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Ask question of Wing Chun and boxing

ch158816199032010-03-27 20:10:31 +0000 #1
I am a rather monotonous life of people no fun always wanted to learn fighting techniques not previously free of the conditions now so want to learn Wing Chun and boxing where a real strong I want to do another showy want to point to the connotation of effort has been Lianxia Qu Yong-Chun, if elected I have to go to Foshan, Chengdu, so let me introduce my friends have their pros and cons would like to thank

questions added: I am now 22 years old
gale42010-03-27 20:23:50 +0000 #2
Hello. The fact is many of the so-called "traditional martial arts," the professors who are the performances will not only martial arts routines. As a basis for the martial arts is the essence of fighting. I practice martial arts for seven years, the previous two years thanks to those so-called "boxer" are "superfluous", "martial arts gymnastics" practitioners. Finally lucky enough to find a tai chi teacher is now learning the truth can be used is the traditional martial arts fighting. I am in Fujian, where there are a lot of Wing Chun Martial Arts Hall; here, boxer, unfortunately, were I met people who are only bluffing. I mean that so many traditional martial arts boxer now is basically very difficult to find, such as Tai Chi my junior amateur level, was able to bring so-called "shadow boxing three paragraphs" a "boxer" erase, you are willing to go Take your time and money to verify the authenticity of these boxer Mody? In this case, and you have one objective is to learning "real strong" in martial arts, I suggest you learn boxing bar. Boxing martial arts fighting methods compared with conventional relatively simple and easy to use. I then took only a year's time on the amateur level players can play game. The traditional martial arts, practicing with sustained manner through routines and various other ways of fighting its way into your habits; of course, the result is so trained in so that you can become a modern martial arts practitioners than the average of the stronger. But the only problem is that a boxer's prime-time is before the age of 25, but I thought we were just a hobby, then, if you can not care so much, In addition, the requirements of boxing for the leg ligament is not very high, is also more suitable for you. Words, if the above error please forgive me.
qa4452010-03-27 20:53:37 +0000 #3
Wing Chun



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