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What kind of a sensation caused by the death of Bruce Lee

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As title. His death situation, the more detailed the better.
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1973 年 7 月 20, the action movie star Bruce Lee, the world famous sudden death, only 32 years old. The news shocked all of the fans even more shocking death of Bruce Lee is a mystery.

Bruce Lee during his lifetime, according to friends, well-known film director Raymond Chow recalls, July 20, 1973 2 pm, Raymond Chow, Bruce Lee came home, two on the "Game of Death" of the script outline to do some exchange of views. 16:30, they came to play another actress Betty Ting's house. Three to play on more than two hours. 19 o'clock, they decided to go to the Hyatt hotel restaurant meals downstairs in Japan, Bruce Lee suddenly said: "I am not a headache up." Betty Ting Lee immediately to take the aspirin and let Lee dragons to her bedroom to rest to 8 pm, Raymond Chow because of the need to pick up actor George Lazenby, so first by herself.

20:30 or so, Betty Ting into the bedroom to see Bruce Lee, Bruce Lee had been sleeping, she could not bear to wake him, they called Raymond Chow: "He is now sleeping soundly, we will not go to a restaurant dinner." 9 pm When Bruce Lee no avail awake, she made a call to Raymond Chow.

21:45, Raymond Chow, Betty Ting came home, see Bruce Lee not wake up, you try to wake Bruce Lee, but Lee did not respond. Raymond Chow went to push him, but also slapped his face, can not even wake of Bruce Lee. Betty Ting had to call a man named Zhu Bohuai get private doctors. About 10 pm, Dr. Zhu arrival of the Bruce Lee was examined at that time Lee had been unconscious and had no heartbeat, pulse and breathing, dying.

Bao Zhi Tang, another doctor called at 11 pm that night as the Lee test, found Lee had died, but still adrenaline to do him a "heart injection of aid," there is no response after injection. To 23:30, another Michael • Michael Dr Lee was formally signed the death certificate, a star from this Fall.

July 28, officially announced the cause of death of Bruce Lee: taking pain medication allergies caused by brain edema, leading to death. The argument for medical experts puzzled, so far, the world has not allergic to aspirin death precedent. Why Bruce Lee died suddenly, and at different opinions among the community.

Hawk American School of Medicine, Professor Bruce Lee in pursuit of power and speed limit, the daily exercise intensity is too large, quick success and the training is broken body. Combined with his training method shall not be treated, resulting in blood disorders, and many fighting games brain injury caused by active patients, all have contributed to the reasons for his sudden death. American physicians grams Knight (Bruce Lee's personal doctor in the United States) report is also shown by Professor Hawke inference: Bruce Lee long-term overload of work. He finished, "Way of the Dragon" the seriously ill patient had to check in Los Angeles. After discharge, he was very proud to have announced his physique is better than 18-year-old boy, but in fact this time he had suffered a brain tumor, at most only live two to three months. Grams of Knight doctors said his health is good, because not bear to see him hit and he asked Bruce Lee's family, let him pay more attention to rest and recuperation. However, Lee did not mind the words of a doctor. Finally, people with brain tumors after Bruce Lee ate aspirin, drug allergy and sudden brain death. Grams of Knight Bruce Lee suggested that training intensity brain tumor is too large, overworked, and suffering caused by the product of the brain.

To the public gradually accepted the grams of Knight in the doctor's "brain tumor, said," when Lee's wife Linda to the outside world, a lot of Bruce Lee grudges. In the performing arts circle, Lee had a conflict with a number of actors, also because of script problems and spin turn against several directors. Particularly in his 1971 victory over Japan Karate Championship, the Japanese martial arts is his hatred of the human bone. Therefore, the opinion that the death of Bruce Lee can not rule out the possibility of murder.

Bruce Lee's personal assistant Hasson also "brain tumor, said," skeptical, he said, finished, "Way of the Dragon", the Bruce Lee really went to a Los Angeles hospital for a medical examination, but he do not do brain scan. For the "Way of the Dragon" in Mandarin dubbing one day, hot weather, but the input of staff in order to avoid the cold body noise, so more room was unbearably hot. Bruce Lee felt uncomfortable and left the studio, but not seen for a long time to come back, and later found him lying unconscious on the lounge. We send him to hospital, discovers that he is exhausted. Hasen said that a doctor said Bruce Knight grams of brain tumor is completely a lie. To find out the truth, Hanson hired U.S. human scientist Dr. Bruce Cherry made a study of the death, but the strange thing is, Dr. Cherry 3-month study did not disclose known to the world, all records and information also all be destroyed! Dr. Cherry has suddenly left the United States, the whereabouts are unknown.

Dr. Hasen house maid from the mouth of Cherry learned studies of Dr. Cherry to more than two months, there have been several Japanese-door visits, and then stopped the study, Dr., trance all day long to sitting desk daze.

Get the news in Hanson 3 weeks later, a Japanese company producing muscle vibration machine sales prohibited "muscle vibration machine products," because it uses high-voltage shock to the muscles of forced and damaged the nervous system and physiological systems of balance and coordination. Hanson then suddenly remembered, one year before the death of Bruce Lee has been using such products in an effort to make the muscles stronger. Is "muscle vibration machine products" and the mysterious death of Bruce Lee? If it is relevant, then this is an accident or a carefully planned product murdered? When Hanson issued a challenge when the company responded by saying Japan, such products give users quick muscle, only slight side effects on the human body, so prohibition of production and sales, but the extent of the harm caused by the user will never die.

According to the American disciples of Tom Lee recalled, he bought the company in Japan muscle vibration machine, and has insisted on using, but said no side effects. But once he was Bruce Lee Bruce Lee's martial arts room using a dedicated machine faint after that head pain, followed by nausea, weakness, dizziness and other symptoms.

Get this clue, the Hanson wanted to find Bruce Lee during his lifetime use of muscle vibration machine to do testing to see whether the machine is different from other machines and found that the machine somehow disappeared, and even the original recommend this machine to Lee's method special is also mysteriously disappeared. Fath is also one of Bruce Lee's assistant, is responsible for Lee's daily physical training and nutrition with the work. The special law to disclose his former girlfriend, the day after Bruce Lee died immediately resigned and left the United States, no news from. Is he hiding behind the mysterious disappearance of something hidden secret?

Soon after, Hanson hired private detectives to investigate the production of muscle vibration machine that sets the boss of Japanese companies turned out to be Japan's secret society "Yamaguchi group" members! Follow this important clue to depth investigation, Hanson has been more valuable information, he began to feel enveloped in the fog of truth began to spread out before him.

When a martial arts star Bruce Lee in Hollywood again and again to beat a samurai on the screen, which has aroused strong resentment among the Japanese martial arts. To save face, Japanese karate champion and judo champion invitation to Lee to challenge. The Japanese side that Lee did not dare to fight the Japanese. Japan's media have made all preparations, such as Bruce Lee would make a great decline after the play up. But then Lee actually accept the challenge to Japan, and its own "Jeet Kune Do" in one stroke victory over Japan's two champions, so that media uproar, and the Japanese society "Yamaguchi Group" company under the name of gambling this loss of nearly 10 million U.S. dollars, "Yamaguchi group" is brooding.

Hanson hired private detectives to believe that the game is won, the Japanese, "Yamaguchi group" because of huge losses on the economic benefits of ending the killing of Lee's idea. But Bruce Lee was already an international superstar, with his many bodyguards to prevent tight, "go fight" the murder there was no way to start, so they had "another way" idea.

Bruce Lee in "The Big Boss" in the show victory, the director wanted his muscles better, this will have a better picture effect. Lee will work hard to strengthen the load, trying to achieve a breakthrough in the muscle, and has been looking for to effectively help muscle exercise fitness equipment. Later, in particular the recommendation of the Assistant Law, Lee began to trial this muscle vibration machine.

In the private detective's guess, this all is, "Yamaguchi group" conspiracy. They spend lots of money to buy a special law. During the probationary period, the machine's vibration frequency in the normal range. Lee decided to use the machine, etc., the law another special Bian Jiang made a special machine with exchange. Later, Bruce Lee's muscles become very strong in a short time, but inside the body, especially brain damage gradually increased in unconsciously, for the year after the sudden death foreshadowed.

And when Dr. Cherry in trust by Hanson to do research on the death of Bruce Lee, the Japanese side fear exposure of their plot, they sent people to the home of Dr. coercion, promise to a lot of money first, then family life with Dr. threats made to give up announced conclusion of the study, Dr..

On in this argument that the lack of evidence by experts after being denied an American reporter had met in Tokyo claimed was once Bruce Lee Special Assistant to the law. Special to see the French luxury clothing after an acquaintance, and looked extremely nervous hurry to leave. And that Lee suffered from brain tumor two months after Croatian Knight, MD, died in a traffic "accident
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in Hong Kong has created a stir
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a group of so-called" Jeet Kune Do big corpse "banner from the beginning Bruce Lee's martial arts money making banners open a



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