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Who can teach me qigong do I have to apprentice

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best not to apprentice being cheated

Qigong there are many many more simple to Baidu qigong, let's see someone you do not identify the authenticity of this Q
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1 What is qigong?

A: The word Qigong, the ancient, there have emerged a number of books before, but not widely adopted. After the founding, Liu Guizhen, Wei Jiang bridges some qigong industry veteran, to the society launched a number of physical fitness of some exercises and was recognized by the general public to accept. Mr. Liu Guizhen to keep within the traditional Chinese methods, internal strength, tuna, guidance, meditation, quiet power, as well as a variety of self-initiated Gong Gong, united together, from a name, called Qigong, Qigong 1 the word is one such popular open come.

"Qigong" is also for everyone to create a lot of misunderstandings. Many people think that qigong is a chi-kung fu, and even to be understood as the air of the gas-gas. In fact, the broader coverage of qigong, including tuna, guidance, meditation, static power, dynamic power and some health and other surgery. But no matter what kind of exercises, are inseparable from the qigong three notes, namely: transfer the body (body posture and exercise), Pranayama (breathing exercises), self-aligning (mind training). The self-aligning is the core content of these three notes. "Da Moxi to the word no, depends on intention to use martial arts." It's a martial arts industry proverb, a more accurate summary of qigong. It tells the essence of Qigong is mind training in martial arts. Mr. Lin Zhongpeng in the "Foundation of Chinese Qigong Tutorial", the right Qigong made more scientific definition: Through the use of consciousness, so that optimal physical and mental health training methods.

2, qigong "Qi" means what? (Practice appears farting phenomenon is the phenomenon of True Qi lost it?)

Would like to first understand the concept of qi. Gas is the ancient Chinese believed that the universe and the human body constitute the basic material, but also flowing particulate flow, energy flow and information flow. The universe, the driving force behind all things and human movement. From the human perspective, the gas is to motivate the human blood circulation and so on the basis of various biological phenomena of energy. Gas to the feeling of the human body are: heat, swelling, hemp, cool, jump, stab, Shen, channeling, etc., is not a single gas influenza. Since then, we also know that this gas is not air-like gas, like the practice appear in the mouth Ouqi fart or other of these phenomena, they naturally did not have overlooked the genuine qi. These phenomena only in the course of practice, because the growth in vivo active vitality, it will run on the meridians and organs on their own, the potential number of lesions on the human body to self-conditioning and repair, this process, the body will be some incidence of phenomena such as pain , vomiting, exhaust, etc., are air washed lesion response. And so on after the disappearance of these phenomena, the corresponding naturally recovered lesion sites. The Ouqi farting such phenomena, it is Qigong for the digestive system for excretion of waste gas conditioning process of the reaction.

3, I would like to practice qigong, which from where to start? (I am practicing for what kind of power law, asked the teacher to recommend.)

Is now coming out of the qigong exercises, in general there are thousands of types of Buddhist medical Confucian Wu, individual has. So many exercises, often at a loss for beginners. In fact, as to each person for practicing what kind of exercises should be based on each situation to be. For example, some diseases, some of their friends, you can choose according to their disease, the appropriate treatment and rehabilitation exercises. For example the sixth tactics, though not a profound qigong exercises, it is ordinary, but the five organs of disease treatment and rehabilitation is very effective, there are five internal organs lesions can choose the sixth tactic. Some just want a friend qigong fitness, you can pile station health and thought to support the sit-in inside the power law, or practice very size of the Zhou Gong. I also wish to enlightenment Xiuzhen's friends, you can choose to Buddhist meditation, Taoist elixir-like power law, which was the first to see if each request. The second is to see different people to choose a good exercises. Have high blood pressure such as a friend, do not choose the exercises keep the pubic region. There is no certain functions endowed with wisdom, and if there is no eye in the sky endowed with wisdom, do not stick to eye in the sky Gong Gong to "persevere," or we will be more losses than gains. Therefore, the choice of exercises should be integrated according to each situation. Here, it is recommended you that, in practice prior to the Forum look at what some qigong knowledge, and so have some understanding of qigong right after your favorite exercises to begin to start practicing. On one side and practice at the same time, while learning, to learn more about qigong knowledge, so as to progress.

4, I am not very familiar with Qigong, practiced will be possessed by the Devil do?

Here, we must first correct the concept. Many of my friends put some ordinary qigong deviation, are due to possessed by the devil. This is not correct. Qigong inside say "obsessed" the intention is: "fire" is a practice exercise that advanced stage, because of the furnace control is not good, cause pubic Sanmeizhenhuo, serious burn Zen phenomenon will appear. "Rumo" is excellent practice, the practitioners yang God (Dharmakaya) Out of Body, after another kind of evil to take advantage of virtual enter the body, which appears like willow heart failure phenomenon. (Here we must note. God and the body of law on the yang, just to set out the views of Rumo invoked, as for them telling the truth, I do not express the views and positions) Therefore, most people want to appear obsessed is impossible.

And many Gong, the practice deviations, such as the intention of overweight due to be lit, a nosebleed, headache, and so on stretching, adjusting the body caused by the interest rate adjustment improperly attributed to phenomena such as shortness of breath, chest tightness, possessed by the devil, in fact, Qigong community jargon, this is called and partial. Is the practice occurred during the non-standard things, which leads to bias. These errors can all be correction rule. But only in practice with no grasp essentials, practice mechanization, deliberately dedicated human beings, practitioners started, it should relax the mind, as long as a good grasp of essentials practice. Nature and deviation due, not to them as a psychological burden.

5, I would like to apprentice (practicing qigong master must have a guide it?)

Here is described in qigong circles of succession issues.

Of course, there is the Masters of practice to guide, you can avoid taking a lot of little roundabout. But it is not out of the division can not practice. Indeed, the present information on Qigong and self-cultivation is voluminous. Many practitioners are experienced fathers of lessons learned. For some people who are self-learning ability, the information in these classics, but also can also start their own path of qigong. Of course, those who can serve as a teacher. Such a well-developed network of today, online with an experienced teacher of qigong qigong Li-fa, the exchange, "three-line, must be my teacher!" And to share their learning experience of others and eliminating open misgivings, naturally, a higher level. Therefore, the current practice way of seeking the division FAQ is varied. Therefore, the training function of the teacher pointing to understand the best, not the teacher pointing can also be based on information on books, self-Ming Wu. Of course, this refers to the general purposes of the law of power. In some professional qigong practice, some can not do without the teacher. For example, in Dan Tao Zhou Gong, in many of the key, it also need someone to care power. This requires teachers to understand the side to guide the protection Caixing.

The second is to say that the issue of succession qigong circles. In fact, we can be divided into two levels of Qigong practice. One is the ordinary form of Qigong exercise, one is a professional self-cultivation. Both levels are different. Qigong in general, find understand Li-fa, there are practitioners experienced instructor on the list, where you can call them teachers, are not necessarily going to pray for the master. Master and teacher is different, there is a division edge relationship. In the professional self-cultivation, we should have their own line of succession, especially in the excellent practice, the ability to master it is very important. In particular, some high-level exercises require cardiac propagation. Become much more a person, can be heart-chuan, apprentices can take the hint in his eyes, that is, between the master and the apprentice ability and fate of the problem. Therefore, a person's ability to perform as the master of others, there is a higher standard, not simply referred to as master on the list. As Xuegong who do not worship as the master Jian Renjiu at a time when you're not up to superior, looking for practice director, called the teacher. Do not say master.

Well, that is, the choice of the division problem. Qigong master and apprentice choice of profession in both directions. Master often have to choose endowed with wisdom, there are savvy disciples. Disciples are often deeply sensible to choose French, German high-power high-Master. This is a two-way. Therefore, the choice of what kind of person do his own master, but also your power, Do not use this right.

In addition, the division is to study the ethical problem. Whether this person is a master or a teacher. We should follow the appropriate ethical standards. Qigong Master community should be written for his father's "father." Instead of "Fu", the former one day as a teacher, the meaning of his own father. Is that we should respect for teachers. This is the traditional Chinese virtues, but also Qigong people should have moral standards. So, regardless of the instructor Ye Hao, Tuition master that be love and respect. The "master" refers to a general technical director. In the production of society, the "Fu" also often learn to "pay", they often refer to a number of technical paid workers. For example, drivers such as teacher pay. This division includes requiring people to pay has to pay for your content. This is not qigong people should ethical standards.

What is a "live at midnight"

To learn more about "live at midnight", the first to know sudden practice with neutrons.

The ancients will be divided into 12 hour a day, just as we will be the same as the day is divided into 24 smaller. Each hour is equivalent to the current two hours. The 12 hour a day are as follows: at midnight (23 pm to 1 am), Chou Shi (1 point to 3 points), yin shi (3 pm to 5 points), mao shi (5 pm to 7 pm), chenshi (7 am to 9:00), si shi (9 pm to 11 pm), noon (11 am to 13 points), no time (13 points to 15 points), SHEN Shi (15 points to 17 points), West (17 points to 19 points), xu shi (19 points to 21 points), hai shi (21 points to 23 points).

The ancients believed that all things are law was yin and yang, the day when the hour is also divided into yin and yang, when. Among them, the child, the ugly, yin, mao, Chen, had six-yang, the afternoon, wei, shen, you, xu, hai, when six yin. The yin and yang is the unity of opposites between the bodies. Counter-balance the relationship between yin and yang. While the sun cathode, anode and shade. Hai shi as cathode when the hour of midnight when the sun this time, of Heaven and Earth are also at the air-cathode while the sun state.

And our human body is a small universe, with heaven and earth changes are closely related to the internal combustion engine. In heaven and earth chi to the extreme and the yuan yang birth when the body's qi yuan yang also began to sprout, the innate essence of natural initiation at this time. At this time, by alternating yin and yang, heaven and earth essence of the machine refining gas, meaning there are wins heaven and earth luck. When carrying out refined gas refining the best time, so the ancients advocate practicing at midnight gong.

Neutrons yuan yang (innate essence, really fine) bud is a reflection, mainly as follows:

men will appear Yang Ju, Yang Kang phenomenon, and even long-kin high, perineal area there will be a slight vibration, while the women will there uterine vibration or contraction of the perineum a slight shock ,**** twitch, breast expansion phenomenon. In addition, there are men and women a common phenomenon: the following Nita warm feeling like spring melt, the gas within the next Dantian rotation movement, the body Amid the soft, such as the feeling of warm water bath, and so after. These are the innate essence of the phenomenon of health. In this state line to the furnace smelting to grasp the essence of qi gong will be refined into innate innate qi.

Of course, the observation of these phenomena from the human point of view, not everyone there at the hour of midnight, with the age and physical differences in time of emergence of these phenomena are also different, vary.

Also, for most practitioners, the day may also be a phenomenon of confinement at any time, the phenomenon of sperm health, when the same shall be refining the way neutrons refined gas, this is the ancient people called "live at midnight "that is, any time, the body appears similar to the child health situation will arise if the fine.

Why do qigong practitioners can be fit and healthy, illnesses and sickness?

We Chinese have a saying: "General not feel any pain, pain is unreasonable." This means that to communicate is that the meridian flow of the meaning of pain is that pain. That is the meridian flow, there will be pain. Where there is pain, it means unreasonable where the meridians.

Physical health is the key determinant is the blood. We all know that we flow of blood vessels inside the human body of substances responsible for those who transport task. A variety of nutrients are absorbed through the blood, transport, transfer to the appropriate location. The garbage generated by various parts of the body with toxins, is also transmitted through blood to our body's excretory system and excreted, the transport capacity of blood is our body's normal absorption of nutrition and an important guarantee for the normal excretion of waste. Is an important guarantee for our body metabolism.

However, we know that any movement are inseparable from the energy support. Blood transport play an equally inseparable from the performance of energy supply assurance. The energy of what is it?

Previous problems, we mentioned, we mentioned the gas qigong is not a gas, but the momentum of our campaign to motivate the source of all things. In short, the gas is mainly shown by the energy effect. Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that gas with the blood line, blood with the gas to go, gas for the blood of the commander. Have demonstrated that gas is moving to promote blood circulation of energy source. The energy of an adequate supply of blood to run on the normal and the normal human body can absorb various nutrients to maintain body functions, and will produce garbage and a normal excretion of toxins, not the body block, impede the normal operation of the human body system. The gas shortage of blood to run will be affected, the body can not properly absorb nutrients, the relevant parts of lack of nutrition supply, it will show brown atrophy of the phenomenon, the body's garbage is not the normal discharge, he would deposition in vivo, forming a result of various types of diseases.

Therefore, to ensure that the body's normal metabolism, is to ensure that the normal flow of blood. To ensure the normal flow of blood, it is necessary to ensure sufficient gas can. There is no doubt qigong practitioners to cultivate the body strength, so that the human body to keep blood in the regular-wang state. Can make all kinds of diseases, natural healing the human body, the body has to absorb adequate nutrition,So that the function of the human body does not maintain a strong decline of the state, the natural can be fit and healthy, illnesses and sickness!

Under the pubic region of the position?

This is frustrating for many beginner questions. States, ancient times to the various books and Ge Jia Gong practitioners in the location of the next pubic different opinions. It is said that in the four horizontal below the belly button, there are said to be the sea air hole, there are said to be Guanyuan, and also said that one-third of an inch below the belly button and so on. In the end which one is correct?

In fact, we should be under the pubic region because of the location of people were Gong-specific. That is everyone's individual differences, and Hsiu-kung and the purpose of law and practice differences, the position under the pubic region, there will be different. As beginners how to properly under the pubic region of finding our location? We can start at the beginning of practice, you do not too much care about the specific location under the pubic region, you can lower abdomen first as a piece of the region under the pubic region, in practice, from the region to seriously appreciate this piece to find out the most obvious sense of normal practice when of that point, you set the location of your next pubic region.

How do I close gong?

This is what many beginners are asking questions.

"Exercises, do not accept power, to the old futile!" Phrase Kung Yen has been known for most of the qigong enthusiast. However, most practitioners do not know how the power received one thing, how close gong? And even many practitioners would end up with power as the cessation of exercise. In many exercises, the reactive part of the income distribution tend to use a lot of ancillary income Gong movement, so there are also many practitioners will be received in supplemental income Gong Gong as a movement. Income because they do not understand the meaning of power in which, do not understand how close power. Many practitioners practiced for a long time power, have not seen good results, and even some small deviations. So how close is the power going on?

As the farmers grow food, as in harvest time, to recover the granary of food. Bu Zhiyu missed the opportunity to make the outcome of neglect in the fields. The same practice is the outcome of your practice reverted to a corresponding position in order to achieve the "save" the role of practice effects. Exercises at different levels, to close the way power and meaning are different.

As farmers harvest talk about the same time, we practice Qigong, but also talk about the same time. What is time? To grasp a principle: "just leave!" How understand? Is in your state in the practice, the state and feel at his best, it will be the best results in this recall. Because income levels and significance of power in different ways. Here For starters, dealing only with air-entraining power of the law Guiyuan income.

In general health Lianqi stage, income refers to the exercise of power is generated by the true worth of gas, put under the pubic region cavitation sealed. Is what we often say that bleed air return yuan. Specifically how to do it? When you practice, you will feel warm body filling True Qi Rong, warm spring breezes, mesmerizing when is the best time to close power. At this time, add one idea, I would like to close sect. Then, add ideas, perceived the true worth of the body through the meridians of natural flow of air under the pubic region (cavitation), the next group after the pubic region so as to form sealed in the next pubic region. Novice practitioners often do not feel such a state, it is because it is True Qi deficiency, the same is intended to increase revenue power. Do not worry feel there is no effect of the problem is not obvious. There must have received training are closed. As long as there is such an idea, we expected the body on the line of True Qi flows back under the pubic region. As for the effectiveness of certain exercises practitioners, as received power, they can feel the genuine qi downward state. The best attention to the feeling of True Qi back under the pubic region, not just a simple one would like. After the closed power, you can add some supplementary income Gong movement, bathing trunks of most trees face, body row of the class play, which will help the activities of whole body blood, so that human blood is always in a vigorous state.

Question of power on land, in fact, are more content, here only to give some explanation for beginners, but also personal point of view, drawing on information for beginners
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Chi Gong Jing good idea, you can practice very empty, practice a Gong principle is clear, and second, their own Guizaijianchi.



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