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Where can I learn Muay Thai in China

434,318,9292010-03-27 00:11:07 +0000 #1
2 years I've learned taekwondo, there is a bit of progress, all aspects, but not practical enough; after learning what should Sanda, and felt that Sanda is not cruel, boring fight. Now I wanted to learn Muay Thai, to be authentic, the best coach of Thailand, Muay Thai is my favorite shot inside the knee and elbow, can cause huge casualties, but also straightforward, have a good look at the local recommendation.
Electric Guitar insect b2010-03-27 00:23:16 +0000 #2
is probably your own lazy learning Muay Thai is also a soft-foot shrimp, martial arts no one who does not powerful powerful argument, only the strength of those martial arts! Saw your show that you want to learn knee-law with an elbow, not bad. But I feel that you learn so many martial arts is also a Taekwondo Sanda. Should be able to self-learning, because she obstinately Muay Thai kick is solid sand bags, or rubber tires, you want to eat a lot of pain before we can achieve that kind of level, you can suffer the hardness of the play such a large sandbags, it should be quite good, and why it absolutely necessary that What do Muay Thai? Muay Thai has always been against the current with Sanda Sanda Zheng Kouqi you can not do?
brutus_zhang2010-03-27 00:29:34 +0000 #3



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