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What is the best step with the nunchaku? To the specific

a558622010-03-27 20:10:45 +0000 #1

Yuanfei Yuhi2010-03-27 20:13:49 +0000 #2
Anyway, you have a principle is not waving stick legs protruding too much, otherwise I might hit the legs or hinder Hui stick movements.
Yue-On Tan2010-03-27 20:25:39 +0000 #3
There are 18 kinds of martial arts footwork, you see if there you like, or familiar.

18 kinds of martial arts footwork

Pendulum deduction step Bagua footwork terminology, used in conjunction swing steps and the co-called deduction steps.

Zhen-foot step ① terms. One foot raised off the ground force under the tread, the other foot off a leg or a quick mention for offensive and defensive moves. ② offensive legs law, stamp and other parts of riding each other's feet. ③ In the fighting, and exercise, by foot shock strength cheer hair.

Butterfly-hop is a jump step. Li wrong feet, a distance of about shoulder width, in-situ tread since vacated, the completion of kneeling next step.

Stepping basic steps. Forward progress, the front foot stomping ground, homeopathy, bend potential can be. Shaolin boxing, changquan, and other boxing have this step, but some differences in the use of each.

The seven-step Farmington. A big step forward on the rear foot, the other foot back half a step to the right skewed, so that when the body from the front steps, through the ramp backwards into a sideways right way forward.

Sancai step mantis boxing footwork. Syncline in front of the left foot on the step, right foot forward on the right side by the left foot step, which is snake forward. Backward backward, saying that inverted Sancai step, step after the foot started to move, also known as anti-Sancai step.

Fly-step footwork ancient language, similar to the present with the step, step, etc hit footwork. Bi Kun, "Hun Yuan Sword by Outer Chapters" Note: The "lead the way before the hind foot with a view to advance and retreat Brisk points, crosswise of the other shaped like flying, bird wings to mention the clear light gas."

Strike-step martial arts common step. Feet the wrong lap, center of gravity forward, pedal to the former. Pedal off the ground, while the former, the latter arch before hitting the heel. After a brief vacated, rear foot, forefoot landing sequence.

Small-stride pass prepared boxing footwork, with a relatively large stride. Big stride by on pitching down and take the Yang potential; small stride forward from the next peg into, and take Yin potential. Step left with stepped into, Zuo Zhang homeopathy along the side of the body forward and upward hanging tease; right hand on the left shoulder and held captive before Heng Zhang. Alternating left and asked to "great strides" the same.

Flash show step-pass back (arm) Boxing major step. One leg raised, the other pedal to the former dancing feet vacant at the same time, while landing.

Semi-Huanbu Bagua footwork. This step the same as "single-Huan Bu", subject to deduction step, swing-step to a lesser extent, upper body backward rotation rate of about less than 45 degrees compared with single-Huan Bu. See below "single Huanbu."

Chuang, Ba Ji Quan step further. Special training flexibility, that is one foot of the original earthquake feet, the other foot forward quickly washed out of the body followed break forward collision, Cheng Bu.

Preparation of boxing footwork Qiang Bu Tong. That is suddenly further or half a step, or on a step into the post-fill. Line step, you can homeopathy Qiangbu can also bend potential Qiangbu. Ming Chi Chi, "Xiao Ji fist through the Czech Republic to chapter books," there are 32 potential "throw the shelf Qiangbu suit of armor" of the sentence. Step by step method terms

even the branch. Means the legs to open immediately, cover the more the other foot to the other side of the foot off the step, rear foot immediately following the direction of the ipsilateral horizontal step by step footwork. His step route shown in Figure.

Drag-step pass prepared boxing footwork. Feet before and after the opening, the shelf slightly higher front foot step forward, rear foot dragging follow up. Using homeopathic Diego when entering, but also potential even bend forward, left or right bend forward potential transformation. Changquan, Shaolin, pass back, pass arm, etc. This step also, however, somewhat different.

Lara-step Shaolin five sub-boxing footwork. Progress refers to one foot (or backward, or cross-step) and the other foot rub to follow the step.

Single Huanbu Bagua footwork. Point before the march, the foot landing step forward button, and the other foot backward with the upper body while standing outside the pendulum rotating buckle, swing-step combination of footwork. His step route shown in Figure.

Twisted-step red boxing footwork, also known as "stamping on the leg-step." One leg to the other leg in front of the ramp step, toe into the foot placed outside the potential, knees slightly bent, legs twisted phase forward, step by step with a tread.
Set Board2010-03-27 20:50:25 +0000 #4
you directly with the Brothers Dance steps and the best, according to eight aspects retreat.
lv89982010-03-27 20:40:16 +0000 #5
my nunchaku study does not too deep, is only my personal opinion:

1, preferably by sliding the main step, which will become your fast. Sliding footwork a lot, of course, can also be used walked quickly. I hope you refer to Taekwondo footwork, comparative aesthetics.

2, but also with good legs, France, primarily before the leg-side kick, and after they vacate the best spin. Combination leg method effective, can refer to video.

3, as far as possible to avoid the walk, we must quickly give the audience a strong visual impact.
xmnshe212010-03-27 22:29:21 +0000 #6
Arzua players, but the capital of the times
tyxzlzh2010-03-27 22:33:56 +0000 #7
Brothers Dance steps and
patent medicine given life2010-03-27 21:37:25 +0000 #8
butterfly step.
Was evaporated tears2010-03-27 21:39:00 +0000 #9
butterfly body Choi Wan-step tour. . .
Blue regression line2010-03-27 23:26:32 +0000 #10
suggest you take a look at Bruce Lee movies. His positioning is generally right foot before the left foot after the stop method.

But the martial arts this kind of thing, are based on the circumstances change. Flexible use of learned routines will not be playing, but someone else's.
Fuxi painting gossip2010-03-27 23:48:37 +0000 #11
gossip Behind Step

Step type: Breaking Step button steps, servant-step

step: the ups and downs placed deduction, advance and retreat with the withdrawal, open flash and so on breaking off a plug.

Step is mainly for your leg muscles okay! Only your leg muscles a good Mody which you can move very quickly! To avoid the enemy's attack! So you should be training for leg muscles combined with footwork!
Shen13142010-03-28 00:46:54 +0000 #12
you want a specific The hard to say to understand, so I hope you find some video view.

I also practice the nunchaku, I choose the pace of the pace of fencing. Yongchun the one hand coupled with anti-type. Such as the right hand stick is put in the right shoulder left the Department can protect you in the upper part of the fencing large extent the pace of advance and retreat, but also speed. Are the toes point in hair strength.



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