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Hui's "Ma soft power" is the Han Gong ah?

Hu E Mountain Haze2010-03-27 21:11:13 +0000 #1

only power2010-03-27 21:14:03 +0000 #2
liberation, due to social unrest, Ningxia Hui peoples for self-defense, fitness, learning martial arts boxing people were common. In the late Qing dynasty years, the emergence of Viagra Xiji vibration Gang, Chen Bao-fu 2 relaxation were the Northwest boxer. It said: "Wei Zhen Gang's hard to hide Flail fairy stick, Chen Bao-rich 10000 Fumo as common dolphins." Spread in Wuzhong, Lingwu area people are Zhang gun, Ho stick, soft power, and Guyuan Ma and other places, "Hui 18 elbow" and so on. In addition, Luk Hop fist, plum flower stick, mother and child stick, Flail stick, three feet whip, Foil, 10 Leg-Snap Boxing Road were also widespread. Yinchuan MA Hong, Haiyuan County, MA Zhen-wu, Xiji County, in the sub-hsiang, Guyuan's home Kui and so on, quite the reputation of the Republican period. After the founding of the PRC, Lao Quanshi who has real handy for the Ningxia Hui's sports have made a useful contribution. Wuwei in Gansu Province in 1957, held in martial arts demonstration performances, MA Hong, Ma Zhenwu have all been third prize. The first session of the National Games in 1959 were performed in Jiang Hongyan second prize. Now more than 80-year-old Ma Zhenwu, in 1979 and 1980 in Shanxi, Taiyuan, Nanning, Guangxi, and at the national martial arts demonstration of his "Luo Hanquan" respectively show won first prize and the prize.

Ma Boy Soft power is the power! A bit like jiu-jitsu! Ligaments requires a great deal.



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