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What's more strong offensive effort that girls can learn?

English sub-Eagle2010-03-31 02:11:18 +0000 #1
I am 19 years old. Graduating from high school want to learn a martial art.

The aims are to self-defense, as well as in Malaysia on the road Zhuahuai Ren like that.

I want to learn a relatively strong offensive?

I ask any more appropriate?

Similar to Sanda? Fighting?

Probably learn how long? Where better to teach?

I am in Beijing Haidian.
Body Languages of the World2010-03-31 02:14:00 +0000 #2
Beijing Yaowu Training
gradually drift further away2010-03-31 03:00:24 +0000 #3
Sanda TU are worse than others in this. However, it seems you are now old school big points. Enhancing multi-childhood.

However, practicing Tae Kwon Do go, or even think about the Zhuahuai Ren. Empty-handed fighting bad guys do not and you do not singled out.
westhambayern2010-03-31 03:26:23 +0000 #4
most aggressive gun ... ... I'd think you can go to the next exercise the body, find a comfortable place to go running or gym training point of interesting things, martial arts training, I think it is the smaller the better, but also eat a lot of It was definitely hard, and that their studies must be long, long time.

Multi-mess things sports, activities, good bones too late to think about practicing martial arts. I was in college, after graduating from high school to learn martial arts, three weeks lost weight, 12 pounds ... ... did not say how well trained, but added love sports.
847,223,7522010-03-31 02:31:08 +0000 #5
lasf5933672010-03-31 02:40:24 +0000 #6
optical hard efforts were not enough, look for a belief about their own spiritual strength to improve, and then combined with the one account for much of the martial arts then good luck!

Martial arts is not chi-training, light training tibia skin, a pack of wolves attack Zhuang cows, after all, hopelessly outnumbered in!

I suggest you first go to study qigong, and then find a belief, then is the martial art, kung fu Sanda like hard, thick pubic trained fire, air full of! Coupled with hard effort, God's blessing and bless, then you are invincible in.
Adong 062010-03-31 02:55:51 +0000 #7
practicing his martial arts to enhance physical, mental qualities can be used to Zhuahuai Ren, how could face martial arts than you do, and now high-tech era, the rich buy electric batons, and then rely on points, witty, self-defense enough carry on. A good man to be a soldier, but the old saying, Mulan, you can also choose to force sharpen sharpen.
Long-Wu Tian Ji2010-03-31 03:50:32 +0000 #8
advise you one! Like as long as self-defense, and courageous and forget. After all, you can not bring a knife to the streets every day bar! May be those "bad guys" have ah! Whatever the martial arts! Need to practice hard! Others are similar!
Bloody punish Heart 1232010-03-31 03:04:48 +0000 #9
Shaolin Long Zhaoshou or capturing Hand
Aurora subjects2010-03-31 04:58:28 +0000 #10
Sanda. Do not myth of martial arts. Met with bad guys, Paoyuan to hit 110.
Lyplovehyf2010-03-31 03:07:40 +0000 #11
Most 牛逼 is Duanzaijuesun feet as long as you get the surprise this is not going to learn kung fu 1:30 will be able to learn a very long time if you need the words of Haidian Capital Institute of Physical Sanda me to introduce you to some of the 哈哈 afraid you can not learn
duzhenje2010-03-31 04:40:45 +0000 #12
1 not even think about the way in Malaysia Zhuahuai Ren, unrealistic, girls bar bar you should learn. Martial Arts is to develop their own self-protection can be either studying Wing Chun




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