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Bruce Lee Kung Fu

ca9200810522010-03-26 21:11:45 +0000 #1
Bruce Lee's kung fu is that true? Access to his information, but I found that he had never participated in a full-fledged game, I felt he was just being a mythical figure?
deadwoods2010-03-26 21:15:21 +0000 #2
Hehe accurate to say that Bruce Lee is an actor

but it is undeniable that he has made many contributions to fighting

how the definition of real kung fu? Bruce Lee was stronger than most people

but it and the ring's leader is still larger than the gap between

Chinese people prefer the myth of this man does not explain

I do not see what coverage is also something out of what YY

I only know that you can you play powerful performance to ah
xoxo10242010-03-26 21:54:18 +0000 #3
why190102010-03-26 22:29:40 +0000 #4
must be true, the information recorded in the United States than in China's true more details
_ pouring maple2010-03-26 21:48:51 +0000 #5
U.S. "Black Belt" statistical data on the life of Bruce Lee

in order to of its more than 130 pounds of body weight, hit 350 pounds of Shen boxing.

Stick hit with two out of 1600 pounds force.

Its signature moves "skip step side kick," and making a brawny 200 pounds kicked 20 meters, falling into the pool, "Black Belt" has been reported on this matter, at least clear, the journal posted the data is 22.875 m, that was a swimming pool next to Bruce Lee, only a few steps back, put a skip step side kick each other kick into the water and four levels of 34 kilograms of the barbell arm-reach, back, in the extended static control silk 50 seconds.

To 56 kg barbell flat move and stay 40 minutes

32 kg dumbbell in one hand after another advantage of the opportunity before the level of the backswing, and then move to the side of the shoulder and insisted on 50 seconds.

Easy to put your fingers into a jar of unopened Coca-Cola.

With the side kick to a 45 kg sandbag Tipo.

To about 135 kilograms of sacks kicked around the house floor level.

Bruce Lee's Fist Power: boxing 400 pounds, and the same as Muhammad Ali.

Bruce Lee-inch punch: separated by 10 cm can hit 150 pounds of brawny 5,6 meters.

Bruce Lee's leg power: the ability to hit 1650 pounds of a god, have used side kick into a brawny 150 pounds kicked 20 meters into the pool.

Bruce Lee's speed: 1 seconds to play nine punches, kicks legs six times.

He was 7 years old when they teach their practice tai chi. Bruce Lee In the 13 years of age to follow the teacher Yip Man Wing Chun systematically studied, and the home is located a wood piles, wood piles practiced every day facing the near death. In addition, he practiced Hung Ga, Fujian White Crane, Tan legs, Shaolin boxing, stamp feet, Crane Tae Kwon Do and other boxing, in order to create their own Jeet Kune Do was later laid a solid foundation.

Also regularly attended school outside the boxing match, and constantly enrich the experience of actual combat, the United States to create their own post-graduate Jeet Kune Do.

Ever since Bruce Lee's Chinatown in Florida four unarmed uniformed thugs armed with knives, save lives in the Chinese girl's message published in the newspaper, after Bruce Lee's name will be spread throughout the United States, Florida and other TV stations also requested him to show legs, France, China Kung Fu attracted people's attention. Which he founded Zhen Fan Gung Fu is gradually booming up. In order to expand the impact of Bruce Lee often went around to participate in martial arts competitions, and worked in Seattle, Oakland, Los Angeles and other places to open martial arts hall and apprentices. Martial Arts Hall of scale and equipment are being improved, many of the world celebrated martial arts stars such as the United States Karate Championship LUO Li-Shi are all scrambling to worship him as a teacher, a famous Hollywood movie stars, such as accounting Shiheng Bin, and Steve are his disciples. Of the world Muhammad Ali has visits to exchange experiences with him.

In 1957, the Hong Kong Inter-school boxing champion.

1958, just over the territory Dance Open Championship.

1971, by the international martial arts magazine "Black Belt" as "one of the world's seven major martial arts masters."

1972, received Golden Horse "best art award."

In 1974, Bruce Lee, the international authority of the martial arts magazine "Black Belt" as the world's martial arts, one of the seven, the American press praised him as "King of Kung Fu," Japan called him a "force of the saints."

1979, the Los Angeles city government of "Game of Death" open Ying-day, that is July 8, as "Bruce Lee Day."

1980, was Japan's "Asahi Shimbun," selected as the "representative of the seventies." Fuji erect a statue of Bruce Lee, it is to him as a "force of the saints."

1986, was named the University of Hamburg, Germany, "the most European understanding of Asians." And 1993, the United States paved the Hollywood walk of fame star Bruce Lee's Memorial emblem. And 1993, the United States issued to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the death of Bruce Lee's notes. And 1993, the General Assembly, presented by the Hong Kong Film Awards "Lifetime Achievement Award."

1998 by China Wushu Association issued a "martial arts film star Award."

1998, was "Time Magazine" as "the twentieth century heroes and idols," is the only elected Chinese.

1998, by the United States Performing Arts Association "Lifetime Achievement Award."

1999, the U.S. government awarded Bruce Lee, "Dominican Art Award" granted to the United States Association of Performing Arts Bruce Lee's "Lifetime Achievement Award"

in June 1999, the U.S. "Time" magazine named Bruce Lee, the 20th century's most influential 100 one of

2000, the U.S. government announced the issue of a "Bruce Lee, the sixtieth anniversary of the birth of stamps," This is the second Marilyn. Monroe, and 007 after the third honor of the artists, but also the first Chinese one person.

In 2000, the Guinness Book of World Records, Bruce Lee punch to hit 400 pounds of force, and the same as Muhammad Ali, but Ali's weight is 260 pounds, Bruce Lee's weighs just over 130 lbs. 2003 July 24, American television history, vhl selected 200 of the greatest pop culture icon, Bruce Lee, one of them.

2004, the British media associations presented specially designed for Bruce Lee's "Legend Award."

In 2005, the Hong Kong Film Awards Assembly "glorious centuries Star" award.

2005, appeared in the "People" "A century of film top ten figure" one.

2005, awarded "China Film Award for Outstanding Contribution to the world."

2005, was elected "China's century of film 100 fine actor."

2005, won the national "Award for outstanding contribution to Sino-foreign cultural exchanges."

2007, selected for the British Total Film magazine "50 Great movie hero."

In 2008 to include the world's most influential celebrities, one of the 200 (beyond the Stalin and Hitler).

I think that this record, it should be true bar.
honglang12112010-03-26 23:19:33 +0000 #6
Bruce Lee is stronger than the average person
attackwc2010-03-26 23:35:18 +0000 #7
Competition is absolutely not the standard test of actual combat capability, Sanda champion there has been little hooligans in the street chasing cut, nor any sign that can play a small rogue called Sanda King , but the people live ammunition in the street punch knife grinding out

have been deified it is certainly light a 20-meter leg, punch 350 pounds, where both were champions, but he is not played

For Lee dragons, can not deny his contribution can not deny his power, but he can not exaggerating



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