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1000 has been Spirited Away2010-03-27 01:12:01 +0000 #1
one hand on the loose doubt, we all know martial arts to bulk up and become the hands and routines. But the martial arts are among the tricks moves you have to wait for people to get a chance to show your Sanshou. If opponents are waiting for you encountered it moves? Then how to do? Can not beat fragmentation?

2 on the next set of attacks Yongchun the shortcomings of the Wing Chun boxing only hand-made, and if faced with those who are good at bottom leg to sweep your legs people, Yongchun not any legs method, then how to do this?

3 the creation of boxing then? Kung Fu does not mean that no high or low, repair in the people? For example, Choi Lei Fut is a Cai, Li. Shaolin boxing is one of boxing. But the practice may not be able to win Cai Lifo of people who practice boxing Li, it may not be played Tsai boxing people. Then he hit this set of boxing out what the point? Now there are hundreds of kinds of martial arts, Muay Thai can be played only Sanda. Why create so much out of it? Man practicing martial arts are divided into 4, Wu practice, as well as cross-training. However, the highest cross-training effort is inaccessible realm. Muay Thai belongs to a kind of cross training. But now both the text of Chinese martial arts practiced Ye Hao Wu is still practiced both beat Muay Thai. Cross-training is not to say do not reach the highest realm? Muay Thai how so sharply? Is not our ancestors did not come into contact with Muay Thai before, this conclusion?

Gas steam Meng-Ze2010-03-27 01:14:10 +0000 #2
1. Menpai routines just the beginning in order to remember their Menpai Jiaotu Di-based trick when using a simple, that is to make you remember the time and then fight to live learn utilize. What is meant by learning and using? Stepped foot in the foot when the foot of the fight when the fight crotch crotch, only the other people out of a move to your routine happens when there are ways to solution ... ... for example, when using a low-side the other leg, you just can use tai chi brush knee and twist step ... ... combat is combat, taijiquan taijiquan ... ... yes, after the two sides want to rock the words issued in practice, you will find there are always side will not help but hit first, let alone hit first does not must be estimated Louzhu La Xiafeng ... ... should not combat-off bar - Hehe -

2. someone sweep your legs with the whip, there are many ways to break ... ... practicing Wing Chun of the fear of even this did not know Yao, He He - or a so, boxing, and practice their moves are different ... ... can not master punching you do not teach you just to head it? A lot of broken law, not 11 shows

3. Is that no level of effort, maintenance of personal ah - Choi Lei Fut Take your example ... ... I Tsai, Li, Shaolin boxing in creating a new, more suitable for my own boxing - note that is suitable for my own, not that the door boxing much more sophisticated than other types. I take this fist open sectarian, others asked me, What kind of boxing, I said, cried out: Cai Lifo. That comes out of this ... ...

I am talking point is: usually no more than boxing clever ... ... look what you are willing to give a practice, it is not suited to their ... ... such as tall that can be hard to play hard into, the diminutive are not appropriate, when he was a good school evasive maneuvers boxing ... ... understand? Is not the most powerful boxing, only the best for them. Thailand as part of a long time ago it was our territory - their boxing in our literature have long been documented, known as: Eight-arm boxing

but did not cause much attention, Muay Thai would have been nothing out of color of the Department, more recently and the main fire China's boxing in the doldrums (the country the decision), Muay Thai then someone is willing to blow - that side of the ... ... the year is not the boxing ring into a variety of defeat badly, there is nothing worthwhile to say ... ... Louzhu I repeat once more: there is no boxing can defeat another boxing, winning or losing are just only individual and of the rules of the game today ... ... but only in sports, not fighting the market ... ... This is big difference between the two went to the -

4. Muay Thai has just said that a part of ... ... now talk about Chinese martial arts Bar -

martial arts, combative nature is superior ... ... This is no doubt as to each Menpai has its own characteristics.

But: ① now practice martial arts with no conditions that the Republican period, and this analysis of the text a lot ... ... Louzhu under the Republican era boxer Baidu will know

② now had to work most of the martial arts, rather than as their own martial arts occupation, entirely on the strength of boxing talent and their own efforts, you do not have someone else so much time and practice their moves, no one else then the science of nutrition regulation, you rely on, and others compare?

③ conditions of reasons, most of the martial arts taught only knew a little about the shelf, the real fight is not the line ... ...

This I will not say more ... ... I get this online. Khan ... ... Louzhu the very real rare ... ...
3 difficult to open2010-03-27 01:43:16 +0000 #3
very powerful
too much on the Laohou 32010-03-27 01:30:26 +0000 #4
handsome! Terrible 啦!
Mu dust, rain2010-03-27 02:03:42 +0000 #5
routine is started, different schools of martial arts is to lay the foundation to use, but after laying the foundation for everyday living is, in fact there is no essential difference in Sanda and Sanda is a

What is the utility directly to anything. The routines to simplify as "Zhiquan, whip legs" and other basic movements, followed by a combination of straight punches. Of course, a portfolio of practical significance is also a more practical and short routines

Wing Chun has legs law, but focus on different, Rivals, Wing Chun pay more attention to the use of

Sanda boxing, there are many in the teachings, a single side-kick, I had three kinds of school skills, such as this is the Cai Lifo boxing significance, and unique, each must have a door boxing martial arts

Muay Thai emphasis on small practice, and very hard, there naturally good results, not only Muay Thai Boxing was beaten off, but there is no such other country the size of boxing promotion and war only. A variety of boxing is ultimately are interlinked, the key is to look at the individual repair for. Such as reaction, speed, strength, endurance and so on. Rather than on specific boxing and Lianfa. Suited to their own is the best.
Budo knows no boundaries2010-03-27 02:48:10 +0000 #6
First, no one can tell you that martial arts and others inside and then shot the shot. This is misleading. However, two had no shot, no harm, and resolve to resort to arms is also quite good. I once met a Tai Chi practitioners, we are the station for a long time did not destroy the opponent's approach, the last truly be unlikely. However, you can take the initiative to fight repression, take the initiative to attack, there is a method.

Secondly, I do not think Wing Chun is not only the legs and hands. Where to send the southern Chinese Kung Fu martial arts are close in-inch Tuiti France, feet, but came from the knee.

Third, the significance of boxing that can comprehend that far from Heaven, saying that that can quell the past to resort to arms. Predecessors choreography has its own reason. Require careful experience. As to who played off someone's family, followed by boxing it does not matter, is a personal repair for the problem. Wushu Sanda is merely an expression of a game, not the martial arts. Sanda defeat any opponent, not out of the relationship are related to many.

Fourth, Muay Thai is not necessarily cross-training, and also have a simple breathing will be repaired within the law. But no less detailed summary of Chinese martial arts Bale. This summary of Chinese martial arts is definitely in the world. The highest state of technology, not kill them, but to resort to arms to quell the ways and means. You do not understand the true meaning of martial, is cultivating a man, played by Wu Tao. Also only admire the level of bloody violence.
Flower implicit heavy door2010-03-27 01:54:11 +0000 #7
No powerful martial arts, only a terrible person.

The same martial arts on the different people who are different.

If you insist on points which powerful, then what is tai chi, not to say that movies would not say that so dramatically, but Tai Chi master of leveraging is still relatively powerful. However, this still depends on the person itself, the quality of martial arts.
asd75933612010-03-27 04:16:24 +0000 #8
Hi Do you know ah do not know kung fu beat 啦 several Muay Thai martial arts theory, you do not know that the master has come to install tower ditch, he came in flat Zeyang Sanda is a part of many you do not know, ah well ah taekwondo Taekwondo has defeated Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do martial arts tower ditch you do not know that I have to ditch 囧 啦 tower over bian that he would like to mutiny in Thailand I bian
jkabcdz22010-03-27 02:38:01 +0000 #9
1 can first move, in order to empty step posture to lure the enemy deep

2 the first leg to mention a further 3 to create awareness of martial arts, boxing is the experience



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