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Master master Jin! Guiqiu - girls learn martial arts which is better? What are the advantages and di

Hans Family _ meteor2010-03-30 19:10:21 +0000 #1
I am a female, aged 14, height 157 is about 62 pounds, thin and there is no dance, martial arts foundation, ligaments are also super good. Would like to ask what kind of martial arts to learn more Well? Taekwondo or what? Actual comparison should be strong, bluntly, is to talk about a variety of martial arts can play in Baituo What are the advantages and disadvantages ah? The best is relatively quick results - the best we can talk about their experiences, give suggestions, I ah -

I have a great need for a short time ah - Thank you for Na -
Xingfu de taste2010-03-30 19:25:24 +0000 #2
Taekwondo bar, 14-year-old school is not too late, and say can help you pull ligaments, the early entry is not hard, but what Bu Chong Quan, Tai Chi chapter Bale. To the green belt, and started studying trick, and beat a very useful, at any time it can help people fight KO of
barebacked flee2010-03-30 19:45:18 +0000 #3
84 pounds in a short time need. . . . .

Taekwondo order to combat or slow beat, the traditional is also slow

Women's Self Defense you things that sort of look at, because they allow you this short period of time have a strong body of mass destruction is indeed difficult ah

looking forward to Gaoren appear
rt12202010-03-30 19:21:36 +0000 #4
Sanda, use, brings together the essence of Chinese martial arts
ethanwtp2010-03-30 20:18:29 +0000 #5
Self defense should learn the advantages of self-defense is the disadvantage is only preventable, non-attack
national standard answer2010-03-30 19:37:30 +0000 #6
Feedback taekwondo, this thing good Fortunately, the crash also crash. It is a pity Republic of Korea.

taekwondo is not the strongest, but the entry, then girls for Taekwondo.
9 Yan Tao statue2010-03-30 19:32:21 +0000 #7
based on your personal physique, you should exercise the power of yourself, and then say something else, whether it is What martial arts, power is just before the show, and of course, as a strange brother, I think you should a little guy in the body, especially the knife, usually in a fight outside the play, however, unless it is Chazi, or to dig down a Daozha , but do not Zhasi, hung on the Cheng-point color, and then gallop this is martial arts, not injured in martial arts. As for the other, I suggest you look at boxing and Muay Thai to adopt something, it is easy to use, more and thought they would become.
949,453,8662010-03-30 22:26:39 +0000 #8

It is the center of gravity allows 伱 overstating

(will become the legs of the beauty acridine -)

so that the whole people look slender and healthy

want their height more than 165cm to.

峩 smart three years has been practicing Tae Kwon Do

right qualities and temperament of their own are caught to help.

It a try to! !
Sell insole 46452010-03-30 21:29:21 +0000 #9
have a special woman Self defense, like he wants to force the pro-Yes, you may want him to tongue, in the post when you can hold your feet stepped on his heel, or head back use your brain force knock his nose
283,694,1612010-03-30 21:22:57 +0000 #10
Sanda, both singled out or a group hug, make sure you are OK! But 14-year-old on 84 pounds, if muscles are grounding it, and if we are all fat, then a little bit ...
No cottage _ not China2010-03-30 20:09:34 +0000 #11
call you home some of the elders teach you. They should be older

I have some knowledge when in his hometown, is also the father to pay me ah. if called Plum piles

practicing very hard. standing on piles on the boxing. Very particular about the balance. I am learning is used to self-defense of the

There has been circulating plum home stick. I do not how to learn -

father had no time to teach.

Girls. Learn some self-defense is enough

learn more boys be afraid of ..

I am now 18 years old. Jiugei arrested and martial arts in the age of two. ah -

practiced for 16 years. the pain ah -
mengdaliknew2010-03-31 00:12:24 +0000 #12
Wing Chun to the ligament of the requirements of lower, bear fruit is not too slower than that of the power requirements for Sanda lower, actual results are good. do not know what people, Wing Chun is not a fire in the mainland may be easy to find, if it is in Beijing, then there are two halls, one is the DS, a yes Shenglong Wing Chun
heaven2010-03-31 01:25:38 +0000 #13
Sanda definitely not suitable for you, Tae Kwon Do Well Meisha practicality, not as good as Sanda. Since you have the power better, I suggest you learn Wing Chun, or judo.



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