerful martial arts movie depicted Superman in reality does not exist! Practice martial arts can strengthen your body and will, and when the real danger is likely to protect your life. Now that even if the community were really formidable to the movie Once Upon a degree that can not rely on the basic things of no use of force to resolve
94wangweiyi2010-03-26 14:59:39 +0000 #3
Fighting is a free bar, multi-leg into practice. You should not blow that is not what, after all, is a steel plate
kungfuchen2010-03-26 15:11:07 +0000 #4
so thin, or not to practice martial arts too strong confrontational, very prone to fracture, let alone have broken your arm off, whether it is or Sanda Kickboxing need to hit beat boxing sandbags and parry each other's legs, exercises, these have to use arm, it is estimated that your arm unbearable blow.

In fact, martial arts or the art of attack and so many types of surgery does not necessarily have to choose a hard-right hard. Dealt with gently, striking more obvious you only used a competitive edge.

I suggest you to Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan, Bagua, Wing Chun choose one

not only to learn kung fu fighting, when you really have some experience you will not have time to melt the moment into very seriously, and I remember the "Dao De Jing" sentence. Surpass others powerful and those who are strong self-reliance. Beat other people only show that you are Kongwuyouli of Takeo, but it can overcome its own personnel is the eternal survivor
gabtuutg2010-03-26 15:47:56 +0000 #5
can, of course, my team-mate at the time of the training arm broke into 90-degree angle are rolling out the bones come out . Later, more than half a year break and resume training for more than three months and beat the game. As long as you practice to a certain extent, muscle strength increases are not afraid of trouble. Are most afraid of when the flash to your training site of injury. It stands to reason when you are injured, but very small, the wounds should be restored and normal the same. Listen to me, nothing! Natiao how much you can withstand the force arm when the time to practice up on the know. To ensure that time, even you do not believe there will be such a great power. Load-bearing bone, but not by muscle, the greater your muscle strength, can more closely to the bones package.



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