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Taekwondo, combat scenario analysis

Primary Comics fan2010-03-28 22:10:46 +0000 #1
A few days ago to see a quote where such content:

"This girl is learning taekwondo. And my classmates are learning along with a green belt, there are times I encountered a rogue students home late, kicking He broke a rib, which makes the police still surprised. "
Now, I am surprised, taekwondo's basic law was first mentioned legs kicking leg thigh and then the bar. This is not to improve the speed and covert attacks weaken the intensity of Mody? And attacked the force direction is received on the ramp, to a woman can also Tiduan rib others? Therefore, please help me analyze what I am confused.
War Love Musical2010-03-28 22:27:03 +0000 #2
Taekwondo is true, but this case, that woman is the standard used in France on the unknown Taekwondo legs, and she is very likely that rounds up, and on the Similar Sanda side legs. If it is really, then the woman, green belt, in this case can remain sober-minded use of Taekwondo, hard to come by.

People in extreme circumstances would be the outbreak of a great power, let alone Tiduan ribs, cars can be overturned.

In addition, the direction of Tae Kwon Do a lot of attacks, not on the ramp are ...........
wxsygy2010-03-28 22:23:40 +0000 #3
It seems that you do not know Tae Kwon Do, you say the basic law is a horizontal legs kicking it, kicking is the first cross - After the switch to support the foot with one knee raised, hip turn, and then whipping legs, the hair force direction is horizontal, not oblique, the oblique direction is kicked on the head, but also in the fight against the moment force is perpendicular to the head, and if the other side kick on the trunk is inclined to fight, and that this person is certainly not practiced in place, turn the hip is not enough cross-kick put in place as long as the actions that will create great strength of the trunk perpendicular to each other

but as long as the speed of fast, the intensity becomes large, and does not mean that we should sacrifice the speed force, equivalent to a car speed of 100 yards it is definitely better than 30 yards when the impact force to be Great



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