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UFC Randy Kudrow of personal data

qinghaizigui2010-03-29 09:11:12 +0000 #1
trouble you help to find point Randy Kudrow personal data, the main content of the diet should be detailed, thank you.
theboy62010-03-29 09:15:14 +0000 #2
1963 Nian 6 22, Randy Kudrow was born in Washington, served in the military after graduating from college six years and began training boxing.

With over 25 years of freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling training experience, Randy Kudrow to participate in MMA competition, with his wrestling skills tipped over rivals and fixed it in the ring after the mat, followed by a series of fist blow , although this is Randy Kudrow's expertise, but sometimes he will show to the Quanmi a number of other technologies, such as boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

May 30, 1997, 33-year-old Randy Kudrow attend UFC13, beat in the heavyweight Tony Halme and Steven Graham, the same year, October 17, UFC15, beating Brazil's Vitor Belfort, this is his nickname "The Natural" Origin.

Randy Kudrow at the University of Oregon wrestling teaching assistants to do most of the remaining time is spent on a career in professional fighting. In 2005 he moved to the United States Las Vegas, Nevada, while the people he had been voted "All Time Best Fighter" title.

Randy Kudrow is also involved in some of the U.S. action film performances, such as in 2003, the West Jet Li film "Fatal Cradle" and played a boxer in 2005, "is doomed" to play a villain's bodyguard, one fell on the ground has also been hero Steven Seagal kicked the tragic role of the face.



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