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How Zhan Zhuang

zhhanfeng2010-04-01 04:10:56 +0000 #1
start practicing how to do the time, ah law which stops (or shallow squat squatting).

What's needed breathing how stressed how the arm up.

Best to attach captions.

(Do not paste a lot of ah, the simple and clear like)
counterfeit Chinese2010-04-01 04:14:08 +0000 #2
you asked for too broad a

1, squat or shallow squatting see is what you practice a static stance. Such as low-pile Siping Horse is, rounded pile is high pile.

2, Zhan Zhuang do not adjust breathing, how normal breathing is also how breathing. Static stance is to pay attention to the form of air-entraining, stress that the correct posture or not. 3, arm position and also the practice of static stance. Also in the case of two static stance before Siping Horse of the dual push, rounded pile is hands hold the ball

the specific position requirements there are instructions in the power law, according to the power law do you practice.

No matter what the static stance at the beginning as long as the head, body is, like the next sitting. Head like the top of the head is one thing not letting it drop that kind of feeling like a slight bow to greet a little less; body is that of the head and Baihui will Zhiyin Nerishige following a straight line and perpendicular to the ground; under sit as the following in the hip, like put a stool there sat feeling. Can find a high point of the stool sat a try.

Can see Lvji Tang was the "quiet power health reasons and Law" on the practice of the posture very detailed, although not specifically for Zhan Zhuang Qigong classes but all the same power law requirements. The standard position is the last requirement, the time training begins with the meaning on it does not require accurate. This position is with the gradual increase in exercise time in place, the same is like calligraphy. This is the copybook of the word, one certainly can not and copybook as the beginning and then gradually coming closer to the final the same.

I suggest practicing high pile, low pile on the individual's physical demands higher and that hard work is not a person can bear, although results are beautifully and quick.

Recommended High Horse Point static stance: Stand with shoulder and foot were character (in character), hip micro-recoil, micro-squat legs, slaps on the relative finger was placed on hold before the spherical abdomen; light closed eyes, the natural breathing. Time 30 - 60 minutes.

Within the air when launched, through the formation of the meridian meridian streamer magnetic field sensors each outer action, which is in modulating disease, coordinating organs function, level secret yin and yang, not to die stations, but should go with the flow ---; until the air- outage, random collection of natural power.
Pro Bing2010-04-01 04:39:41 +0000 #3
beginners course from the high horse pile (what you say shallow squatting) started naturally like breathing. As to the specific static stance personally recommend rounded pile Promise piles, concrete practice it does not say a simple online search on a lot of effort, but wants persistence of the upper body of course - for reference only



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