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Some doubt about Wushu

1000 has been Spirited Away2010-04-04 07:11:29 +0000 #1
1 martial arts are many tricks like this, when someone out of a straight blow, and then you hand column, and then fight back. But if boxing training in on the people who hand speed so fast. How we caught them on their hands? If he did not catch but was hit head?

2, which the Pi Quan martial arts boxing combat role in the hanging. Pi Quan, first of all should arm straight, holding a fist. 180 degrees and then hit out sideways, so that range of motion and may easily be detected. With power are not necessarily how much. There is almost hanging boxing Secrecy bad. The two boxing which is common in the traditional martial arts to. Punches are not straight, place, hook the most concise, efficient Why? Hack, hung two kinds of flaws in boxing is too fat, is the tendency to open large Da, adverse combat! 3 We have not seen the snakes Kingdoms? Kung Fu Dream fascinated machine boasting seriously amazing. Traditional martial arts have been blown and comprehension for his novels as God. There the protagonist Wang Chao, practicing a beat in the Thai Sanshou Xingyi Quan master, we think that the reality of such a man?

Classic big capitalists2010-04-04 07:20:01 +0000 #2
The good you ask my colleagues have many years of martial arts and who demonstrate their experience and I'll answer your question

1. You must manually dial the power of practice of significant because only then you can use a two-thirds of people fighting forces and 100% if you use the power that you will not be master. For example, the power needs of 200 kg 300 kg that you have the power so that regardless of attack or defense are very comfortable (the real expert: every trick issued, not the best. Unless the opponents have had enough of you several punches fast No time then the full play.) so people in the face of boxing, when you put aside to be very comfortable boxing (dodge can be). Poke, do not increase too much and quickly (not as routine practice, as a large range of exaggeration, it is not routine combat) Do old people want to seize the wrist (he is not a 5-year-olds) being brushed aside on the line tight Then I remember a special forces counter-fighting instructor said: The traditional routine in many moves are ideal, unless the other is a small Wazi, the match if the guy did not even practiced one day force not so easy for you to display their state of the less than ideal .

2. Pigua is sometimes used as if, like high kicks, or any wrestling training to deal with the good practice as long as you have experienced the high leg kick and I threw you not discussing the experience of others demonstrate their get out of his If a practice Dongwujiazi (expert), moves to be careful, not only Pigua other moves the same magnitude smaller. Because there are a lot of strokes is not practiced to deal with weapons, no experience lay. Action within the two hands, a lot of strokes, I advise you to be used with caution as well. Those were only against "civilians" in the tactics I will not list them one. 3. Art comes from life than life, nothing more

also on the first floor of the school said the young force on boxing, then boxing is not right Who's not with the legs, feet. That is not the fist wrestling practice will not come into contact with many of my boxing and wrestling training people in China only in the boxing and wrestling competitions limited only by rules that others will not even kicked punched and kicked ah school student knows that Besides an adult I have a force of Friends is to practice boxing, punching power is not that big, but also express a second 5-6 punch, like say to him is almost impossible with Pi Gua Quan, including many patients have strokes do not come out with ( because ordinary people will hit you so desperate right about face is punched out of a lot of strokes used before) and he also likes kicking leg very sinister. Boxing alert style, carrying his hands as he would like to play hard and do not let him first or he will fall to seize the person.

Are there any questions on the one I wrote it.
Learn Wu young2010-04-04 08:01:14 +0000 #3
you say the phenomenon is indeed real, but please note that different rules for different types of sports, boxing refining the better, can not use legs, feet, traditional martial arts as a whole, hands, body, feet must have a good match, the two sports can not hold the competition; Moreover, the traditional martial arts are very flexible, different people, different circumstances reflect the different, not necessarily always used Pigua.

After all, each punch will have learned a lot of harvest sperm, there is no bad punches, just not properly refined.
Xhxxhq2010-04-04 08:31:24 +0000 #4
1. The general level is not far worse, grasps is unlikely, but no big need, can effectively separated out, or separated from outside inwards, when separated by time can be hit homeopathy the other party (provided you have a certain speed), when the hand is easy when dealing sweat, so it is slippery, more difficult to grasp the hand. Generally grasps that you can squeeze hands break free.

2. Some range of motion exercises big moves, but the actual time of use may become a very small movement. For example Nanquan Buddhist hand 3. Every martial arts has its own shortcomings, many changes in the martial art is that moves on, more emphasis on actual combat strength and speed, courage. . Practice to have a long tradition of significant results. Usually several years, if a person practicing 3 hours a day, practiced 365 days a year can be practiced. Another one-hour training days, one year after, it can be said that training for a year. I personally think that blowing too hard.



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