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Zhou problem

Sky Flying Spur2010-03-27 16:10:09 +0000 #1
fortune brought a small Zhou, what is it? Big Zhou what is it?
Fashion Wardrobe 22010-03-27 16:14:22 +0000 #2
about this topic, I suggest you search under "acupuncture" "Meridian study" of these books is the most scientific.

On small Zhou fact Renduermai big Zhou is no uniform view, some of that 12 meridians,


to the human body directly under the legs will be between the Yin Xue as a starting point, from the body along the center of the front up to the cave under the lips, bearing slurry, this is the Conception Vessel meridian; Du channel is carried by the Yin Xue (which was also said to be a long strong points) back along the spine going up, go down to reach the top of the head the former through the eyes between the upper reaches of oral gingival delivery points. Conception Vessel main blood, Du channel the main gas, for the main vein of human meridians. Renduermo If, then when Ba Mai Tong; Ba Mai, then when Lotus pass, and thus can improve physical fitness, gluten bone health and promote circulation. Renduermo and Taoism in Chinese medicine diagnose the troubles of guidance on health is important, but also because of martial arts where rendering and exaggerated descriptions, such as the martial may, by a person get through their own Renduermo, etc. Once the Renduermo was opened up, martial arts that is leaps and bounds, it has also become the most well-known people Qimai name.

Rendu two veins were originally part of eight extra-meridians, with their clear points, with 12 of its physicians are collectively known as meridians are 14 meridians. Conception Vessel main blood, vaginal pulse for the Sea; Du channel master gas, as the sea of Yang pulse. In other words, Rendu 12 respectively, are two veins in the hand, foot and six yin meridians with the six yang meridians played a leading role, while 12 are meridians qi and blood filling, it will overspill in Rendu 2 vein; the contrary, If the air-Rendu two strong veins, the same cycle will be acting on the 12 are in turn, Gu Yue: "Rendu General Lotus Jie Tong."

As for the "open up Renduermai" can be guided from the traditional Chinese medicine and Taoist point of view, which examine health. Chinese medicine point of view from the "Lingshu. Ying-qi Chapter "of the narrative, about 12 meridians and Rendu two sequential clock cycles. Meridians flow injection from the lungs through the beginning, followed by circulation to the liver; and then from the liver into the chest, on the forehead to the top of the head while walking, and then down to the Tail along the Governor Vessel, Conception Vessel vaginal devices which pass up, and then back into the lung. "Ying-qi Chapter", said: "This Camp of the gas line, Ni Shun-Chang." This is a doctor by the above, Rendu's natural gas operation in the human body. It can be understood in terms of the normal, Rendu 2 pulse inherently pass, and why open up Renduermai? Taoist guide to health point of view, so-called "Tong Ren Du," that is, pass three tests (Tail, Jiaji, jade pillow), line "Zhou" operation was intended. Road book "Peace Classic" that the life expectancy limit of the Ting 120-year-old, as long as the training of inner alchemy guide, from the "reverse" the direction of heaven and earth luck wins, condensed essence, gas, god, to enhance life quality, can be challenging Toshihisa limits. The so-called "reverse" refers to the Du channel starting from the perineum and back through the three head off in da Baihui, and then from under the front of Conception Vessel and the pubic region, this is called Zhou, coinciding with the above mentioned passages of Doctors opposite way through the line. Taoism by rows of small gas forge Zhou Zan, the innate and acquired the refined gas (water, grain refined) combined with condensed into a "" but as "medicine", that is refined practice, but also for the "first off" ; until they enter the big Zhou chi-phase of God, that's "The Gate"; the final stages of re-entry have calmed down, up "on the customs," the practice of God is also true, Entering Dao. Zhou them running to Rendu two main veins, which rose after the left anterior descending mechanism, known as the Sun Fire fall from the sky Yin Fu, that is, open up Renduermai. Closed off for the beginning of September, the October closed off for the last nine years closed off can be seen when teaching was not easy. However, this mix personal context, but clearly marked from body to soul, from the tangible to the intangible, qualitative change from the physical to the spiritual process is specific to follow in. As for the use of foreign forces "opened up Renduermai" the possibility of the scriptures while tangible profound Taoist internal strength "cloth gas" theory, that is, external qi, giving medical treatment, but apart from martial arts are not seen outside the Code of gas open up Renduermo theory. Cloth gas treatment is a medical environment at that time under the condition of helplessness in facing his illness response; today's medical technology had been a hundred times in the fabric of the effectiveness of gas, if that can be easily opened up by external forces Renduermo, should be exaggeration . Doctors with Taoist Rendu 2 pulse acts on the argument from my own experiences in doing exercises, which can differ from the cis and reverse abdominal breathing abdominal breathing praise forging segment. The book said, "Shun adult, reverse immortality," that Governor Vessel and Conception Vessel uplink downlink. As long as Lianfa students must, line power by the good offices of the body of the original gas, and women with training Conception Vessel mainly surplus of their blood, men with practicing Du channel mainly surplus of its gas; and from the "self-aligning," "brooding" to proceed with , Ho-reverse, leaving stature solid support, and air-Rendu two smooth pulse, the so-called life Shuangxiu, that this is also.

Conception Vessel: meridian through the line of


began on the pole below the


above the occasion hair, through the abdomen where


on the yuan closed at the throat


on the Rhythm through the surface into the mesh

05 ,

is also

Yin pulse of more difficult by the sea? 28th hard-line description of the meridians through


Conception Vessel who played at an extremely below


above the occasion of Mao


through the abdomen where the yuan closed at the throat


on the Rhythm

Du channel through the surface into the head along the meridian line


starting at the lower pole of the Shu, and in ridge-ri


on to the wind House, into the brain on the summit through the forehead to the nose-chu


belong to yang Pulse

more difficult by the sea also? 28th hard-line description of the meridians through


Du channel who played in the bone below the central Shaofu, women's ting holes into the system, its hole, hole of the female side are also


of their network devices together through the overcast usurp, the winding usurp after


at least yin and yang in the network giant who, after co-Lian Shao on the Unit , consistent ridge is a kidney


with the sun on the head from medial canthus, the amount of cross-summit on the network into the brain


is also out, under other items, through the shoulder within the


xia lumbar spinal arrived, the through the backbone network into the kidney


of their men through the stems down to usurp, and women and so on


its Shaofu straight persons, consistent umbilical central, on a consistent heart


Ru Hou, Yi Wan on the lips, on the Department of two headings in the central

in the martial arts, to break down Renduermo means reborn, martial arts leaps and bounds, actually not so mysterious, normal, healthy human body Renduermo inherently pass, only by a series of self-cultivation to strengthen and sublimation only



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