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Mythology, what is the training of high Lan Kung Fu

∮ orange soda2010-04-04 05:11:06 +0000 #1
I want to learn that a similar effect in actual combat with self-defense.
zwengh2010-04-04 05:22:28 +0000 #2
your so-called high-Lan practiced what is already beautiful flowers that can no longer take the show, and how could it play a role in actual combat?

Recommended, if you study Wing Chun there any Aikido or Japan, it is not particularly big on the power requirements on the body will not have too much influence, if only self-defense, then 1 year is almost up, the match is not very Strong words train for almost a year.

Do boxing and taekwondo, or capture the effect of the fastest, but they need to be strength-based, I tried to teach my colleagues practiced catch, but as long as men and women are too weak not too weak for the non-basic Top with,

catch: without a long-term conditions against the practice Xingcheng reflection, you hold on to someone else's (although there are a small part of the catch yes to break through the body of Chong Liang opponents except joints), Do not tell me what surprise by Sudu whatever, to catch most of the action have to rely on wrist to match even if caught are not necessarily breaking off the action, together with the Master if a panic error, then you may be captured, so if no one if the most frequent sparring any better use, (Tai Chi master taught me to accompany me to practice every day, 1-2 hours of pushing hands, I'm not necessarily for the enemy)

-shaped Italy, and other Chinese boxing: the saying goes, do not go out Tai Chi for 10 years, shaped Italy 3 years killed, did not train for 3,5 years out of shame not to bring it up, learn routines, then up to street performers, hum do not want to have to learn boxing, it's terrible what exercises would not tell the truth But is boxing gym fills you think more powerful ah! Routine learned a few months, in order to beat it every day stakes fight, not afraid of hands and feet long thick cocoon of skin thicken, then you can practice. In fact, the hardness of hand is not difficult to block if you want to open 3-4 months is enough, iron sand bags with the drugs every day hitting up according to their different physical 4 months you can split a piece of brick was trying to increase the skill of the words do not stop, I have brothers split up 5 years, is now free to Piduan about eight blocks China's efforts, after all, is not covered, is interested can try.

Jeet Kune Do, boxing, Sanda, taekwondo, karate and other martial arts power-based attack: indeed the fastest effective, but the direct impact of their attack power is power and speed, I do not want to miss Nerishige feet thick rough right hand, If Italy had not seen the words that can be selected. For the strength, speed, if not really of no use, my unit's female colleagues studied a fear of influence in the taekwondo body, not strength training with their fists when I was massaging. Is not the last injury I was her own, do not tell me what to say what Taekwondo kicking powerful, foot speed slower than the hand, did not play well yet lose their balance without training if the system were unlucky not to play their own , against a person is living is not sandbags, not silly standing there to kick you. But the impact of the main factors of its offensive power or strength.
3467842492010-04-04 05:51:00 +0000 #3
watching TV inside the background, like taekwondo or Jeet Kune Do

but I think it is because Sanda ---

listen to me a master, said Sanda maximum practicality. Most people learn self-defense or the TV to catch the thieves scenes are Sanshou, Sanda with no routine, unlike other martial arts flashy

San scoring leg, boxing and wrestling
minniefen2010-04-04 05:57:11 +0000 #4
is Taekwondo, World Taekwondo Federation, the upper floors you did not see a set of high-Lan and Okawa wearing clothes taekwondo competitions?



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