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Thunder Thighs How to practice

wangling1522010-03-28 13:11:54 +0000 #1

yy5976430222010-03-28 13:22:33 +0000 #2
King Kong leg, also known as iron legs, skill, practice martial arts, one of the legs. Cover

will be a leg or legs, exercises to firm, sweeping blow to the enemy, or whisk to attack the enemy armed the law also.

Full all of its note on the legs, and try on the leg part. The law: a daily stop riding style, such as the ability to make sense,

while walking the Soviet Union of their plight until the strength to recover, but learning the law, not the beginning of learning for too long, and later gradually

becoming an extension of time to be able to point to two hours long, while those not feel sleepy, then the first martial arts into a
. Cover riding style with three solid, five main body of a firm. Learning of this holding to the course of time, then the legs of the power of
, by no means ordinary people can and carry on. At this point accordingly at regular through the arteries, buried stakes legislation; or the distance

a little distance, more than a few piles legislation. Access to be found in order to use the leg sweep, can not be interrupted. Leg of the 4 weeks
, to be the average bound. To Danlian a leg, or legs with the training, you do not have to, in the learning technology of

the choice of ear. Seeing the case for every stakes, that is, the number of leg sweep shot. At first, muscle swelling, quite hard of is useless

Xi of both years, while the muscles firm, and not feel pain, while the pile anti-shake, and eventually break. Is easy even

thick wood piles, such as the method of learning, but also to break. Then more of the big tree, which is also beginning to shake

columns, such as dragonflies, but no effective. Three years later, power gradually became, legs everywhere, then the weak branches leaves, consequent vibration
, then the trunk is subject to shock. Until they reached a pinnacle when the legs everywhere, trees shook, Siyu broken

who ran, then the iron broom off the ground carry on. If being trapped Circuit can not be separated in order to sweep the leg, then the bone broken ribs

fold, when the person Pimi, but learning of the task is Yiyi, perseverance in learning who the ears.



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