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Basketball fire several issues

Rainie_12010-03-27 06:10:42 +0000 #1
1. Ball-Kui is Jie Er was why she was posing as the ball-kui

2. Kui whenever there is a masked ball, the aim is to deny who saw the

3. Thunderbolt University of winning, and Later, the East-xiang gang has been beaten, gang people? Why should the East Xiang beat?

4. Which mention the NBA, what do
Happy M F2010-03-27 06:19:54 +0000 #2
10 set (70min)

with the basaltic busters Otaka that Jie Er because the East in his capacity as master and servant between Cheung Select pretend the ball even close to Quebec to accompany the East Xiang Xiang and his life in order to protect the East showdown with the residual feelings hurt and injured under the influence of residual Jieer Otaka was unable to restrain themselves beaten by residual anger was sentenced to court appearances and at the same time Xiang was due to the Oriental mind right to play a normal level of residual guilt can not be the final flames of Wolverhampton Wanderers in a one-point loss to residual basaltic Overlord Lions did not intend to let go of the East on the way to convince basaltic coach Raymond Yu Ji-Ji Qiu, and points race hate turn on the water before you add the race to extend the Wolves once again with the flames of confrontation between the East face of residual Raymond so full of grievances is proposed is only one requirement in mind vexed it ruined the game in the East Xiang Ya Body Movement ...

that will work with residual re - Raymond was determined to break through the East showdown against the then non-polar residues knot before the statue came to win ... because he understand the true love should be encouraged to Otaka as Jie Er right, as without asking for anything in the East Raymond decided to play the next game against basaltic in his life to protect the East Xiang Jie Er mind that Otaka Otaka in order to prevent the matter told Lee to win to stop the ride to be Lee to win anything silly, but then Lee to win but fell sick in front of the public do not want to ...

Jie Er Dongfang Xiang knows way

NBA game those people in the street basketball fans, dissatisfied with the East Xiang,
° ⑨ o 灬 尐 Long2010-03-27 06:27:54 +0000 #3
aim do not want the East Cheung know, because they are friends Well! !



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