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How training Sanda

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Sanda most important thing is to play, playing, throwing, holding the four techniques.

Kung Fu Martial Arts in general technical requirements can be summarized as fast, long, heavy, accurate, stable, free, live, skillfully eight characters.

(A) fast

fast, fast action is completed. Boxing saying that "Fighter slow", "Fist like a meteor," "fat legs, such as archery," and only fast attack to achieve "pre-emptive first in" and "the fat first in the" anti-effect. Expressed in the fast response quick, fast action fast and displacement three.

Responsive, from observation, determine the action moves fast agile thinking. Take the initiative to find offensive clouds aircraft, manufacturing aircraft, use of time space when the action space as fast attack. Defenses of, the other side about to move can accurately know what action he would like to give to defense or defense to counter, quickly converted aircraft.

Move fast, that movement started to hit the target from as far as possible in the shortest time to complete. The use of boxing, kicking, wrestling and various combinations with strokes while in the case of quality assurance to complete the movement speed and faster rate of conversion action.

Displacement speed, the body's moving to fast. Sanda's hit action is carried out continuously moving state, the body posture state movement direction, distance, angle, location to be just right, this is to ensure that attacks a prerequisite for effective action. Body displacement is mainly achieved through the footwork. The so-called "fist step is chaotic instability, slow the fist step slow" say is the truth.

(B) long

length, is the completion of offensive action, we should have extensibility. An offensive action, in the center of gravity, the fulcrum solid premise, need to participate in activities, stretching as far as possible of each joint, coordinated motion forward, so that both expanded the range of their firing point, added the other issue of the difficulty of movement, which is "inch long, inch strong," the truth.

In the technical training process, whether it is to practice short strike, or fighting in sandbags, hand target, feet target practice, are asked to take a long blow away and create a good dynamic stereotype.

(C) re

re, is the completion of the technical aspects of action forces request to land. More attention to the Chinese Martial Arts "to clever victory" of "clever system of power" to promote technology-oriented play. However, these require skill and movement are not contradictory. Coincidentally, the capacity is in terms of overall technology use; weight, is a single movement in management terms.

Sanda competition proved one-sided pursuit of skill, not a full picture of Sanda not work; mastered Sanda, action, no good without skill. Qiao and Li each have their own functions, they are not mutually exclusive, but mutually united.

Sanda action requires strength, is technically demanding its root in the feet, the conversion in the hip waist, up to the fist, give full play to their whole. In a show of power form, required explosive and synergies, and guard against stiff power.

(D) quasi-
standards, is the movement in point of participating in exercise of muscle contraction is accurate. Force is the contact point of hitting each other, different movements have different power demands, power points allowed, not only affect the effectiveness of action, and easily injured.

Anything is to bone as a lever to force the muscles to complete each action, participate in active muscle movement, passive muscle and synergistic muscle contraction require accurate, the force of muscle force, muscle force should not force, to achieve savings of functions, and with the correct breathing method to destroy air force, be precise.

(E) stable

stability refers to the actions needed to complete stability. In the fierce fighting in the fight to keep the body stable, three factors must be considered.

1. Force and reaction force. Force the greater the reaction the greater the instability in the center of the body is not conducive to control the reaction.

2. Action hit each other after the encounter resistance, need to quickly adjust the focus position and solid state for launching the next attack or defense to prepare for this action. 3. Sanshou technology, while the "long", "weight" of the technical requirements, but must keep the body center of gravity in the solid premise, and the body center of gravity to avoid the phenomenon of migration, so as not to cause the other side, "skillfully deflected the question," and "pilfering "opportunities.

(F) No

no, is the action concealed, sudden and without warning. The so-called sign of unconscious intention in advance of additional exposure to offensive action, it is relatively easy to produce Sanshou athletes error.

Common sign of action has made pre-Ziyaliezui force, angry stare brow, Oh sound, and when the first leg out of boxing and so the habit of recycling. Action to be issued before any "want to move" could prompt the other to prevent, to learn the beginning of Sanda technology, should make every effort to overcome the sign, so as to prevent the wrong action habits.

(7) live

live, is between the action and the action fast and flexible conversion. To realize the flexible motion transformation, we must maintain the correct posture, the heel should be slightly raised, in order to maintain flexibility, ease of movement; limbs, muscle relaxation moderate, not stagnation, easy quick start; body center of gravity in between his legs for easy conversion action; mandibular micro-income, first unbiased, Chiang Kai-shek to evoke sensations of movement to facilitate the completion of the operation of the brain thought to play.

Live technical requirements, but also to the Players of the operation ability, footwork movement range, movement capacity and conversion technology the ability to move.

(8) Qiao Qiao
, is the ingenious method when using technology. Sanda single action each have their own role, Sanda every clever or not the action itself is not divided. However, martial Sanda has the integrity and resourcefulness of the technical features, which are equal for the action g Sanda clever use of space to provide a broad and rich content.

Saying goes, "a clever system of power," "a clever system for quickly" "to clever to win." The use of technology in the process of Sanda, Sanda action to give full play to the functions are equal grams, full use of various military aircraft, and use the appropriate method, along its edge and destructible, so that in order to get the maximum effect of the minimum consumption.

Sanda in Feint Tips

1. Eyes: eyes emitted by pressing fiercely as to command the other. In Sanda you as each other's eyes, when the other person is also visual in your eyes, you suddenly visual the other leg, and forward progress. Attention when the other party down when the distance between two people has been shortened, then you suddenly Attack other boxers will face received good results, even if the punch did not hit, can also help you use the leg and wrestling to create a favorable attack conditions.

Struggle with the enemy, you suddenly turned the enemy's side of the rear sight, the enemy is often followed to go back to. The moment when the enemy back, you can quickly come to harm their enemies hit. If the enemy has weapons, in this moment you can also obtain a copy of the spade and sticks, stones and other objects, or a handful of sand Ye Hao, when the enemy back when hit its eye with sand, then boxing, legs add an enemy uniform.

Eye may not hit people, but it made the false move can make the other side cheated, it can play a lead of God, spread its attention role for the various offensive tactics to create favorable conditions.

2. Step: step to the use of bogus Sanda movement is common, for example, to knee then straight blow. Step in the skip step is for the leg and knee to create favorable conditions for attack, it confuse bite each other's role to play. You skip step will raise the other knee against your legs, then you suddenly brought forward landing leg, while the other will be hit with a boxing fight. Again, after you step backward, while the upper body later belief, such as other follow-up, you suddenly forward progress, while engaged opponent will be hit by the other party by surprise. Again, your pre-move steps to the left, the other side move to the right step at this time is your best starting point of the right leg.

In short, through discussion of different step moves to make telling the truth to confuse and command Liu, eventually hitting each other. Make a feint to the true, real action should not pre-fixed. 3. Hand: through the means of true and false movements to direct the other party, that the lay is a simple example. When you stab each other with interest charge of eyes, we should do to prepare from the legs, the other to make defense the action, you immediately attack each other from the legs, the lower plate, will receive good results. Boxing from the shoulder force, and some old players are good at using peripheral vision attention to each other's shoulder, in Sanda distance adjustment is completed, your right shoulder suddenly reach, to see what kind of response made by the other party, if they do not ignore , your second or third time suddenly fist Watch their face, make a mistake if the other defensive moves, wait until after the fate of defensive boxing, you have to fast, the second attack did not pre-fixed, straight take each other on the plate .

More flexible hand, fake to the real action done in the post even twice a feint to have a real action, so that true or otherwise. Approach for the false leg action, wrestling pioneering. Feint tactics did not succeed, it will not cause their own mistakes, it means a false move to do more, especially before hand. 4. Legs: do the fake leg action, can the other's attention to the bottom, easy to play boxing, leg feint can also service a variety of leg.

For example, the right leg slightly raised. Tilt to the left hip at the same time, to do hair on the right leg moves, until the other party against the right leg when: You Xiang right hip, while the left leg kick. Again, bring left leg forward, left leg hair to make moves to make defense to be the enemy when his left leg, left leg forward landing, with the right leg or attack each other with a fist.

Leg attacks more powerful, especially the leg a good athlete. Each other very much afraid of you from the legs, so it's fake leg movements are very sensitive. Legs below the body home, far away from each other's eyes, leave some of the larger movement to do good. 5. Body: shenfa false action is also important, it can confuse the other side, close, or dodge away from each other, it can be kicked, hit, throw a cover. For example, the upper protrusion boxing head movement so fat, when the enemy's upper body backward to dodge, he suddenly squat hold their legs to fall. In another example, upper body and make the right-left movement of swing, let it swing in the right defense, the upper body suddenly turn right, the left leg while the right side of his body attack.

Shenfa in Sanda to good use, can force the other party has exposed the air when the Department, so that the other party may not attack and defense. Shenfa the front, back, left and right swing, but also for the legs create favorable conditions for offensive and defensive. But shenfa difficult training, practice and require long-term use. If shenfa use of rigid, slow moving center of gravity, leg and will not use the natural flexibility.



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