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To refer to stone painted the word kung fu

bz3842193692010-03-28 08:10:29 +0000 #1
General Riding Star2010-03-28 08:19:06 +0000 #2
there any? Really there.

Read the two-finger Zen is not? It is two fingers inverted performances. This finger strength and toughness are considerably stronger than ordinary people. Over time, skin and bones, exercise compensatory changes have taken place. That is thicker and hardens. But this does not work, to conduct targeted training, fixed-angle capacity, in order to write the word.

And the stone can not be all of the stones, to texture is relatively soft, friction large. Such as bricks. Like granite in general difficult to achieve the desired effect. This is the effort away from home.

Said, practicing martial arts within the family, the hand is indeed force, but they have one characteristic is to not dead rivalry. A blacksmith who does not practice the strength of wood were not good at stone to crack with front teeth. But they have a unique set of chi-training or raising preferred method of practicing Jin. Not many here say. Although not a stone lettering, but beating a finger a knock on the other side is still easily fall off the bone.

As for as the novel, the founder and the founder Quanzhen like her mother, basically exaggerated and fabricated a



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