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Go to Guangzhou learn Wing Chun.

WOJLT2010-03-30 07:12:04 +0000 #1
I have had this year, third year high school graduate wanted to go to university in Guangzhou, because I now like Bruce Lee, like Wing Chun. Guangzhou Which martial arts is good? Or where they can learn real kung fu? How kind of tuition? Hope that we pointing? Thank you
Media Integrated Marketing2010-03-30 07:23:29 +0000 #2
tell you that I am also learning Wing Chun, but I was home Heshan Ryazan, our Wing Chun Wing Chun is the side of the body, followed by Guangzhou, Foshan different, they are Masachika , that is, without taking Bu, and Guangzhou, there are a lot of masters, I am now in Guangzhou, sometimes these master communication with them before, in Guangzhou Wing Chun is great confusion in this topic, the forum on the war of words are all around, but the I think that a good teacher Li Zhao Hua, pay is very low, very low, the elderly experience, good skill really, so I find the master of the martial arts depends on Takenori see, I share with him before, martial arts can be, you can consult, the But I differ with his faction, so I can only guide you have just



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