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With judo fights

211,314,1842010-03-30 17:10:30 +0000 #1
recent trouble spots, and his girlfriend awkward, and she talked to another one angry men to gas me, that man is not what is a good man, be regarded as special code that kill brain handicapped persons bar, dressed like with Shemale , I do not look for him, he first came to me, saying that Sunday night, square, see, talk to me do one, but also let it be known I felt on a person to, I do not know how to to run, and people would have put it, and if I went looking for gang shows that I did not kinds, but a person go, in case they were a little bit more dangerous, what I have learned a 2-year judo, boxing for half a year, height of 1 meter 90. weighs 165 pounds, medium size, judo competition I won second in the municipal, provincial competitions, I won third place, I usually have class combatants spar or play, the original middle school often fight, there is the experience of fighting, but no one tried to fight a group, if they are 15 people or so, I have a chance of winning, and if so with weapons? With what is good. Knife No, any death is not right, steel pipe, Lut stick seems pretty good.

But afraid to fight when you sell, stick to fly. . . .

How to do, to a person or Judo fighting reached up to people to help out.

Mok KL2010-03-30 17:19:56 +0000 #2
Big Brother ah, you are not judo or city level competition, I won second place, he called you a person to, you a person, Little White ah, listen to what he called a few friend to go, first tell them to hide Well, you see a man of his words, do not ask your friend out, many people, then call your friend on the ah, I have not the letter, and a judo school in two years, six months of the boxing people, playing, but non-mainstream, I believe you play before, would have played like you are afraid of, it sure did not make good science, but a game I see you won the municipal He holds second place to say. Formerly known, and I am also learning judo, and studied four years, Oh, now do not practice, and miscellaneous are honest people
my_huohu2010-03-30 17:29:09 +0000 #3
kicked him in the following `` `
Carroll_G2010-03-30 18:16:40 +0000 #4
very simple people in the past but do not you bring with you in the vicinity At that time, he provided assistance to you if it wants to take people you would not lose him if you have one person he singled out not to Jiugen finished
the old cards had ¢2010-03-30 17:41:18 +0000 #5
I'll help you where you are, ah, I can help you hit your 7 again on the first alleged this, but I quickly gave me 200
height 186cm2010-03-30 18:33:36 +0000 #6
Louzhu condition was good, but it was impossible to say 1V15. 2-3 against the best can still find a few brothers and collusion in the vicinity do not show up, but the beginning, and so you find the other people for a long time then they call out so that you will not be burned by eating more, if he is really a person, then you will flat in the past that he did not believe that you 1V1 or a final note: people do not want to run too much too quickly, as the hospital believe they can only practiced their own
Budo knows no boundaries2010-03-30 20:10:54 +0000 #7
My space, more than one person on the principle of the article . Very insightful, and welcome to tread

right people, skills and combat multi-purpose investment, do not use solid technical and too complicated joint technical

First of all to give their broad retreat space, multi-purpose step adjustment of all the competitors on the a straight line, and then one by one to fight, to avoid being surrounded.

Even if they are surrounded by, the general also around 3-4 individuals evacuated to a person behind you, all you would again in the range where the positive. Then continue to pull on the straight-line distance to all upper-attack them one by one up. Playing five individuals and 15 individuals in fact did not play very different.

More attacks on the ankle, ears, throat, vaginal, etc. Yao Xue

weapon. . You take your good at it, preferably with one or two long, they always bring some sharp in the key, the key time where you can grip in the fist as a weapon.

A friend of mine, then you can call, in the row behind you to open battle.

You play so many games, it should be no problem
xuexianda2010-03-30 20:44:47 +0000 #8
= = 15 person that you will not run?

, if his physique you that he was not playing and playing like a child?
Shen Chin-ah2010-03-30 19:07:45 +0000 #9
I was a practicing Muay Thai coach and before the recall to deal with people when we say must be ready to close some of the weapons such as iron ring with a fight in your way, while the other would hurt his own - there is a nursing Yin must take the good - Nunchuk is also a good choice - machete is not recommended - if you would use the best of Polearms - BTW your girlfriend, kick down the plane that can be dumped - emotional conflicts can be seen actually to use force against their naive to the extent deal with the problem. Personal views
iozdii2010-03-30 18:57:19 +0000 #10
you are really stupid ah, my words if you let him put up when he picked directly, but also about, what kind of, not to mention you are still playing, but he singled out. Now that promise, and then bring people to, with guys, the other side many people directly Chao Jiahuo fight, he has only one person you Jiugen he singled out the others watched. He recalled that such a person must fight more tortured slowly to play. Let your girlfriend take a look, not easily find someone on the tubes, and playing such a routine. I said if this is really a girlfriend, do not matter whether you are with her tired



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