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Where self-nunchakus school

cold man mystery2010-03-30 11:11:03 +0000 #1
I was in high school do not have time to spend money on the outside study, like martial arts, in particular, the nunchaku, which I am fascinated by the action, playing the university I can choose the professional martial arts do, I should note where start? Where to start learning again nunchakus
oldoldhen2010-03-30 11:23:36 +0000 #2
you told me in high school or less the same Oh, Do not be silly, or studied engineering bar, have a future. Hobbies nunchaku can be done, and most schools have a martial arts class, community, play on the list.
Yuehen Cang2010-03-30 11:31:42 +0000 #3
not to vote for martial arts professionals, just like the martial arts, if not practiced words.

If you really like martial arts, martial arts, then I suggest you look at society to participate in, or martial arts teams. The following are talking about martial arts routines ah: in peacetime, then (under the premise of the time) warm-up half an hour, mainly running, about 23 km is appropriate, then stretching, kicks, activities in order to prevent ligament injury. Followed by basic skills, basic footwork: bow, horse, virtual, oblique, etc., and then jumps, basic skills is a long and painful process that needs to persist in about a year before there are results.

Learning nunchakus are generally looking for video on the Internet to see, the main sub-fancy, speed-type as well as partial actual combat. The second type of line are mostly without foundation also recommends that you practice the second category, the relative number of several other more practical, but also the first relatively simpler. To buy a good stick is also very important, personal recommendation Taobao look found on Gateway 521 or Gateway 516, which I use with two kinds of models are relatively smoothly, as for the future, you can buy about titanium alloys, light and strong, but slightly more expensive price. If there are problems to me know the message better.



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