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Jeet Kune Do really bad? Bruce Lee legend really like inside the same?

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1. Jeet Kune Do principles

the total absorption of useful technical action, coupled with their expertise, thus enhancing the combat capability to apply their knowledge of the direction, to explore and create truly be themselves weapons technology. When you learn Jeet Kune Do after the blow of your foot should not be issued is still part of Bruce Lee, but should really belong to your own, and to combat you can have the best power play Any martial art martial arts moves.

[Edit this paragraph] 2. Jeet Kune Do, the supreme purpose and philosophy of the core

the "can not have law to a limited unlimited" is the highest purpose and philosophy of Jeet Kune Do the core, that is against the any fixed form, stressing that "invisible form, no type of style." Jeet Kune Do not Pass for any fixed technology, and no routine forms. Actual combat in the emphasis on "pragmatic", "no form", with instinctive feelings fight. Bruce Lee in teaching, often like water as an analogy to explain the philosophy: "Well like water, should not form. Pour the water into the cup, then into the cup Diyibufen, pour into the bottle in the water, they become a part of the bottle . kick it hit it, it would be anti-splash back. you should pay attention to one of water, the water will yield, without hesitation. you add pressure, water will escape. softest thing is fear of attack. " "free form fighting effectiveness is not correct, in line with the ancient tradition of such thing, to win is the effectiveness of ... ..." "Fighting is just a knock each other in actual combat in the art sought. to see how other parents simply have to retaliate . you do not know my intention, but my move was the result of your actions, and my technique is the result of your technology. kumite no hard and fast ways and means by which pure perception, change, play it by ear. " Thus, Jeet Kune Do "to not to have laws to unlimited for the limited" purpose and philosophy of the highest core fully reflects the power of free spirit. Jeet Kune Do with 'unlimited as limited to the law can not'.

[Edit this paragraph] 3,. Jeet Kune Do, the martial art Jeet Kune Do Concepts of view, the so-called "martial arts" is not just refer to a sport or self-defense, the intelligence of the self is a kind of matching with the exquisite skills Art. In principle, the martial arts and can not rely solely on learning, science and technology as it needs to rely on practice, by experience. Wushu is a spontaneous, like flowers, like the self-growth, meaning not subject to any foreign desires and feelings of constraint. Chinese martial arts theme "Road" - that is the law of the universe, that is yin and yang harmony with poles, loop transformation. This is every martial arts from the truth must be like. In actual combat, Jeet Kune Do stresses, your opponent is a real person, not fixed in one position fixed; will not let you start as a fraternal confrontation between teacher observation, and then instigated attack and defense; not such as demolition exercise or play sand bags as you poised Yun Jin, not the same as start time; much less a split playing against the stroke of the stop, so that you can think about countermeasures. So when you see a move opponents body, you will be pre-emptive. In the fight, all action must be simple and direct. That all the do you do it without wasting time. With a strong enemy in actual combat, you should temporarily put aside all the boxing posture is right or not management concepts, casually try our best to rival a fight in the end. Bruce Lee used to say: "The most ferocious people often know nothing about it but was very strong and agile people, kicking or biting poking crazy." He teaches students the art of martial arts is a truth-seeking, In truth the way, does not matter the correct and incorrect, but the individual's unique approach to the shortest possible time, the most simple action to direct expression. The entry on the martial arts, Bruce Lee had a wonderful discussion. In 1967, he accepted the authority of the United States martial arts magazine "Black Belt" (Black Belt) interview, said: "I have studied martial arts before the punch is a punch, kick is the kick. After I learned martial arts, boxing is not longer a punch, a kick no longer a kick. Now, I truly understand the art of this door, just punch punch kick kick just nothing more. "
Jeet Kune forever, it never out of date. Because it is forward thinking. We Chinese martial arts, Jeet Kune Do is our pride, we must carry forward!

Jeet Kune Do is a kind of thinking is a mental, it is the kind of methodology, it is empty, and we express it through the fist to the kind of empty, that is, infinite invisible. Its essence is emptiness in order to all. It features no style, no style is unlimited, pay attention to self-destroy self-expression to a higher.

Some people do not know Jeet Kune Do, Bruce Lee on the tactics that is Jeet Kune Do, Jeet Kune Do not the provisions of the movements and tactics, it expresses simple action, the only coach to teach the basic fighting, the real cut-off punch Road out of their own record.

Now many of China's Jeet Kune Do Organization: Zhuhai, Beijing, Qingdao, Shanghai and other cities.

[Edit this paragraph] 4. Jeet Kune Do Martial Way and the Paradoxes of

60 early this century, Bruce Lee to open in Seattle, "Jun Fan Martial Arts Museum" at the beginning of the "Jun Fan Kung Fu" and later "Jeet Kune Do "personally developed a logo, we call it" Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do, Tai Chi map ": the central pattern is a representative of Chinese traditional culture, the Taoist philosophy of Tai Chi, the external connecting the two end to end, from the fine and thin arrows, symbolizing the universe, yin and yang, the two round to flow, an endless conflict that the core of Jeet Kune Do martial. Jeet Kune Do that, the hard power soft power, the dispute within the family Waijia are irrelevant. Yin and Yang is the whole two and a half, each half is equally important. Harmony with the Yin and Yang are two hidden in the invisible, after all, perfect power. Also known as Yin and Yang Tai Chi, the basic structure of all martial arts. Yin and Yang is already well established in the late Western Zhou Dynasty of China as a theory. It is the variation of the universe is satisfied as the anode and two broad categories. The two fight each other, interdependence, mutual transformation, endless cycles. In nature, yin and yang, especially prominent, offense and defense, fast and slow, virtual and actual, Zhang and relaxation ... ... Let us take the confrontation between the two, for example, to see Yin and Yang of interoperability in the martial arts in the reconciliation, causality conversion : A shot hit B (yang), while B is not with Ying Kang, but should be flexible force control opponents oncoming force (yin), flexible system that is just, advisable; This is the yin and yang of the match. When the Party's campaign to an end, it turns into a yin yang, then B then negative for the sun, to fight back. From the defense (yin), turn the situation to the counter-offensive (yang) of the whole process smooth and natural, not binding. Therefore, Jeet Kune Do that good at their subject in the armed attack, not directly cut strokes, and opponents Ying Peng; and along the oncoming force, cited the finalists, and then use the power of counter-attack in the Bi Shen.

Jeet Kune Do techniques and theory of yin and yang are inseparable. The state of the world everything is yin and yang, and in fighting is offensive and anti-. Yin and yang is in a different state, attack and defense are interchangeable each other to be the. Qingdao Jeet Kune Do Promotion Council: High Junbo

[Edit this paragraph] 5. Jeet Kune Do stresses: Martial vary

"Most of the martial arts practice is a kind of imitation of the merits of repetition, a kind of plant products, to lose the uniqueness. "guru Bruce Lee said," I think Professor (Note: Please note that 'teaching' award, rather than 'mass' award) appropriate self-defense should be individualized. We each have different physical ideas Therefore, each of us should learn the correct way to adapt to their own, I said the right way, meaning that a person is suitable for the most effective use of technology. As long as we find out he's good at, then improving them. "As early as the early 60s of this century, opened in the United States delegate Wu Jin, Lee had already emphasized this point. In Jiaotu Di, he never liked a lot to teach the knowledge, but do not want a collective class; and even then, he has only a single individual classes, counseling, that the only effect of this will be better. As a "Long Son" De Brandon Lee during his lifetime, said Cai Fang in Jieshou reporters: "Jeet Kune Do This is Fu Qin Ji Gong Fu Kung Fu Zhi Dacheng the world, and then with his De Shen Xing, physically designed. This father Li Tao Kung Fu Chu Le I dragons, there is no one person can learn by, even I would not learn. because there is only one Bruce Lee. "Brandon Lee was not meant to love and desire to learn Jeet Kune Do Kung Fu people pour cold water on this door, but further stressed the Jeet Kune Do "Martial Arts should be individualized," philosophy. So, just know that blind obedience and imitation will never get the true meaning of martial arts. The same punch kick, Bruce Lee played by the kick is "Jeet Kune Do," by your parrot to issue a go, it may not be "Jeet Kune Do." You must carefully study and digest the Jeet Kune Do philosophy and seek to adapt their methods the best fights; the same time, combining their physical, mental and body type, etc. to create a completely compatible with their own martial arts. At this point, regardless of the specific moves you use is Kung Fu, Muay Thai, karate or boxing, can be called "Jeet Kune Do", you will truly understand and grasp this unique form of art Jeet Kune Do.

[Edit this paragraph] 6. How to treat objectively Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do

Bruce Lee founded by the Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do, is a very good martial arts training, martial way, is a profound philosophy and martial arts Philosophy of Life. I believe there will be more and more young people to love the truth With martial arts, Master Bruce Lee's deep feelings for the respect, to learn, training in that area. This naturally is a good thing, "love is the best teacher" (Einstein language), it will make you in learning to produce endless power, up the stairs in the halls of knowledge, toward the peak of martial art and life courageously climbing. However, the Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do is not a "magic", "stunt", who can not learn it will immediately become the king of the ring, fighting master hand and the hot topic invincible "Iron King Kong" (the world has never did not achieve any of this, "the magic of" the martial arts); can become a fighting master, martial art all the key depends on your sweat and hard work pay, personal qualities and perception, and whether they can stand a thousand times tempered and tested in actual combat. "Plum Blossom the bitter cold, Bao Jianfeng from tempered," "delicious cherry tree planted hard, spend no less than hard work is not open," I hope young friends to scientific, objective view and understanding of Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do, "towering building ground up ", just normal to do the norm, laying the foundation, hard-working sincere step by step to hard training and learning in the future we wish to obtain a good result.

[Edit this paragraph] 7. Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do the way individual liberation ---

Bruce Lee in Seattle in the tomb, there is a beautiful stone book, turn the page on the left in Chinese engraved with the "can not the law to unlimited for the limited "famous and Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do logo - Tai Chi, highly summarized the academic life of Bruce Lee; the right, then in English, Ms. Linda engraved with Mrs. Lee and Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Ha Public disciples on the great master Bruce Lee's Message: "Your deceased still guide us the way towards the liberation of personality." Yes, just as Bruce Lee once said it: "Like other arts, like, fundamentally speaking, the art is a kind of intellectual self-awareness, not just punch kick down the front of the opponents, but also destroyed your selfishness, destroy your fear, destroyed all the psychological barriers you all. because once you understand this reason, and you will have gained real freedom.

Reference: [Edit this paragraph] a, Jun Fan Kung Fu training content:

"1>. fist and arm attack techniques;
" 2>. kicking and knee collision technique;

"3>. articular capture lock technique;
" 4>. asphyxia and strangling techniques;

"5>. wrapped around the ground wrestling with the scuffle, investment and throwing, tripping, fall, sweep wrestling techniques.

[Edit this paragraph ] b, Jun Fan Kung Fu technical system consists of:

Ip Guru with outstanding students, Bruce Lee

"a>. Wing Chun (Jun Fan) <that is improved by the Bruce Lee Wing Chun techniques>;
" 2>. Kungfu (Jun Fan) <except that Bruce Lee taught other than Wing Chun Chinese Boxing>;

"3>. Western Boxing (Jun Fan) <that is improved by Bruce Lee, the unique strong competitors in the former boxing Act";

<4>. Kickboxing (Jun Fan) <or Jun Fan boxing fighting advanced stage of modern free technology>;

"5>. catch;
" 6>. Jun Fan weapons.

to the training content and technology system in 1967 years have been integrated into the "Jeet Kune Do" at home.

[Edit this paragraph]

Jeet Kune Do, the purpose of practicing Jeet Kune Do through the exercise of human natural body weapons, to achieve two purposes: to 1, the destruction of the face in your enemies - eliminate freedom, justice and human obstacles;

2, destroy things any troubles your mind, do not hurt people, but to overcome its greed, anger and ignorance.

Jeet Kune Do can open the individual wisdom, She is like a torch light as your soul is a way of life, a movement towards the will power and control. Jeet Kune Do not the disability of the law, but a road, toward the true meaning of life search for the magnanimous Boulevard. We only know their side enough to see through other people when, and Jeet Kune Do is the way towards understanding themselves and enter. to learn Jeet Kune Do not just search for knowledge, skills or formal accumulation, but find themselves less than root. The first level: from beginners start learning the basic skills and basic combat techniques, to lay a solid foundation. is trying to learn who the stages of exercise, it may not be able to truly achieve a thorough understanding of the science itself , but at least clear to master to use, and learn to teach themselves the technology to others. It was as if a great part of the craftsmen general, though they learn a skill to manufacture or repair, but itself However, learning only know I do not know what it is exactly.

second level: all will learn the basic techniques of Qi, and began to learn tips and tactics to attack and the quality of such theories. The thrust to reach this level do not care who got to the perfect realm of learning, but must be able to I got to practice standards, know how to use the Jeet Kune Do fighting with people, that is. Meanwhile, since a long time, due to transfer of know-how and technology not yet familiar with, so only an "assistant coach" class.

III: The this stage,Boxers can begin Specialized Training, such as mental training, character training, and equipment to start practicing catch strike law, or by equipment in some of the training courses to supplement the inadequate power fist.

Fourth level: all this period of Jeet Kune Do martial practices have been used in combat helps the consummation and to fighting against and being. Foot plate under the law and all should have a certain degree of skill to master. In general, Jeet Kune Do in the overall program has been completed. This stage can be said that the most important training in Jeet Kune Do martial arts. A learning Jeet Kune Do martial arts skills of its people's deep or not, and this phase has a decisive relationship. In other words, the first three stages, although all the familiar techniques of Jeet Kune Do, but if not Yi on the stroke of the law, but like it would be useless, such as a mountain back empty-handed. And basic techniques like "tool" that is actual combat, such as "tools of the law," such as not knowing the use of the law, have the tools to use longitudinal what? However, it can be skilled up the use of real time fighting Xpress. And account for fast, accurate, strong, ruthless four elements.

Fifth Grade: In this stage learners not only to cut the hand boxing martial law and all the science instruments Qi fighting method, but also repeatedly technology, skill and other hard abrasive added to increase the possibility of fighting success. In addition, for the other faction also began to study martial arts and find out the unique style of martial art and fighting characteristics, in order to achieve to know ourselves and the point of ever-victorious, but also so as to achieve rock hills can jade level.

6th Grade: at this stage, generally, have passed more than a year learning and training, the Department now has Xue Wan Quan 课程 and would later become a great master Nengfou, depending on individuals at this stage of self-discipline it, including the further improvement of their own technology and participation in high level competitions.

7th grade: This is the "ideal" one state. To such extent as exercise for the management of boxing Jeet Kune Do has no doubt that the various problems. Because he has been relegated to the realm of the martial art. And according to Bruce Lee said, the goalkeeper at this level as a senior qualification, in addition to the head outside, he is coaching at all levels of training on the operation in the cut-off Sincere "model." Promoted to this level of fighter, in addition to senior coach through the door open election, but also to the martial art there are some achievements of the door with the spread of boxing's glorious achievements.

8th grade: This is the ideal stage, should be one not only for reasons of self-cultivation to cut Sincere themselves freely Transformation of the stage, or even martial arts in general also well aware of the pros and cons. To this state, Jeet Kune Do is no longer a technical, but a philosophy. Achieve this level of fighter can lead the development of the door around the transaction, is eligible to create their own Kung Fu.

9th grade: theory, practitioners attain this state, already great wisdom, and any martial arts to speak of him no longer mysterious. This can be said to meet the "use force to enter and Philosophy", "Zoran married" state. In fact, only one Bruce Lee achieved this state.

10th grade: This is just an illusory ideal realm, because Bruce Lee that people always have a problem, no one can achieve true perfection. This stage focus on "Law" practice, as this is the vision of a highest level, therefore, can lead to longer time, and the "Law" for the things abstruse matter to some people can and once epiphany, it was possible I, silly therefore difficult to set a standard to this realm, this this and other titles as the height of the door just a glorified.

Bruce Lee in 1971, "freed from the traditional karate"

Martial Interpretation - Bruce Lee

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Oh, television show, of course, an exaggeration of the ! Otherwise, the no one would watch a
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If it is real should be very powerful. Ha ha. But China does not seem to have been spread in Southeast Asia
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no matter what the martial arts! As long as the practice of good! All will be like you said! : Very powerful! But to achieve that state action can be really ...

reaction forces and so there it is important to combat the mentality! Attitude is very important! ! ! Hehe!
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Oh - JKD indeed very powerful, but very few people in accordance with the idea of Bruce Lee training
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JKD is the world's most recognized technique

World Wushu Championship Fighting is also no lack of first-class JKD master, such as U.S. 麦克鲁特尔, Tony, Tim Boetsch, etc.

domestic with Wei Feng, Shi Tianlong, Li Xiangwei so

just train hard, you can do
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there is no better skill points, people have high strength under sub
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Jeet Kune Do is indeed very powerful
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very powerful film which put Bruce Lee's fighting scenes are slowing down release, as Bruce Lee's moves too fast, not slow-release words are not clear, this is absolutely true.
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kung fu is not strong and looking to play with the power of individuals - the name of Jeet Kune Do not take the time or the objective, and only a martial art form!



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