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How can we put his practice of the people inside like a WWE so hard?

a853095282010-03-31 13:11:39 +0000 #1
I have often been bullied by others - so I like to excel at their own, like Zhuang and hard - How can we achieve
XBinMan2010-03-31 13:25:58 +0000 #2
add to my answer above! Want to give points!

WWE is an entertaining stage - are relying on the story as it is - winning or losing the game are also predetermined - like a big drama of the same-WWE wrestling hand is like an actor-WWE is mainly a performing nature of the They start with mutual understanding are not very ruthless all know that once played bad, would be injured so they do not die under the hand is said to benches, tables, hammers are special, playing up will not hurt in fact is the world's many wrestling wwe Union coalition were injured, one of the lowest risk of like TNA action to protect the right players are not good, often called the world's entertainment injured WWE Wrestling Alliance can be seen from the name of the main entertainment, rather than a fight WWE will not allow athletes with a vengeance mental to the race for some dangerous moves are also prohibited on the surface of their ferocious, in fact some people are very kindly in order to reflect the role of a fruit is the story the character of the organization of several people to play an arrangement is also a story or you think if you all day by a group of people to fight this family on why you would? In fact, characters and story lines, including some characters relationships (brother, husband and wife, etc.) are false, but the fight is true, but sometimes injuries also true that a certain player was seriously injured after the order to let him have a rest and recuperate, or wrestling can be said that was a real fight, it can be said to fake fight. Because wrestling is a show more than competitive nature of the nature of the industry, so he determines wrestling entertainment will not be a real fight. Therefore, wrestler can make some incredible things, this must be the common tie Battle K Cai Xing (Imagine JOHN CENA by FU against BIGSHOW, if BIGSHOW struggling a little look, I am afraid CENA really become a DEAD FISH ). And wrestling is very tight itinerary hand, if the player often injuries, then, wrestling can not be organized up. Some people may feel disappointed to see here, and wrestling are false and calling. But I tell you, when the wrestler from the air, fly down to suppress the other side, when the wrestling hand POWER BOMB like tactics to end the strong opponents, those who impact may be false Mody? Issued by the pain of hand wrestling Does the expression is false Mody? Absolutely not! They are with their own pain to watch wrestling all the friends to bring a huge shock! When RANDY ORTON is MICK FOLEY thrown nail above, EDDIE is JBL a bench photographed badly beaten, they are the true expression of the absolute! Therefore, there are the real side of wrestling. Generally speaking, wrestling is a two player fighting game with the good. The results of each match in a wrestling there are arrangements in advance, and even there will be a preview rehearsal. So we see the wrestling was so wonderful. Finally, the discussion of wrestling is real or fake fight fight is meaningless, as long as wrestling can bring us happiness had enough.
kuhjiy2010-03-31 13:28:00 +0000 #3
go to martial arts and thought it, both physical health and can defend itself, WWE is a professional fighting hands, but others are foreigners has been in something like that has a length difference, and how to say the constitution is the foreigners than we do, and if you want to train the muscles you can buy a dumbbell Or go to the fitness room will naturally find people pointing, but I still suggest you practice martial arts, after all, is the quintessence of Chinese people
578,415,8942010-03-31 14:31:24 +0000 #4
silly! WWE they fight Although it can be said to play really, but they are shot have a degree will be under the protection of competitors to make some beautiful moves! Those stools, props are all special! And they win or lose are determined endogenously, are fun in nature! Everyone has their own role, some people relations are false! Everything is the same as the TV series, are all the plot!

I suggest you learn Sanda, and I was fighting Sanda, and the experts!

How old are you? Has also been bullied by others, you have to boldly point, do not yield! It is impossible to tell their loved ones a friend!



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