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Kill rules of the game.

knowing___2010-03-28 15:12:06 +0000 #1
Kill rules of the game. The more detailed the better. Get rid of.
D tune 0002010-03-28 15:16:43 +0000 #2
in killing the game, each participant's identity card from the random draw,

determine the identity of a killer non-public N (Note: In the 2.0 version of the killer and the innocent civilians in the ratio of the proposed 1:2 because it is now recognized as a standard configuration 12 3J3F and 16 were 4J4F are 1:2) on the one hand, they took advantage of the night sent one by one to kill; 2N a good citizenship and identity of the N closed the other a policeman, police civilians should be guided to put all the real killer, killer to try to kill for real policemen.

◆ killer mutual understanding and identity; killers kill an innocent person can be any round or the police; killers can also be committing suicide; civilians and police can not be considered bandits, or the judge will intervene.

◆ police mutual understanding identity; the police can identify a suspect in the round object, the judge will be positive or negative, in general thumbs upward to identify the object on behalf of the culprits, down among the civilian population; anyone can claim to be police officers, However, we may not have to believe that the civilian population in general is not recommended in the first round of the identified police officers.

◆ innocent civilians do not understand each other's identity, anyone can claim to be an innocent person, but we may not want to believe.

In this reasoning, the process of search for killer, each person's actions, words, voice, eyes, expression would be to judge their own and others, an important basis for identity, whether it is evidence, reasoning, judging, logic and attitudes, must be the greatest degree of assurance that its side was the final victory.

Basic rules

1. The number of participants and cops and robbers configuration

is currently the mainstream of the more popular configurations

A: the number of participants in the 6-72 gangster raw push

B: the number of participants 8-10 people 2 Police 2 Bandits configuration, in which the most popular 10 people 2J2F.

C: the number of players in the 11-14 man-three police three gang configurations, including the most popular is the 12 3J3F, is also one of the

standard configuration.

D :15-17 man-made four police four bandits configuration. One of the most popular is the 16 4J4F, is also the standard configuration is one of the most popular configuration, but for the first killing of civilians, the go

to mean 1 hour or so wait.

2. The basic principles of

1) Police: identify killer and the leading killer of civilians in the public decide the winner.

2) Killer: Find and kill the police and in the dark. It was also seeking to vote in the daytime to the police out.

3) the civilian population: to help the public decide the winner and the police killer. At any time to help the civilian population shall deliberate killer.

3. Game Process (in 12 games as an example)

1) A judge will wash a good 12 cards (including three police officers from various boards and killer signs and six civilians, a license) to pay all taken. That looks at their cards, do not let other people know what you are able to get a license.

2) to start presiding over the game, everyone should obey the judge's password.

3) The judge said: the sun goes down, let us close our eyes (Judges can say: to bow their heads with eyes closed, sitting on the list, please note that sitting, etc., mainly to maintain a fair and reasonable order, the judge in the novice and experienced many occasions To more thoroughly publicize the prompts to the rules in advance).

4), etc. We all wearing masks, the judge said: Please bare-faced killer.

5) able to get into killer signs three killers mask off gently, identify their parents.

6) confirmed that after the End of an arbitrary one killer of companion or a unified views of the public indicate killers to kill someone, if their views can not be completely unified, by the judge to take the views of the majority of them (those who do not give any comments on the dismissal of a judge as a agree with other people's opinion). Be careful not to let other people aware of sound.

7) The judge in the hands of the following determining who the dead, said: killer Please eyes closed.

8) (later) the judge said: The police requested the bare-faced.

9) able to get into the police license three police officers opened his eyes in the same way, the mutual recognition of their parents.

10) confirmed that after the end of a companion of a police uniform or police were comments that it considers to be a killer who is given the appropriate gestures by the judge to inform the police accused of the exact identity of the identification.

11) (after identification) the judge said: The police requested the eyes closed.

12) (later) The judge said: morning has broken, please eyes open.

13) to be all eyes open, the judge announced that the one who is killed, while those who stay the judge's instructions were killed last words.

14) were killed can identify who they think is a killer, and why. Last words complete, killed by the game out of the Council shall continue to participate in the process of the game. However, if the package remained in the room, eyes closed, in the other living, the Government must close their eyes to prevent the impact of living a normal resume the game.

15) A judge who presided over by the right-hand side of the first person killed one by one began to state their point of view, speaking to say "off" to the statement is over. Each person can only speak once each round, and the addition to his statements should not express any opinion outside.

16) finished his speech, chaired by a judge to vote. From the right-hand side of this round of the first person killed, start voting summoned referee who wanted to vote for him who can vote. Only one vote to each person, it may abstain from voting do not vote, the vote strict requirements as far as possible over his head and hands to prevent the spread of the phenomenon with the votes, in the off-PK, all other people to vote.

17) to vote after the highest number of votes are deemed to have been the public decide the winner and council will remain last words, and then quit the game of this Council at this time, the Council concluded the first round of the game.

18) in accordance with the above-mentioned order enter this second round of the game, the same dark eyes closed, announced by the referee, and then repeat the above procedure.

19) left last words the same as the number and the number of cops and robbers. That is, if the police three gang configurations of 3, then the previous three dead (including the referendum have been killed and the person) may stay last words. Subsequent death did not last words.

20) until a certain kind of identity were all out, the Council end of the game. At this point the game outcome determined in accordance with methods determined by the judge of the results of this Council.

4. Method to determine the outcome of the game

1) killer of a party all the dead, then the police the civilian population which party wins.

2) police officers or civilians all died within a party, then the killer party wins.

3) the outcome of the civilian population the same as with the police. That is, the police are civilians win win; police are civilians lose lose.

4) during the voting process, where there is the most number of votes to reach more than one person by the re-votes in favor of a flat in a statement, again after the right tie people to vote, votes and more people are out; if re-emergence Ping tickets, tickets by persons other than the flat one by one other person to speak (that is, the so-called off-PK), after the vote, votes and more people are out; if it is still tie, then the Council will be hard to determine the system for the draw (high-standard games are played in the draw lots to decide the referendum object)

is still open to question the rules

1: In the first round of the game, the civilian police should not jump. This theory is mainly based on too little valid information on the first, because it is difficult to judge is a civilian or a bandit jumping and dancing, will affect the rational development of the game, often resulting in a lot of conflict, and greatly affect our aesthetic for this game.

2: voting rules to add, due to the spread of votes is not a game with better direction, it is necessary to take some measures to limit the phenomenon with the vote.



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