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There is no simple and convenient meditation qi's nothing,

son of the Qing Sword2010-04-05 17:10:38 +0000 #1
not too much trouble
2009pg2010-04-05 17:21:10 +0000 #2
1. For beginners speaking, qigong has eight areas of operation of the details need attention. ①. To choose safe, comfortable, quiet and healthy environment to practice qigong. One of the reasons that primary and Qigong practitioners also did not air a sense, 因而 their thinking and 情绪 are vulnerable to the impact of the environment varies. ②. Practicing qigong can only eat half full before the meal, the food should be light and easily digestible food products. The reason yes, the qigong practice to conduct the abdominal breathing Yaoqiu sufficient diaphragm muscle of the movement space, the Si Wu stomach to reduce such movement will be more space; Ling Wai Road gastrointestinal wall before the lower the blood pressure Yaobi Buyi due to transverse movement of the diaphragm caused by gastrointestinal pain and increased drowsiness, and greasy foods will make the walls of the gastrointestinal tract to improve and promote the secretion of gastrointestinal tract wall of the blood pressure. ③. Supine position should be used to practice within the gas, the specific requirement is flat, without blankets, relaxing belt, hard sleeper and hard Banchuang (one hard pillow height can not be greater than 6 cm), limbs naturally flat, muscle relaxation, relaxed mood, natural breathing. The reason for beginners to use supine posture to practice qigong, is because the operational requirements within the air waves thought to control Central weakening of the skeletal muscle, but only in the lying posture of the body to relax the body under the skeletal muscle, in sitting or standing posture of the muscle under tension while maintaining a certain attitude there. ④. 在 practice self-consciousness in the process of induction is very important, its contents should be "to relax and feel the muscles relaxed," and this is the main sense of awareness of both can also be unconscious, and does not rule out the existence of other consciousness, its More simply would be no efforts to exclude distracting thoughts. By doing so because, reluctantly ruled out distracting thoughts and thinking will lead to central nervous fatigue, while in practice gas being returned after a period of time, will run from the inside pressure wave generated within the gas awareness, within which air will become the main sense of awareness, and thus making all kinds of distracting thoughts suppressed. ⑤. In practice the process can not be the primary sense to take the initiative to strengthen abdominal breathing, and to gradually strengthen through the subconscious to enhance abdominal breathing, which is not in a hurry, the mechanism of qigong should fully understand the (carefully and understand this paper Chapter III), otherwise it will backfire. ⑥. Each exercise time should be more than two hours, and the body to remain fixed, that is, to have good meditation. The reason is that, for beginners speaking, in the supine posture, the muscle often can not relax and often feel sitting and lying down than standing still tired, and therefore the idea in motion, but raise the degree of respiratory center of the excitement often take a long time. ⑦. Should be used to hard sleeper and hard Banchuang static qigong practice, in which a high degree of hard pillow can not be greater than 6 cm, hard bed flat to flat, to level. The reason that the reason to do so is very easy to fall asleep lying in practice, but not enough hard pillows and comfortable beds make the practitioners hard not easy to completely fall asleep even when sleepy, thus extending the practitioners and a half of sleep time, and in This half-sleep, the body's feeling remains the existence of the downstream control of the central Er Que has disappeared, but this time the breathing has the effect of Bu Zai Shou thinking Jinrushendu of abdominal breathing, and because in the semi-sleep state, spinal cord motor neurons of the excitement is still in a relatively high level, so semi-sleep state of the abdominal breathing to trigger the operation of gas-wave, and this feeling inside the air wave will trigger the upload signal, thereby creating awareness within the gas - PSC by transfer. ⑧ practice in the initial stages, should be chosen in a better mood within 1-2 weeks to lie flat in large numbers of static posture to practice qigong to fight in the air within a short time being. The reason for this is the first qigong exercises are not air a sense of the NPC, its practice qigong motives are mostly out of curiosity or for health treatment, but in the absence of a sense of the situation down gas static qigong practice, practitioners very difficult to maintain interest and practice qigong. Therefore, access to gas sensing is the initial goal of qigong practitioners.
Kungfuchen2010-04-05 17:35:50 +0000 #3
actually the calm the mind on it!
LDYZXD2010-04-05 18:07:33 +0000 #4
Zhanzhuang effective, non-polar pile Rights
Jinhu Pa Wong2010-04-05 18:40:56 +0000 #5
Tathagata seven great day to sit, be specific about Baidu.
Maoqi19852010-04-05 18:43:47 +0000 #6
early in the morning sitting on the roof slowly breathing



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