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Want to learn 2 months Sanda, can have a little good? Proof in such a small bully

AXYR Symphony of children2010-03-29 15:11:53 +0000 #1
My junior high this year, and like other third-year graduate that summer, probably more than two months, learning Sanda, not before some foundation. Because I want to re-enter the country high school, which the student achievement are very good, but it is mixed with love to bully honest people, I am very introverted and those who are good results, so they are not afraid, most of them are very wealthy family. So I ask, I am more bitter, and used a good summer and thought, can start with, at least do not let people play casual beat
Bruce_GYH2010-03-29 15:25:08 +0000 #2
persevered was almost certainly useless!

If you do not have time to practice what you do not need this power and that power, and even if physical training is the first important!

So, insist on good physical exercise on the list 2 months Sanda is estimated that even after you have placed all learn well ... ...

look for ways of exercise equipment do not usually good physical exercise at school, or I'll teach you point just before answered to the Ni Zhai come!

I'll teach you, I was a martial arts enthusiast has insisted seven years since I had just graduated from high school so most of my training methods do not need to go to the gym more suitable for your daily exercise, but the number should be from your own body conditions to be

strength of feeling of fatigue and practice standards, a small amount of sweat

1. pushups

Do not look down on push-ups I'll teach you different from the normal type of practice

butterfly I do not teach nearly 100-degree separation of his hands at shoulder level horizontal position Let's make moves

Tiger leaning rest your hands shoulder width extends forward hand feel of the friction with the ground was barely going to make leaning rest when the body moves

belly punches with both hands placed on the abdomen on both sides of leaning rest stays to do with boxing leaning rest moves

hole in front of the word type with both hands placed on the index finger and thumb with a mouth surrounded by the words to do leaning rest moves goal is to be able to hit the tip of the nose hole in the ground surrounded by

2. sit-ups

3. supine leg lift

the body lying on both sides of his hands placed on the body to keep their legs straight after the forces to bring his legs with the abdomen move upward until the legs and body into a 90-degree angle to 4. Mabuchi Exercise

5. best to buy a wheel trainer is a small wheel with handles both sides of that thing

good stretches on both sides of the handle with both hands holding wheel slide forward after the exercise to do after diving back to any part of the body can not have contact with the ground

6. to find a horizontal bar to do cited forehand backhand-up done 7. cross-shore support for some things with both hands and then raised his white legs are straight and carried to maintain the legs and body into a 90-degree adhere to do

3 seconds down on those in power almost!

Besides the speed

The best way is to pull Kong Quan is to use your fastest punching three speed is a group of

backward kicks are the best method for each leg you used to do a few a group on a number of a group of

sprint running as fast as can stand the long run is generally adhere to long like

20 seconds and then teach you a better way is to play badminton speed of response can not only practice can also improve your agility and explosive power

Now talk about explosive

or punching load is just punching, I was a squat with a book into the Bu punching a group of

3, after punching blows to find a target you can hit all forced to play up each ensure that all the time in the play is very loose contact with the target of the moment the power of the outbreak more difficult to come out

to find targets stay in school because there is no sandbags or something like that, I was the dormitories after the quilt hanging in the cupboard on the opposite There is a chest punching me, I would like to invite the students holding the quilt

There is also a time when forced to do push-ups prop up Tuirang you clap your hands leave the ground again after the shore on the ground continue to do the next House campaign

leg explosive

with the punches is one thing I was looking for two students to hold the quilt after the play in another sandbags actually found a great leg strength if you give up this training method in ... ...

re-teach you squat jump Dunqi After the force strength of the body up top legs straight up after the standard is still jump up

again a move to stand in-situ without using the power of the leg until the heel raise the body up off the ground just before the feet touch the ground it could do in a few group because they are not particularly tired, but we must be careful to do more leg cramps ... ...


in school only one person on the training methods of the running! ! !

If the school has a good swimming pool is also useful, but must be run in! Your lung capacity may exercise the burning of your fat is best to adhere to adhere to not live each day to run 5000 meters on the step by step until you can run 5000 meters!

Said that the key to so much will depend on your own schedule, specify an appropriate number and group number in fact running 30 minutes each day 1 hour exercise completely fed up with these items can be cross-training to do such a variety of today do all sorts of push-ups and abdominal exercises day after tomorrow, wait and see, explosive exercise of running your own standards are no unexpected events occur when the tension in a day to learn to run the next day or the minimum guaranteed to run three times a week!

At the beginning of exercise program you may feel less most of the time, but let's students still have to have classes only in the quarters this time, do not consume too much energy is also not the case early study hall to be late ... ...

I insist on physical exercise for a long time muscles and body will be able to count only a good way to exercise your muscles will become a strip will not be a large abdominal muscles that will be very obvious if you turn with the body and the tread cycling-type, but the abdominal muscles will become higher This exercise will not have much chest muscle, but just can block other parts of your body is proportional to!
kungfuchen2010-03-29 15:18:05 +0000 #3
bad that varies!

If you are talented and intelligent, athletic ability is good, and then Qinxuekulian two months, basically you can lay a foundation for the primary and combat capability will be a qualitative leap forward!

If you do not have talent, or do not mind there is not much effect on the basic of the! Generally speaking, people who love it is a gifted person!
10217926992010-03-29 16:00:38 +0000 #4
2 months, then too short, learning Sanda to have much effect, unless the basis of your previous martial arts.

Recommended learning Taekwondo, practicing more leg power, by the way some of his Wing Chun to find the impulse hammer video look a little self-study, so that the upper and lower plate will have a foundation, one on one would not lose out, at least not fight run-off.

In addition to learn the basic skills to run cool Ye Hao, this training manual, as well as courage. Sum serious science, physical fitness the most important, step by step, for the future as a whole.
297,418,5642010-03-29 17:07:02 +0000 #5
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