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Gui Qiu Hong Kong Film boxing films (look for a long time could not find)

Anhai Wolf2010-03-31 14:10:21 +0000 #1
very young, about 10 years ago, seen from Hong Kong and to remember the story say something

I only remember the beginning actor is a professional boxer was very powerful A race is plot against,

his opponent to Tieshou hidden in the boxing ring on the floor, a man's leg was injured, so lost

lost after the defeat of course, and went to repair, his master that 留得青山在, not afraid of no firewood, and later learn well, and to revenge, I recall that a few foreigners very powerful

In this way, there are titles that 2 / 3 the word should be 2字.

Do not know if there is no one has the impression that

It has been answered:

is Hui-Min Chen's film

--- I remember the last would have a foreign girl dropped his pants, exposing Pi Pi, so that he signed in Pipi.

I have read, do not remember the name, there is still Shishu him kung fu, the result was a woman killed in Shishu
qiu1sheng232010-03-31 14:17:40 +0000 #2
seems that the "boxing market situation"



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