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Stretching some of the problems

kungfuchen2010-03-30 08:11:05 +0000 #1
I am a 13-year-old secondary school students, holiday to learn Jeet Kune Do, but they are not stretching does not work, so stretching, but the need for intensive stretching to the next hard-hearted, so coach to the ruthless pressure. How pressure is almost never before, such a pressing pain was intense, persist in the combined super-relentless pressure 56 minutes later (how ruthless I asked how, the coach did not vague, not the intensity of light) then do not hurt my way will be gone, sat half-point. My leg is extremely hard in itself (genetic), but I also hope that the tendons can press to open. Then ask you seniors:

a relentless pressure after the end of leg pain can be wiped what

2 relentless pressure after the end of leg pain when Hou was a good walk or not to move sitting or lying down, after the end of leg pain when you insist on not insist on continuing the tolerance living pain pain when the pressure in peacetime.

3 per relentless pressure sore after long. 4 relentless pressure on the ligaments too bad it will force 5. How long will be able to pressure to open ligament

Thank 啦

wujiayuan52010-03-30 08:12:53 +0000 #2
full warm-up after the hardware was something good for you

pressure exhausted pressure not to relax kicked legs

almost a week
Media Integrated Marketing2010-03-30 08:55:02 +0000 #3
stretching still have to step by step, do not pressure too fast on the one hand ligament injury. Pressure exhausted pain is a normal phenomenon and what the drugs do not need to wipe. Pressure finished jogging or a relaxing kicked legs, hands flapping about muscle relaxation to achieve the purpose just fine. Time pressure for half an hour a month on the pressure came. Later the pressure on the hurt.
Chuang Suo did not want to2010-03-30 09:20:55 +0000 #4
About Flexibility Discipline

1, on the positive stretching

in the stretching several ways, the positive stretching is the foundation, but also practitioners find it hard to approach. Training are often the beginning of the following problems: bow, bend over, eager to touch the feet with the head, chest and legs of a large space between the child, as well as stations instability, such as to be after the Dao Si, and even leg ligaments. To solve the above problem, stretching may note the following:

1, regulate movement, step-wise

(1) the beginning of practice, the intensity should not be doing much exercise. Legs placed on the objects with the high waist, hip, recoil, buttocks should be flat, support legs and the ground

vertical, knee straight, was stretching his toes and a sense of upward hook to the back button, upper body forced to move forward , so that is stretching into a straight line. Foot

tip back to help lengthen the leg hooks ligament, tendon, muscle, upper body forward to stretch the trunk, especially the spine. A few minutes later a leg press,

pulls the other leg. A few days later, the leg muscles become soft and elastic, can the next step.

(2) The stretching and the legs are straight, his hands pressed by stretching the knee, and hip so that body to bend forward as far as possible pressure in order to strengthen knee muscles after nest


(3) The hands are stretching according to knee, hip, after sitting, upper body forced to move under the stoop pressure, try to paste the abdomen thigh, this step into, may be the next step


(4) both hands by the next hold grip has been stretching legs, upper body bend under the pressure forced forward and try to paste the abdomen thighs and knees to the chest paste. This step into, may

be the next step exercises.

(5) has been stretching with the legs straight, his hands moving to live feet, abdomen paste thigh, chest, knees, paste, try to touch the toes to forehead. This step into, may

be the next step exercises.

(6) The hands and feet to move to live, abdominal paste thigh, chest, knees, paste, try to touch toes mouth. This step is completed, the next step.

(7) hands and feet to move to live, according to the law, with the lower jaw touch the toes. After this step into the show is stretching has become.

Only in this way step by step exercises, so that the formation of the trunk and legs-one correspondence, such as the abdomen and thigh, chest and knees, head and toe in turn correspond to contact in order to avoid the trunk and legs between the empty child.

2, from light to heavy, from low to high

stretching when the body of the leg ligament, tendon, muscle pressure. The beginning of training, the force should be light, after a period of time when the practice gradually increasing pressure; if a start imposing gravity, may be able to insist on 12 days, I am afraid even to walk the third and fourth days are difficult. Legs and placed the height should be low to high. Will be put to the legs and waist with a high pressure to the lower jaw hit the toe, it can be placed legs and chest with a high object; to practice to the submandibular encountered toes, it can be placed with legs shoulder-high objects until the feet with the head placed on a high object.

3, the first pull-back pressure, from near and far

the beginning of practice stretching, because the leg ligament, tendon, muscle stretching poor, suddenly forced lengthening, not only futile, but also to make ligaments. Therefore, the beginning of training, they would first elongated leg ligaments, tendons, muscles and spine, and then imposed vibration pressure; vibration pressure should also look at what manner, can not be impatient for success. When stretching the trunk and legs should also note that the contact is from near and far, and the trunk and legs touch the corresponding parts of the order is: Torso: abdomen - chest - head, legs: thigh - knee - toes, do not start head-Ying Peng toes with impunity.

4, to be strong-willed, persistent

for leg flexibility exercises, is indeed boring, especially reaches a certain level, there will be legs, hip pain feeling, which is similar to emerging practitioners, like long-distance athletes, The "fatigue" period, this time the most important thing is to have their own strong will, there is constant bitter heart can not be idle time. Power flexibility because of leg power quality and legs compared with other quality, easy to develop, it tends to subside. You should be good at self-regulation, the appropriate degrees to reduce downforce, amplitude, reduction of stretching time, or to kick exercises, combined with the pressure kick and so on. I firmly believe that the feeling of pain will gradually disappear, then you will for their own achievements and excitement.

5, the pressure to do well before the warming-up

practice before to do some waist, hips, knee, ankle, leg muscles warming-up. Because the muscles, ligaments and muscle stretch of the temperature, through the warming-up can improve the muscles warm, reduce the viscosity within the muscle are conducive to the flexible legs exercises.

2, on the positive leg kicks

kick power and flexibility training is the most important step, it can consolidate the stretching, 劈腿, hanging leg results, but also for actual combat legs Act laid a solid foundation for the training . Kick from time to time problems are: a high center of gravity, or even fall; 2, supporting legs and feet with the knees bent leg lift or support; 3, bending convex back. Solve these problems, kicks should pay attention to the following:


from leg to leg to be light, kicking up silt, we should quickly move to the other legs of the body center of gravity, so that will be kicking up silt in the leg muscles Relax, this will only have legs, light, fast wind kicks. To prevent the fall, but also against the wall, or rib practice.

2, when playing fast

legs from the bottom up quickly swing to the face, there is an accelerated process. After the kick to be hip when you sit, put a inch fresh legs. Just practicing kicks, we must maintain the normative action, preferring not played just over chest with the legs of the leg lift or bend knees, or bending with the protruding head back to the welcome touch toes, these are instructions leg flexibility training is not in place, ligament has not yet opened. As long as we play with pressure, often practicing stopped working, will achieve the feet touch the forehead.

3, off the legs to be stable

the beginning of practice, kicking up silt legs are often just landed on another leg kick, which appeared out of legs and bulky body skew phenomenon. This is because the legs kicked out just landed, the body's center of gravity is still the original supporting leg, leg, when the whereabouts of the transfer of the focus is bound to the above-mentioned phenomena. The correct method is implemented such as legs, the body center of gravity has been completed and then converted to another leg kick. In fact, this practice is also conducive to actual application of law in the chain legs.

Movement to be able to enhance the capacity and to avoid injuries, warm up and stretch just like martial arts inside the base,

Gong, must be sustained and solid; However, many people only know one, I do not know the other, or

fail to grasp the essentials; has not kept its profit, anti-victim; so, in order to stretch could be the best interests of

and to ensure safety, the following principles must be observed:

1. must be a warm-up prior to stretch out; For example, the use of a small run to make the body temperature increased, the muscle and tendon

in a state of readiness, and so will increase the effectiveness of reinforcement, but also can reduce the inappropriate reinforcement but injuries


2. Do not stop breathing when reinforcement; should be very slow and deep breathing; suspension of breathing, breath condensate

God, would increase the negative oxygen debt, incoordination, stretch injury opportunity to improve.

3. Should stretch before and after exercise; most people only remember to stretch before exercise; and a

physical fatigue after exercise, even a move would not want to move; In fact, after exercise, although the muscle soreness, but still have to re -

ease the way to make a stretch out, and so enable the muscle fibers to re-conditioning, restore fatigue faster,

the next time exercise conditions the muscles will work better.

4. Stretch out the action to be slow and gentle, do not pressure or urgent fierce pressure. Reinforcement of the head, is controlled in the use of

muscle tendon flexibility and extension of muscle spindle nerve and tendons to stimulate the body's nerves feel the message, and

a gradual increase in the potential and stretch tolerance. Whether it is rhythm-type or fixed type (continuous for more than 30 seconds),

as long as the relaxation, good results; most taboo than usual tension and compression of the tendons, and for the sake of instant and violent manner

urgent pressure imposed by external force or others to help; as long as the force properly, will actually cause harm.

5. Replace the stretch of the muscle groups; on the same action may have the same function in many muscles together form the

groups, coordinated completion of action; but these muscles, because of the different anatomical locations may need to

rely on pulling in different places muscle action, in order to extend to 11; In addition to synergistic muscles, the role of the opposite direction Screenshot

anti-muscle must also be reciprocal reinforcement; if there are synergistic muscle stretch slip through the net, on certain fixed limits

make it possible ascent can not be injured; if Screenshot of anti-muscle without some stretching, then a strong contraction, loss of

to strike a balance, and cause of the injury.

6. Lacing extent is going to feel a little "tension" or "sour", but definitely not to the "pain" level. A "
tension sense" or "acid" is a muscle sensory neurons accurately reflect the effectiveness of reinforcement; but stretch out to

"pain" of feeling, bordering the extent of their injuries will be very close. A successful warm-up stretch out, and is a carefree shipped

moving propeller, but also to avoid injuries protective enclosures; each individual, we must grasp the principles of the above,

and create a personal best for a routine step, they become habits; this seems to is the car seat belts tied to a

kind, not to only think back on the highway, nor is it afraid of the police ticket only to be done; but in order to

their own safety, Yi Shangju will tie seat belts, like a warm-up exercise will stretch out; The key concept in one does not exist between the

a fluke, and enjoy the fun; so, happiness and security, both in which the carry on.
Cloud played the organ2010-03-30 09:38:56 +0000 #5
Come on, stretching a ligament pull, not pulled off before ligament ... ... stretching slightly slower, activity-opened. The so-called ruthless is the stretching of the time, myself not to focus on the legs. Did not pull the time already a little pain, you have a tight ligament on more tightly, and try to relax like. No matter how pain, to relax and not think about the matter. Each about 3-5 minutes, stretching after the end of kicked legs relax ligaments, relying on jitter, kneading no use. After 1 week is absolutely OK
explosion anal streaming2010-03-30 10:08:14 +0000 #6
1 Adjustable Oil - (I used to live in this study is to rely on Sanda -) to boil in a better - that is to be careful burn

2 to events on the event Luo - pain is a normal - warming-up to do well --- such as the high leg lift before you pull across - do Dunqi ah - short bar through the bone and training to --- this song is not easy to injury - a time when there is stretching splits -- - you have to try to relax - the more pain you harder -

3 that I do not know - after all, everyone's system is different -

4 hungry - pulling legs to the feet must be --- otherwise it is to deformity (and become very walk outside Blake, 8) - the ligament nothing bad - are fueling high-oh -

5, see you afraid of pain, Luo --- it is to rack up your press - or splits (code word) is a frame up, then two weeks you can touch the knee mouth 啦 --- yes splits, then you have to be sat down for a long time - and

good --- Some ask bar



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