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Internet martial arts

Girl News2010-04-03 22:10:59 +0000 #1
martial arts What is the network it?
Blue Jie porridge2010-04-03 22:25:23 +0000 #2
Internet Martial Arts is a new electronic games, it comes from the traditional martial arts, but have been away from the game area that is mainly used in martial arts sports network. Essentially the same as the traditional martial arts, different forms, that regardless of the network or traditional martial arts martial arts have to rely on basic skills and training to practice hard on my mental to start, the judge in the actual need for agility, rapid response Heli The offensive and defensive counter and know ourselves to be ever-victorious.

The main network now known martial arts Category:

1, the network trace boxing fans:

flexible, action, a sense of continuity and strength and both the festival Qin explosive. Firmness and flexibility, able to use fist, palm, elbow, leg, knee, shoulder, back and so many different parts of opponent.

2, the network Muay Thai:

strong boxing combinations and joint combat genre characterized, boxing, elbow, knee and kick combinations routine commendable. Moderate attack, and considerable distance capability is characterized by attacks.

3, the network Ba Ji:

short-range combat is particularly handy, most of the techniques are bunt series, as long as the effective hit can result in fatal injuries, it said Ba Ji Quan leading from the attack force.

4, the network Judo:

wrestling skills as the main attack to soft as the key link, carefully capture the opponents and complemented by certain flaws in psychological warfare, the same can hit the high power of the batter.

5, the network Taekwondo:

Even the kicking speed as the biggest feature, however, moves at a distance and intensity have decent performance, make moves to enter the simple and fast, suitable for beginners use.

6, the network Taijiquan:

counter-based technology, coupled with an appropriate amount of continuous technical and bunt moves. Competitive pay attention to counter the technology when the time to seize the opponent's flaws everywhere, will turn things around in the counter-application to the limit.

7, the network Kickboxing:

moves are dynamic and unpredictable attacking moves transform the action has a strong continuity, power strong, moves faster, the main use of brilliant leg moves opponent.

8, the network Jeet Kune Do:

to attack is characterized by rapid, regardless of distances can attack with ease. According to the actual situation of sudden or rapid retreat of Jeet Kune Do fighting to occupy in a very big advantage.

Even a single continuous burst button can the Jeet Kune Do, a strong offensive power, whether for beginners or expert, can all be easily used in martial arts.
Review Xiaohui2010-04-03 22:34:53 +0000 #3
game inside



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