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Sanda How to Start

lxlx71155292010-03-27 06:10:35 +0000 #1
I am 16 years old, the parents wanted me to learn something of merit, so I think martial arts is still the most applicable, want to learn Sanda, please understand Air gets advice on how to introduce the necessary basic skills as well as Sanda.
Happy force ‖ King2010-03-27 06:22:37 +0000 #2
as long as the able-bodied, the reaction is good, resistant to hardship can, I suggest you first go to participate in classes, self-study or online learning is difficult to see out the results. Sanda strength should be here to give you a strength training program

Monday: Take dumbbells, to cite but also feel effortlessly lift come. Right-hand man not move until the move to give. Training 2 hours

in the morning, the evening practice better

Tuesday: You can do it upside down, but the time to slowly increase the time gradually. In the evening practice, training for more than

2 hours Wednesday: doing push-ups, in order to muscle aches, could not find an ending to strive to do more than 200 a day, we must step by step

Thursday: to tie the hands of weight (not too heavy weight), punching right hand to do fatigue, fighting for the next day, out of more than 2000

Friday: playing sandbags, each punch must be made to fight all the effort, certainly more than a day under the 2000 hit.

Saturday, Sunday: You can go jogging weights strapped to their feet, to outdoor running, (not through running machine), run the distance under the body of the word.

The above plan exercise is: two muscle, three muscle, abdominal muscles, and Zhongwan force, mean force, strength, power. Leg muscles, thigh muscles.
cnwbggg2010-03-27 06:33:44 +0000 #3
I have just graduated from junior high school that year, summer for a long time idle at home, all right, to get to the one Sanda training courses

To be honest, if you are just interested in this Sanda, you can report an amateur feel to enjoy the first class Sanda .

Fight, this line of good mix

I was just to learn the time, it really struggled to live 呀

tired to death. I play a good friend, learning a 10-day run back to the
oh-en ah go2010-03-27 07:09:50 +0000 #4
I'll tell you what I learned first of all to practice kicking leg Leg-Snap Boxing France start with the basics of this very important to bear in mind that whatever comes from This is by learning to do push-ups at night before going to sleep for more than 50 have to do this is to practice the morning of arm strength

can also go to your video Baidu School
kungfuchen2010-03-27 07:30:51 +0000 #5
The best way is to report a relatively good school classes!

If the condition is not allowed, first Sanda footwork, boxing and legs Law to step down could grasp the basic essentials. Example, Zhi Quan, Bai Quan, copied fist, whip boxing. Leg methods such as are pedal, side kick, high-whip, low whip, after the swing. Then familiarize yourself with the combination of boxing, and boxing combinations legs, as well as the application of footwork, of course, also missed some basic defensive moves, such as the preparatory-type or a divider, blocking, inside Diao, foreign mining and the like!

Practice law in the same time, boxing and legs to tie in with physical training, such as strength, power, flexibility, coordination, and so on!

The proposed study or reference materials classes reported learning



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