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I would like to continue with the martial arts teacher, how open?

DarkXi_ You-Ji2010-03-26 23:10:35 +0000 #1
I used to follow my martial arts teacher, he was an acquaintance of my dad, he had never received apprentices, that is, familiar with my dad taught me before. He is old is often of very modest. Taught me for some time, he said that I have more talent. However, I have the greatest disadvantage is that there is no willpower! Also started three minutes hot, practiced for some time, no how practiced. He taught me the things I have learned quickly, but learn to learn, very few take the time to practice. Coupled with learning a little bit nervous, so some time after school, I had not been looking over him. Calculation, it has been a long time, but I later realized, I am not afraid of hardship had. However, not actively looking for him has been a long time, and had once been intermittent, and my person was more introverted, so although I would like to continue to follow his old martial arts, but I do not know how to open, I know that I will continue to go he would not what to say, but I am afraid he is because of my martial arts are not serious, so just muddle through, taught me the point of even fur, and not learn real kung fu.

Hey - distressed ah!

In addition, because he never Shoutu Di, so I did not call him master, but I have had him as my teacher!

kungfuchen2010-03-26 23:13:58 +0000 #2
This teacher is really a very good ah, not only teach you martial arts knowledge and also to tell you the truth in life, you have to cherish ah!

A time when Chinese New Year, buy some gifts to go visit him to express greetings to your family and your blessings.

Then you sit down and talk before the martial arts thing, say you think that your mind is not on-line it?

He is not easily approachable person who refused to you, as long as you and his future with good training, and stop do not want to become less like a heart.



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