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Tae Kwon Do belt how to clean

692,288,5222010-03-28 10:11:39 +0000 #1

Ziyanpiaoyu2010-03-28 10:27:37 +0000 #2
can not wash that he represents a kind of honor, on behalf of the above are the sweat of your efforts
Fantasy Unlimited 1102010-03-28 10:35:30 +0000 #3
Han directly to get washed, I have the same sense washing.
yaotianweijf2010-03-28 10:32:44 +0000 #4
you are now to the red tape it?

You directly to washing.
lulu18962010-03-28 11:58:38 +0000 #5
how to clean the clothes he was how to clean, do not always wash
kungfuchen2010-03-28 11:26:03 +0000 #6
can not wash, ah, do not rub the plate quite a following.

Use the brush dipped in washing powder brush!

Then wash the net to dry



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