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Japanese word red boxing exercises! Wing Chun's!

Bruce III2010-03-27 21:10:11 +0000 #1
I do not have any martial arts foundation. Did not come into contact with Wing Chun. But I wanted to learn Japanese the word red boxing. Video, written materials are out of bar. Master's experience has come. Do not laugh or curse, it is garbage until done.

I genuinely want to learn and look forward to really master appears pointing.

Points, you can in a multi-100.

I will slowly accumulate, they will pay.
only electric2010-03-27 21:22:03 +0000 #2
child sub-brother, do not, and you have the heart Jiuhao La. Kinda generous attempts to speak of good! Yes! =% D3% BD% B4% BA% C8% AD% C8% D5% D7% D6% B3% E5% C8% AD & ct = 301989888 & rn = 20 & pn = 0 & db = 0 & s = 0 & fbl = 800

formulas I give you your time and practice to find the best practice do not understand the teacher asked his brother;

(a) theory, and miscellaneous and:

(1) the center line theory: the human head from the midline were to Tail (tail keel) of the line. Ruoqiang enemy lines to connect it into the center line into a plane. When used with (North Korea to recover surface shape) In our offense and defense are most favorable. On the offensive end that we meet along the midline (towards surface shape recovery) to attack the enemy center line, which is the shortest distance from the enemy; the same boxing speed punch hit the track recently, of course, faster. Moreover, if we ask the enemy's attack on the left or right, the person can easily shed us the game. But if we attack the enemy's center line, the other side is is difficult to unload power, and a heavier force. In the defense context, we observe the center line, with the (North Korea to recover surface shape), and along the midline plane in order to watershed approach to digestion, which is the shortest trip rail Consumer Law.

"Jin-inch" is used for attack and defense of the impulsive Wing Chun, also known as "impeachment" or "short powerful": This is a brief and there is explosive and can in the short-range (about two inches) to issue anti-personnel of the impulsive force to attack the enemy. "Jin-inch" is a small idea, pulling Kong Quan and play sandbags and other exercises.

Your first practice slowly is best to find a teacher.
MHZBoy2010-03-27 21:20:11 +0000 #3
nanquan ah, I am afraid piles first Bu practicing bar, and then the flexibility, coordination, and when you feel able to relax when the shoulder into a fist fight would soon be out, but need not be too clenched fist time , it is estimated they can engage in a fist on the word red. Of course, the most critical is attacking are people ..:)
q1wse3rft52010-03-27 21:25:11 +0000 #4
play along the body midline (an easy shot), until the arm fully extended when the fist issue of power was decisive.



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