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I can play in reality a number of

Music star handsome2010-04-01 13:10:32 +0000 #1
most of the movie is false such as Tony began to trigger the rush to a play like that do not know 5 useful in real life anyway, I do not practice every day at home, kick hooks and practical skills My strength is small but I weight 50 kg 1 m 78 I think they can win a few, but I never had I can not combat a dozen 2? Are there any tips? My home on the dumbbell in nothing and I fear down as soon as I was riding down the top I was afraid no effort as long as they do not take things that are empty-handed I should be able to play a 2, right? Please how to master wrong way is to do like the movie a round cross-kick and kick and an uppercut swing in a punch a kick another how to do both? .
ThunderZorro2010-04-01 13:14:23 +0000 #2
can play a few people are watching the situation. If you state a good day, can play two, the state is not good, probably an all beat.

What are you trained in? How to play both horizontal kick-lun ah? Both can be said to be a leg, but the essentials are not the same action. Like you said, this one, as one, unless the other side laid out with waiting for you to play, it is impossible.

Combat the most important thing is daring to fight, not play on anything finished. Then is the speed (including speed) and power. Speed is largely reflected in the conditioned reflex, conditioned on the need for a hands-on experience. Impossible to grasp the power train you know it.

In summary, you do not have actual combat experience, the basic can not win one to many, one-on practical experience but also a wealth of talent is not likely to win
lulu18962010-04-01 13:49:26 +0000 #3
you turn out to be powerful, not to deal with a different one with 10 Fist a
5780911372010-04-01 13:45:07 +0000 #4
as long as perseverance, dumbbells can be a
_ Phantom City2010-04-01 13:42:23 +0000 #5
First of all you too thin, 1.78 m of 100 kg, would like a hit a few? You one on one is considered a miracle to win, but I've got over actual experience of 0, to experience, no experience, no technology to technology, not to physical fitness, not to force the power and comrades still hard ah!

Want to achieve a hit KO one is possible, but requires a very strong explosive, multi-practice blow sandbag it, so you practice the extraordinary explosive power, the ordinary people are you a beat, even if not collapsed too loss of combat effectiveness will be pain, but you can imagine the film as a play group is not possible, the overwhelming need for more than a dozen technology, agile shenfa, and rapid response capacity, but also the physical strength to defend, so you its capability to be in the crowd, dodging opponents counter attack each other, physical role is to make more you can KO opponents, not what you think that simple.
Duan Yu Father2010-04-01 15:09:47 +0000 #6
8 个
11343133532010-04-01 14:32:40 +0000 #7
too thin, not strong enough, even the forces are insufficient to have the lethal beating you?
Small blacksmith glad2010-04-01 15:24:13 +0000 #8
you for Tai Chi, the central 10 sets of discovery has been broadcast than "Chinese martial arts," boxing mostly bullying to the system slow and so fast. Stress within the family was the only boxing martial Another important idea, pay attention to talent and savvy. But actual combat is essential. TV has, from a look back.



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