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Chi Chi's "Ji Xiao new book," listed 16 kinds of boxing what?

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boxing past and present home, which brought in a 32 potential changquan, there are six-step boxing, monkey boxing, boxing-oriented, all potential have alleged, but actually very much the same. So far wenjia 72 boxing, 36 kg locks, 24 abandoned Spies, 8 flash turned, 12 short, getting behind the good of those who are also good. Although just under Lv 8, less than Min Zhang bunt, Shandong Li half of the legs, Yingzhao Wang's take, 1000 or Zhang fell, Zhang Bojing the fight, the temple of the stick, and stick work and president of Qingtian, Young and the marksmanship Palestinian child boxing clubs, all those who today are known. "
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" Ji Xiao-book "is the Chi Chi in the southeastern coastal plain of Japanese during the war, military training and military experience. In his" Preface) said: "The past few years, I invited lack eastern Zhejiang, Naizhi Sun Wu's method, Program microscopic Mogae carry on. Start with the first details on the program, there was no one, and Yan. Utah Zen family of the so-called superior teaching is also next to measures by scholars Ho. So it is set by the practice Shizu, optional * mu of China Ding as well as orders, tactics, and line camps, martial arts, defensive posts, water war, between those with a valid choice in fact, respectively, coach, has the rank order, each for a roll to the sea Zhu Xi Yan armed forces to serve. Also suffer from the difficulty of Gu Shan Xie, love of people granted Tsui. Off for the title reads: "Ji Xiao-book." Yue-fu 'discipline effect', that non-mouth empty talk; Says 'book', so out of their mud out of law, rather than the law, timely measures of the Takaya. "These words could understand the purpose of writing this book, a book's age, background and main contents, characteristics, and the title of the origins and implications. But not a specific book Speaking of age. According to" low security Chronicle Qi Qi-made "Volume II reads: "Jiajing white terror, the spring ... ... the first month, the highest mandarin duck array, the" Ji Xiao new book. " "Description" Ji Xiao book, "When written in the sixth year Chi Chi transferred Zhejiang Kangwo that Jiajing white terror (1560).
" Ji Xiao new book, "The original 18 volumes, frontispiece roll. Specific study items are as follows: frontispiece includes "any temporary view of the public requested the creation of the barracks shift", "the new managing partner of the public requested the move alloy Yan", "Ji Xiao, or asking" 3. text sub: beam Ng articles first, speaks so that the second chapter, array so that the third chapter, encyclical soldiers chapter fourth, the fifth chapter Fa Jin, compare chapter sixth, seventh line of business articles, drills articles eighth, set off the ninth chapter, Chang-Bing articles tenth, eleventh chapter brand bamboo brush for utensils, short chapter 12th soldiers, shooting method chapter 13th, punches through the 14th chapter, 15th articles of various devices and flags chapter 16th, Shou-post articles seventeenth, eighteenth chapter sailors, a total of 18 chapter 18 volumes. In addition, the town of Guangzhou, Guangdong, Chi Chi has been transferred, had "re-take" Ji Xiao new book, "feud school, Azusa in the army. "(" Qi Qi Shao Bao Chronicle compiled "Volume 12," the word Zhu-wen Xiao Si "), the present total of 14 volumes. Not only the number of volumes and 18 volumes of different, and table of contents and the contents are different. Roll before Ming Wang Shizhen" General Qi Ji Xiao-book order "and with" real training Ji Legend "roughly similar" teaching learning rank order. "here, not imitate its table of contents is also reproduced in the following: beam Wu chapter first, eyes and ears of the second chapter, third chapter of hand-foot , hand, foot and the fourth chapter, hand, foot and horse attached to the fifth chapter, compare the sixth chapter, chapter VII of the battalion front, line camp articles eighth, ninth camping articles, real articles 10th, 11th Dan Qi chapter, chapter 10th Danzhou Shi 2, Shou-post articles 13th, practice will be the fourteenth chapter, a total of 14 14 volumes. 14 volumes is based Chi Chi's hand in his later years, absorbing the "real discipline training," the essence of the new content added worthy of attention.

"Ji Xiao new book" (18 volumes) total order of the "public shift" in close connection with the terrain along the southeast coast, I love with the Japanese situation, discusses the necessity and importance of training and put forward a more complete set of training theory and programs. "Ji efficiency or asking" is on important issues, particularly for the most urgent issue at the state and the Argument to prevent puzzled, he said, since the note: "Cambodia not only into Ng law, must be a letter to the public, then the order may Shen. Gou word of the kinds of doubt, the 100 Law is a waste, so calendar can be identified with the state are worried about who is or ask to Ming. "The body of 18 volumes and specific details of the troops he described the selection and compilation of Wu, land and water training, operations and array maps, the various precepts and the reward and punishment regulations go, Zhu Zhong-jun commandment weapons and gunpowder manufacture and use of Feng Laryngeal alarm and the semaphore signals in all aspects of army building and combat, and a large number of the image of realistic weapons, flags, Stone Sentinel Maze, workhouse posture illustrations. The book also describes in detail the invention of the Chi Chi-Yuanyang array, that is, to brand as a leading, bamboo brush for utensils with rifles, rifles with short soldiers against each other to save each other, both pairs of the Stone Sentinel Maze.

"Ji Xiao new book," language popular, "its term rates, such as spoken language, no longer touching" ( "Sikuquanshuzongmu feed"), Shizu with the actual reason, Qingshen Yi-cut, easy to learn and easy to remember, such as "ban chapter" to Shizu, said: "Any day your soldiers, though windy and raining, do-Gaozuo, but also indispensable to you on the 1st one-third of . The silver is nothing to send you Guanfu levy local people do na come. You are at home that are not cultivated people, when you have to do farming at home, McKenzie satisfied the amount of sufferings difficult, that is, when think about today's fresh silver easily, it does not make you Tam farming, the raising of a year, but hope to kill you 12 wins array. Shazei you're not willing to protect him, keep what you use? Slipping through the net is that martial law, and the heavens depend on other people to kill you. "
" Ji Xiao new book, "" is set by the clay Death entry "Repertoire is made similar to the Army's compilation of the various regulations and ordinances. In these terms, the more fully reflects the time Chi Chi on the southeastern coast Kangwo training, operational thinking. At that time he expressed his "Zhejiang soldiers" corruption, fighting low status, first of all stressed the need to strictly put forward the creation of the barracks, the election soldiers, training trilogy, and developed six measures to rectify the army: "The first expression The first name the points, so that thousands of households in the command flag-Jun Ding homes, rank natural order, and health at the command, that is inevitable in the upper and lower; second is to take governance stripping corrupt army to storm the soldier Soviet Union a long time, so that the morale gradually Yu; third is re-Zhi Diao Jun Diaoguan to health at the officer, managing partner of courage; Si Yue Wu Yue preface by the shift cut-off, non-Indian white was to Su military; Wu Yue decree to loyalty, thick-shirt war dead, in order to induce the pro - on to make a long Memorial; Liu Yue-Qing mill accounts are allocated to forced labor in order to raise the strength of Hege. "(" The new alloy Yan please dormant public shift ") that he advocated" Mathias and the emotional blending method. There are stems are played, re-governance in order to police the rest. "(" Xiao Ji, or ask ") He also compared the image of the majesty of a boat, compared to the letter En rudder, saying that" those who manned the power boat, but may be set so that those who are also the rudder. "(" Cambodia Ng Chapter ")
" Ji Xiao new book, "special attention to selected soldiers, begins with the first sentence is" the soldiers of your selection. "(" Beam Ng Chapter ") that the campaign soldiers," its law but in spirit "(" Cambodia Ng chapter "), against" city tour with the slide of the people "," Jian Qiao person "and advocate of" dishonest countryside people. "specific criteria for the selection soldiers, saying that" FENG "," martial arts "," big power "," clever "4 neither is indispensable, but also relies on non-professionals," but prime responsibility of the gas lamps to re - Afterburner large, FENG clever, while the review to martial arts, this is icing on the cake. "(" Beam Ng Chapter ") is not easy, however, such a person is elected, compared with the most important condition is a" must incorporate the spiritual power of appearance "because the martial arts can teach bad habits. Shizu of the election came, according to their respective different characteristics of weapons issued to them, "are when the power of the award because of their learning of different materials," "such as the rattan shield will be appropriate for young and vigorous health, the wolf bamboo brush for utensils appropriate for long-brand health big majestic, rifles appropriate for short-soldiers of the promptitude with murderous people. "(" Beam Ng Chapter ")

in the training area," Ji Xiao new book, "with special emphasis on difficult and strict requirements of actual combat training against the plan only nice showy. That" She Shi normally learned by learning the order of business arts, are according to the general got cold feet, till chicken, with regard to those who normally use it by habit, then in the parade on the 1st, there must be day effect, a cooked, they have one of the benefits. "(" Xiao Ji, or ask ") and criticism do not follow the requirements of actual combat training methods are" virtual sets "," will speak a thousand years, then what is the use, temporary, or students. "Sharp pointed out that" colored array device technology to kill the dirty business, How can it be nice. "(" Xiao Ji, or ask ")" where the martial arts, not a promise Guanfu the official, is that you come to a soldier posted their own self-defense meritorious service Shazei life-saving bone intrigue. Martial arts you high, must kill the thief, thief how will kill you. You are not as good as his martial arts, they must kill you. If learning martial arts, is not to fool lives. The book states: "Any comparison to be versatile, works according to Ju show ability to learn real enemy, the true right pump batters, allowed to continue to learn from Hua Qiang and other law, it would only support virtual planes in an attempt to beauty in front of people." ( "More articles"), emphasis orders training, states: "The cheap concise orders, co-published to the line, all in the night, each team gathered one, literate self-reading, non-literate person literate person hears this team to teach Chung explained, are advised to remember cooked. "asked the officers and men," just listen to Chin-Ku ear, eyes look flag, "" I look for an eye, a total of as an ear, a total of as a heart. "(" Decree Chapter ") usually develop a training emphasis that" Cao Bing way, not only enforcement flag and then take the array on the market that Stanford's gymnastics, though play is also speaking to sleep sitting homebound people. "(" Xiao Ji, or ask ") He also believed that the training and actual combat, after all, there were differences in weekday is very versatile, temporary, such as five points used can be successful. "Opening a big fuss on the enemy than the field different than the Pride And Prejudice Arts and escapement arrest. Dignified of the array, thousands of people lined up the former, not the first brave, cowardly are not allowed after the bundle gun stamp, the stamp Cong guns go, chaos ax blow, the indiscriminate killing he was still only crowd in together, hands are hard, how can he tolerate the dynamic jump around; one back, the mass with the suspect, one tiny step transfer, the public should also wins hearts, how can he tolerate, or into, or retreat. "(" Xiao Ji, or ask ")
" Ji Xiao new book, "Request marshals not only a soldier's strategy for defeating the enemy's Wen Tao, but also to master various skills, we should set an example for Shizu; not only to share weal and woe of war and Shizu but usually have to fall in line with Shizu through thick and thin. Said: "To be the Road, the so-called first mover, not merely the body got cold feet first, each piece is uncomfortable, it is necessary when the body first. The so-called with the taste of persons, not merely with the taste of adversity, when, flat at the same time have to taste, how can the state of art unique to Shizu the habit, commanding general disdain Xi Down? "(" Xiao Ji, or ask ")
" Ji Xiao new book, "with special emphasis on the role of rewards and punishments in the army and advocated rewards and punishments must be fair and do not Bichou reward, punish nepotistic, that : "Where the rewards and punishments, the military, we should handle. If the reward lies in that vital part of my normal enemy, meritorious is also a reward, there is also a supportive friend in to look after; if we are attacked military order is my pro-nephews, but also according to the law implemented, would not interfere with allies and enemies. "(" ban chapter "), Chi Chi practice what they preach, take the lead law enforcement, and later recalled to chicken, chopped up his eldest son. The book has also developed a number of specific training in discipline, reward, punishment of the article, even sitting Act. People developed a strict discipline, such as states: "cut down a tree with people, humiliate people land, houses burning a person room, and raped for stealing, harvesting dead soldiers, dead head, kill the abducted men, pollution abducted woman, Even Wangsha civilians falsely thief class, Tianliburong, Fa-do not forgive those who have committed, must in order to Junfacongshi Diming. "(" ban Chapter ")
" Ji Xiao new book, "placing emphasis on the role of weapons in the war that : "Instruments unfavorable to soldier to the enemy also; hands of non-striving hard side, it would only drive them with punishment, and yes I fish with disabilities have peace." ( "Long-Bing Chapter") describes the book are devoted largely to a variety of weapons manufacture, shape, style, role, learning method. The length of the use of weapons and a more in-depth discussion, saying that "a long trend is that risk, the short section of the embodiment of a short." ( "Chang-Bing Chapter") claim to use long-soldiers short, short-long-soldiers, which means to use long weapon to be effective in close range attacks; a short while before soldiers attacked the enemy with javelin, and then take the plane reached the enemy's dodge. The book also describes the invention of the Chi Chi make the best of the new weapon, "The wolf bamboo brush for utensils," that is dense with the section of bamboo sticks Kennedy cut a crafted weapons, Chi Chi-called "less energetically than the fence, an army portal" ( "brand bamboo brush for utensils chapter").

"Ji Xiao-book" is the Ming Dynasty, the Ming art of war. It is famous for Kangwo hand, described the contents of a specific and practical training in both Kangwo of experience in actual combat, but also reflects the training and operational characteristics of the Ming Dynasty, in particular, reflects a certain stage of development of the firearms form of combat changes. The military high academic value. However, "Ji Xiao-book" as a practical art of war at that time, with the development of military technology, many of the provisions already do not apply, and the same time, which is also interspersed with some dross, such as the so-called "phase method" election disabilities, "bogey vicious Death-shaped, re-blessing of the phase "; with the gossip of yin and yang is said to explain the banner of color; that Shizu is a fool, etc. This is our affirmation of its value when the special needs pointed out.



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