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One thing people are angry about her boyfriend's race

Iraq early perception2010-03-27 01:12:08 +0000 #1
Sanda school boyfriend, and he that institutions where there are students learning Taekwondo or boxing last night, where they carried out some games, there was a special competition is male students and female students to play, is precisely her boyfriend and a taekwondo school girls, I think it is certainly difficult not live him, knew where he was followed up everywhere so that the girls, with a total let her play themselves, see I am worried sick a!

even more exasperating is the following division of his brother, who, surprise, that girls are helping fuel, as long as she kicked about, they would cheer, and even people shouting "Kill him"

They are not people? Even if the distressed female student, and should not do "hope" Male athletes when the sandbags were playing, right? Do male athletes are not human, which have been killed?

I hope that Members views and analysis of their psychological what is the? How can teachers hope that their brother was killed?
Favorites Arona2010-03-27 01:18:43 +0000 #2
only in the fighting system and the concept of conservative and backward China that there is this ignorance ridiculous "Competition", if the foreign , the audience cheering on will only give the strong and the weak is not the slightest mercy, let alone to take care of or for the weak, and abroad (Europe and the United States), there are a lot of mixing between men and women fighting game, that is, both men and women, you can go to youtu .. so watch video network to search out what it was inside the woman beaten men covered in blood over the scene, while the spectators cheering for the man because he is strong, winning, and It's that simple - In addition, Thailand also has both men and women's competitions, I've watched a female Muay Thai Muay Thai hand-beaten hand was male and no strength to fight back, finally KO, and the audience is only for the winner cheers

a Warrior , it should do the following: ring on top, only the opponent, and nothing else, defeating rival boxer is the bounden duty, regardless of the other party is male or female, should fully play, believed that women are weak in relation to be taken care of, then please do on the ring , ring is serious, and can not tolerate the desecration of a show to go show it, it is almost shameful act

lion Bo Tu, but also with the best, let alone a man is far smaller than a lion Sanda, a Taekwondo woman than a hundred times stronger than a rabbit. Ring on top, "to preserve themselves, to attack their enemies" is the overriding, the real being, nothing can happen, there is no absolute strong or weak, so this requires dealing with any opponent boxer must maintain vigilance inertia, you boyfriend that the other side is a woman, they take it lightly, it is taboo for boxer, and his ideas have not yet started fighting, he inadvertently hurt the woman, but he can guarantee that women also inadvertently hurt him?

Another point is also the most important: go all out is the right of respect for opponents, you seemingly could not bear for her boyfriend shot, in fact, is precisely the neglect she did not give a person Xuewu minimum of respect; while the woman, as a person Xue-Wu, actually in the ring on the acquiescence of the other party so that she is really a shame that they could be a

if I may say, your boyfriend and female athletes show that behavior is a discredit to the Warrior, they do not deserve to stand above the ring, would like to show, please to step down to make your fill

As for the division of his brother shouted "kill him", which needless to say, and people's quality of this is so, for "uncivilized," the crowd, you do not and they are generally informative
Romanian soil core2010-03-27 01:59:11 +0000 #3
As long as the injury to the crucial, but also failed. Comparing a woman born with a weak physically, is very natural for boys to make, if a man bring a woman Kill them, you will be afraid to read the bar.
mingmingyaa2010-03-27 02:02:48 +0000 #4
哈哈 pure entertainment for the girls that he has grace you do not want your boyfriend is a guy who does not know Lianxiangxiyu bar bar you laugh of course, those onlookers know that you will not be hit until boyfriend did kick up a fuss The Who would really want to have him killed and then the girls should be generous point Hehe oh
kevin198310042010-03-27 02:24:56 +0000 #5
good men and women do not struggle, your boyfriend to do Yes, it's a man. His Shixiongdimen, this is also a fun bar, you want girls to have much strength, how can killing people? Do not be concerned about the.
hema99222010-03-27 03:22:56 +0000 #6
Do not worry about it, and Sanda band brace is to protect the good, in addition to the front head (face), and head injuries in general where it is difficult, but also as a female taekwondo player, unless a very high level, or certainly not bad to play a practice Sanda man, especially taekwondo are not allowed to use their fists against his chest and above positions, he had spots all is the brace the thickest place. Your boyfriend's brother should be aware that this is why they then shouted, Xia Qihong it bluntly, is that because your boyfriend nothing would go wrong. I have to worry about that anti-woman, if too much force, do not know will instep swollen
River Drainage n2010-03-27 04:12:21 +0000 #7
from the following description:

1, taekwondo kicking skills in speed and distance, seek in each other's playing less than their own Local damage to the other side. Boxing relatively large intensity of the requirements, if your boyfriend hit the girls, then the girls a great chance of injury.

2, from the contests is concerned. General girls and boys to play there is no chance of winning, but if the result will be a great spectacle of an unexpected. In the case of the victory certainly do not necessarily have to pursue the victory, or at least give the opponent a higher level. And there you have an understanding of his is enough, all the other brothers, even if the teacher does not understand what he meant, if you know his level, I believe him, on the list.

3, girls are generally considered to be weak, boys cheering for the girls is normal, your boyfriend can get your identity, and others do not care how people see him and he would not care.

4, the relative majority of those who practiced fighting do not care too much detail, and her mouth to speak less attention is normal. Boys to girls because when the sand bags, probably because the shy, sort of, normal girls will not be too forced to attack.


I believe the strength of her boyfriend, take good care of take care of him no problem.
attackwc2010-03-27 03:44:01 +0000 #8
two possible

1. your boyfriend karma bad

2. to see the men was hit woman fun, kick up a fuss

The second possibility bigger
ENTER 0012010-03-27 04:56:53 +0000 #9
proposed to use the arm Block



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