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Some practicing qigong specific location of the important points?

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Main commonly used acupuncture points on the Renduermai are:

1. Nita: It is located below the belly button two-finger at

2. 儃 in the hole (in the pubic region): 2 milk midpoint

3. Baihui: head at

4. perineum: the opposite stall Baihui Xiachu

5. Dazhui Xue: back, neck, under the most prominent spinous process at

6. Mingmen points: vertical cavity when the lumbar spine of the most

Another yin and Sanyang hand, foot and after:

7. overcast by points: a starting point for the outer cover thumb nail to 8. by Yang points: a starting point for the index finger nails covered by the tiger's mouth side of

9. s Gate Point: the lowest point under the ribs on both sides of About three-finger at 10. Phaius: Patellar the lower edge of the midpoint of

11. Laogong Xue: about the midpoint of the palm branches, namely the middle finger folded fingers of the corresponding points

12. Yongquan: front foot slightly at mid-foot

time to be practicing qigong in order to guide action intended, meaning that the gas that the gas into the blood line.

Can not be too much indeed to think that demand may keep the non-observance, stretching if the deposit. Avoid practice bias -

these are my deep breathing exercises often used by the point, it should be some better to buy some of these books, combined with this plan is more intuitive.
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