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Is something wrong with my spine does know how to practice the waist power?

wuyandfg2010-03-30 22:10:45 +0000 #1
My spine there is a certain degree of scoliosis is the waist of this site I would like to exercise the power of the waist side, but a lot of practice will affect the spine is there any ways to practice waist no force can prevent an impact on the spine?
airman8882010-03-30 22:25:22 +0000 #2
Yao Li Lian bad

you can easily damage the health of the spine but also to practice inappropriate.

Tell you a simple

Tang Chuangshang upper body to the buttocks, legs straight, followed by lift down, pay attention to feel the waist muscles, exercise waist down when, and lift the abdomen during exercise, this exercise turns, as long as the the same position on two legs, it will not cause major side of the muscle side of the small problems.

Exercise intensity of their grasp, if necessary, can not tie sandbags.
Takeo water buffaloes2010-03-30 22:32:15 +0000 #3
First of all, spine problems is not recommended practice. If it must be trained in, I think the effect of weight-bearing knee obvious to mention, the most important thing is the spine do not like sit-ups, or abdomen as bent leg raise. Raised in the fighting inside the knee is a defensive action, but also a prelude to the leg. That is similar to Muay Thai Village hit by knee movements, the difference was not pursuing that kind of Meng Jin, only the pursuit of speed demand thighs as close to the abdomen, leg and thigh as tightly folded, and then according to their own circumstances in the calf and to add sandbags. Training day, each leg 300, sub-group of 6 to do two weeks there will be tangible results.
Bruce_GYH2010-03-30 22:45:00 +0000 #4
the same boat ... ah ... I spondylolisthesis, so the hospital doctors told me to strengthen the power of attention to the waist is the waist is not a belly! ! !

Peacetime movement to prevent injury when the band Belt

and then every day, Yan-fei

movements are simple to do that is lying on the floor or the bed his hands behind his legs close together on the intersection of force to lift upper body off the ground (not including the abdomen, ... ... If the abdominal be able to lift from the better = =) legs intact!

Every day the number of 3-4 groups with each group slight sweating prevail!

Back injury is difficult to be less attention to maintenance of bar ... ... to do something similar to the supine leg lift can be done from the action to do, but Do not be fierce!



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