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I am a boy 16 years old you can learn martial arts?

Xiaodongzijue2010-04-04 12:10:25 +0000 #1
I am a 16-year-old boy. Height 1.76. I figure fine. Peacetime exercise did not. But now so many people to stir up trouble. So I wanted to learn self-care ability. Do not know too late? ? ? Everyone told me ah beg it!
liuxuansyshe2010-04-04 12:19:06 +0000 #2
I am now 21, learning weapons only a year, the splits can, and if you want to protect themselves, then certainly no later than, and the best school Sanda, Sanshou is what roots do not need, no need to insist somersaults , that is not useful in actual combat
2CC_ black2010-04-04 12:48:19 +0000 #3
Yes, when I learned there is a old man, 70 years old, the last ligament stretch better than many students, we are there a lot of college students
cody3242010-04-04 13:18:15 +0000 #4
Tai Chi can be considered martial arts it! You see the old man old woman gang morning in the park! Your morning worship a master it!
Kungfuchen2010-04-04 13:40:43 +0000 #5
is not late,

I hope you hard work, scientific training, soon to become the strong!
6 62010-04-04 12:35:55 +0000 #6
a little bit late, but if they work hard, or you can self-protection in
actually dust2010-04-04 13:39:09 +0000 #7
good teacher and persistence plus talent



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