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The size of qigong qi Zhou Tianhong

yjjgdusr07062010-04-03 20:10:56 +0000 #1
I want to learn who can provide some useful information on the basis of some of the

What is the gas? How can feel
request information Qigong2010-04-03 20:22:17 +0000 #2
Qigong practice is not to practice with the mouth, and to have perseverance and interest! Qigong for many years I have met, the size of France Zhou Tianhong certainly understand! Small Heavenly Circuit is a step function, the great heavenly circuit is the three-step function, and the great heavenly circuit is different from the traditional great heavenly circuit, the traditional great heavenly circuit is a point a point of communication, a lot of trouble until the last full Even up! If you want to experience a sense of air, then squatting stances on the line every day to require a minimum one hour or more, this step by step! I now adhere to practice every day! Do you think you are very persistent man you can find me, if not do not disturb! If you have perseverance and tell me your contact, through the Baidu Hi
ghhlong2010-04-03 20:57:29 +0000 #3
every day, `Do not you lucky?
Sjqwudi2010-04-03 20:56:46 +0000 #4
China-cultivation were law】 【Ba Duan Jin Qi Gong practitioners is a very good way give you a video you must have the light of practice effect:

I try to talk a little bit. There are four gas body: strength, qi, business gas, Wei Qi. We often say that the blood in the air is a gas business gas and health. We practice qigong in the gas is two, both of which homologous gas is born, but the differences between them. Walking in the tendons and gas business in the name, walking in the air outside the called health coordination.

Those who do not luck is simple, gas is too weak. Now the gas in your body like a baby, and ideas like the adult's hand. Now you are the adult hand to push the baby that you Run it, you could run it again and again and ah. Just wait for it to grow up will run before you can command it to run.

Meridian is too complex not control, no idea of Zhan Zhuang training better. So I got to launch that day blood will flow along channel their attention as long as it is how you flow enough. A few days off you know. This can be two stages of qigong. Care before a first name or name meaning gas with the gas line, that is where the idea with gas to where; the latter called to mind leads qi or call emotional and walk away, that is too strong a concept of air and gas co-skilled, and the can use the mind to direct gas to gas have ideas where to where.

As you say what it is like navel have gas, can not say. For example, a person who had never eaten pears Q: pear taste? No good no matter how much you're right, let him bite directly know. You need to do the same to the Zhan Zhuang training, and other pubic region have gas you know. Have a reference for the performance of the external abdominal resistant to blows. Usually people are very weak stomach, and can not afford to hit but the pubic region are angry after the people in this area will be high 抗击打能力 upgrade. Your own personal feeling is that there is a hot air mass abdomen, filling the air mass has toughness as a gas balloon.

By the way also recommend several Zhan Zhuang: Horse Zhan Zhuang (training time can stand a little higher, that is, a high stances), rounded piles, three piles, Wudang Qigong natural outside. These are easy to self, and other stations to small heavenly circuit is opened. Practicing meditation can be added, such as breathing life pedicle so.
Whisk Star Customer2010-04-03 22:00:43 +0000 #5
What is qigong, qi is the meridian of the gasification gas, is the tissue fluid in the gasification gas, Tai Chi Jing Gong's Web site ideas are, you can go and see, but also training.



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