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Sanda girls learned into ah (thank you)

light wind for Love2010-03-31 00:11:21 +0000 #1
I am 20 years old, and wanted to learn Sanda do not know whether it was appropriate, the girls have learned something from experience to what is recommended? Wing Chun because they have heard seem to need to learn a long time, I did not have much time to learn always. . . Preferably with masters exchange our experiences, Hei hei
gz4608665982010-03-31 00:18:42 +0000 #2
I am 20 years old to learn Sanda did not experience so many years I do not have it if you really want, then four years later to tell Hello - the -

jokes I have seen a 20-year-old girl (woman??) a class in our school, but failed to adhere to the first one down the first obstacle is the stretching though compared to other martial arts can be a bit further pressure Sanda However, lazy legs. . Each call takes a feminist she is stretching our coaches are also almost 20-year-old's "handsome" (Oh ---- Hei hei) by her side to fight side Bianjiao the poor to the extreme. . .

And it learns Sanda mostly fifteen or sixteen-year-old children (for your point of view) this is often gray disgrace

Therefore, I propose to study it first, before their own legs at home, pressure to look a little bit (note that a warm-up before the pressure Otherwise easy to strain) and then the Internet is a little tutorial Sanda Read it over twice themselves free to be the first time fifteen or sixteen-year-old children do not learn quickly will lose face drops ---

As for the forces of Well Loushang Di Ha you were all floating in open has no personal experience has also come to understand a chaotic bragging P Oh

Learning Is Sanda, including all of the martial arts is the most important force do? ? A joke out of your grandma that you have to do is not important --- apart from the empty skill 啦 skills to perform almost any martial

Although I am not a master or I'm just a normal student, but I think the important thing is savvy and his body understanding of degree

When a boxing can you all be able to mobilize the power of the muscles from using the term so even if your opponent a big piece of muscle strength and then you also will not at the same time made a lot of fast muscle force in the simplest large 呀punching and punching after the glare geostrophic waist What is the difference I would not have to speak. Stare in turn waist did not used to punching with the glare fresh geostrophic waist will be a perfect skillful combination of strength to the punch force Road What's the difference I do not say the bar is also the impulse of force and the role of the time differences. . . Are the grown-ups do not say I have the same force

hit the bottom and hit the boys on the XX on the effects of what is not the same as that pinch (o hohohoho ---- I was naive but pure.. .) So pick a place to play is not the only potential power can decide everything. . En can also play nose (vulnerability, but no real damage, but for the patience of people psychologically weak kinds of combat) chin (brief fainting or brain is not clear) the lung position (short-term difficulty in breathing lungs oxygen is being played out ) and so on

female students not require Sanda strength training in how crazy ugly, president of the muscles drop dead

it needs to be more time for practicing a variety of basic movements, including the pace because of the lack of inherent strength is that we need to All the fighting action is a familiar habit in mind so that the movements will naturally be played all his forces out of the constant exercise in combination with real optimization and then summing up summing up the play from time to time point of narrow-minded to make such a small trick that is what we ought to be doing a

Anyway, we do not need to play games do not need to face the professional players only need to be able to self-defense encounter, but I run things can always hit the bar. . Because we do not need to maintain the kind of "man's self-esteem" by --- really sad it

the last real fight is very important to many girls have a phobia it is clearly playing loudly in front of a target ring, but what is really a fight strokes are really forget is that there is no stroke of strokes wins the most odious of Kazakhstan or someone else struck him obviously has not hit it too far and started screaming Baotou. . . Such a

Zuifan called by many real-world experience to overcome the same time, summed up what is most important
tadpole Maggie2010-03-31 00:49:48 +0000 #3
I was in the study and Sanda. But since you do not have too much time than Women's Self Defense school. Because women's strength, while the Self defense is the multi-purpose skills. When confronted with a dangerous time to escape. Alone the power to head-on is impossible.

I am also the first to learn Boxing and Self defense would be more appropriate for girls was found. Therefore, these two studies, together
with with Princess2010-03-31 00:32:41 +0000 #4
you still play dnf Sanda Bar
Lam dust storm2010-03-31 01:15:24 +0000 #5
Sanda strongest



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