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How to buy a boxing bags hanging

Sexss442010-04-01 06:11:28 +0000 #1
roof beams, but the overhead compartment, and is a layer of plastic material in the ceiling.

Hanging beam will drop the bag or even a long-term blow knocked off the beam.

There can be no wall left to right are 2 holes, through the root iron rods or chains.

How like the safest most secure.
No mean 20002010-04-01 06:27:12 +0000 #2
Now that questions often arise.

I live in the building, is not untidy, Nongbu Hao, the roof fell off.

I have two suggestions:

1. Like you said in the wall to play two holes left to right, through the root iron. Then, on the cabinets. This method has a link demand, it is your house bigger space, or you do not get open.

2. You have made a tripod child, iron. You should have seen in the playground or the martial arts field. Shape like a swing that shelf. Requirement is to a large space.

3. If you do not buy anything. Then I suggest you buy a "pile of rubber dolls" in there is the matter, no sandbags so much trouble. A little bit more expensive price.

4. If you do not buy it with the most traditional way, then loaded onto a linen bag inside the rice paper, after this point, the wall, hitting against the wall.

On these, I Mozhe up.
Tianjiayi02010-04-01 06:51:01 +0000 #3
I also encountered this problem, no place to hang, but no place to practice, practice and playing sandbags Kong Quan situation completely different things.



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